How Do I Get My Account Number From Wells Fargo?

How Do I Get My Account Number From Wells Fargo

An account number is the first number you will find on credit cards. Without this number, it is impossible to send or receive money from your bank or other banks.

Wells Fargo is a financial service company and one of the biggest banks in the United States of America. This bank has also been operating for donkey years.

How do I get my Account Number from Wells Fargo?

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The account number is issued once your bank account with Wells Fargo is created. It is a unique ten-digit number that belongs to the account owner. Your account number gives you access to the numerous financial services offered by the bank. This includes funds transfer, withdrawal, making payments, and more.

What about the Wells Fargo routing number? You can find this bank’s routing number on their site. Also, know that every state has its Wells Fargo routing number. All you need to do to get yours is to select your account type and state you had the account opened. Then your routing number will pop up.

Furthermore, every financial institution has a swift code with which you can identify them globally. It is a code used for bank identification, particularly during international transactions.

About finding your Wells Fargo account number, there are different ways to go about it. Check them out below;

First Method:  

  1. Open the Wells Fargo online
  2. Click on the type of account you are operating
  3. Click on the four last digits under the name of the bank account. You will find it at the top right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Or, if you have a checkbook, you can find your account number at the bottom of a check.

Second Method:

If you have a bank statement, look at it carefully. You will find the account number at the top left or right-hand corner of the paper.

Third Method:

If you are using the mobile bank app, sign in. You will find your account number written in your account summary. Or you can use the help function to find it.

Fourth Method:

Contact your bank by dialing the number on your debit or credit card to connect to a customer service agent. A support agent will respond to your call, in no time, and request specific details to help verify your identity and respond to your inquiries.

How To Open A Wells Fargo Account

There’s no real difference between opening a bank account at Wells Fargo or any other bank. Also, after opening anaccount, you will receive your online credit card, used for international and domestic fund transfers.

Furthermore, it is best to have a savings account with Wells Fargo. This gives you access to several financial services offered by the bank. Below are the different steps you need to follow to open a Wells Fargo account.

Step 1:

Choose your preferred account type. These include the checking accounts and packages, savings account, time accounts, and Wells Fargo destination IRA from Wells Fargo Bank (FDIC insured).

Here’s what you need to know about the various account types;

Checking Account: With this account, you can withdraw and deposit money, write checks, receive interest on deposits, and also on the initial interest paid into your account.

Savings Account: A savings account allows the customer to accumulate interest on funds saved with the bank for future needs. The interest rate compounds on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. It also changes by the monthly service fees, interest rates, method used to calculate interest, and minimum opening deposits.

Wells Fargo Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Wells Fargo IRA is a form of account provided by the financial institution to individuals who are about to retire. Wells Fargo offers one of the most attractive retirement services across the country. They designed their retirement services to help individuals save for their retirement and take full advantage of tax benefits.

Time Account

The time account serves owners of businesses that have cash reserves. It is usually for a specific time-frame and has great interest rates. It also comes with FDIC insurance. Plus, it is a fixed-term deposit, so you receive the interest in full at the end of the specified period.

Other Types of Wells Fargo Account

The other types of accounts Wells Fargo offers include, teen checking, opportunity checking, everyday checking, and portfolio by Wells Fargo.

Step 2:

Fill out the forms for the chosen account type.

Checking Account

You can open this account jointly or individually, and you would need to provide some necessary information, driver’s license, SSN (social security number), and minimum opening deposit. Having your checking account linked to a debit card is possible. Once done, it allows you to access your funds quickly, and you can manage it online.

Savings Account

The processes and information required to open a savings account are the same as a checking account. You also need to choose between an individual or joint savings account and have a reasonable account opening deposit.

Wells Fargo IRA

Select the option that fits your investment needs. Wells Fargo will grant you access to a trained and experienced financial advisor who will help you understand your needs better. Personal details for verification are required, and you can start with 1000 dollars for your IRA.

Step 3:

The bank will review and set up your account for you. So, you have to be patient, though this process doesn’t take much time.

Step 4:

At this stage, your account number should be ready and given to you. With it, you can have access to Wells Fargo’s numerous financial services.

Also, you can quickly open a Wells Fargo account online via or visit any of its branches nearest to you. The process is straightforward and quick.

The Pros And Cons Of Banking With Wells Fargo 


  1. Easy and accessible mobile and online banking
  2. Opportunity to create a personal relationship with the bankers at Wells Fargo
  3. It is one of the leading banks in the United States and the world at large
  4. Offers reasonable interest rates
  5. Free for college students


  1. Low APY rates compared to online banking
  2. Monthly service fees on checking and savings account
  3. Non- interest accounts
  4. Minimum opening deposit

About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Company is an American financial service institute, regarded as one the best globally. The company has many customers to its name and offers several attractive financial services.

Wells Fargo operates 12 museums in America and has many branches in several parts of the United States, though its main office is in San Francisco, California.

Wells Fargo got involved in a scandal over the creation of fake bank accounts around 2016, but still, they rose back within a short space of time. The bank lost some of its assets due to the scandal.

Today, Wells Fargo is a top-ranking financial institution and has financed numerous environmentally friendly business opportunities. An example includes small scale businesses on solar photo-voltaic. They deal with community banking, wholesale banking, brokerage, retirement, and are a trusted mortgage bank.

This financial institution also offers other investment products via its subsidiaries. The bank provides top-notch private banking services. Plus, with their biggest competitor being the Bank of America, Wells Fargo is doing everything humanly possible to stay at the top.

They also provide loans to interested students who meet their criteria.

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Why Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is a well-established financial institution with a vast customer base. It does business with over 70 million customers across the U.S. Customers have benefited immensely from their exceptional knowledge and experience in the financial sector. The bank is also a force to reckon with when it comes to private banking.

Wells Fargo is also ahead of the game, technology-wise. The bank uses advanced technology, which makes life easier for its ever-growing customers across the country. It offers exceptional Smartphone-based financial transactions using mobile wallets, which also includes Wells Fargo Android Pay, Wells Fargo Wallet, and Samsung pay.

Wells Fargo has proven to be the best when it comes to issuing loans, ease of account opening and operation. It also makes international wire transfers smooth and easy for its customers.

Employees, on the other hand, are paid 15 dollars per hour, and offered several mouthwatering benefits that most of its competitors do not offer their workers.


Opening an account or getting your account number from Wells Fargo is a breeze. The bank is also safe and stands as one of the leading financial institutions in the world. Wells Fargo offers numerous financial services and a competitive interest rate. The bank provides many packages that are beneficial to individuals looking to be financially well-placed after retirement too. So, if you are interested in opening an account with Wells Fargo, the information on this post should make things easier for you.

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