7 Reasons To Move To The Suburbs This Year

7 Reasons To Move To The Suburbs This Year

As years pass by, our attitude towards living changes, along with our lifestyle needs and preferences. That’s why it can happen that you start questioning your current lifestyle, wondering if you can change something for the better. The location of your home and your surroundings have a lot to do with how you live, develop your career, social connections, etc. The environment you live in can be the biggest support to freedom and enjoyment, but it can also cause you stress. The hectic lifestyle in the city is great for some – all the hustle and bustle of the city is can be very fun for a while. However, it’s okay to start feeling a bit tired of it. So, have you ever thought of moving to the suburbs this year? Here are all the great reasons to go for it and start planning your move

1. All The Space 

Big cities welcome more and more people, which results in smaller homes and reduced outdoor space. And if you are into outdoor space and simply having a more spacious home and backyard – you should move to the suburbs this year. Maine residents who live in suburban areas enjoy more space in and around their homes. This provides them with more opportunities to plan different activities, add a barbecue, and more toys for kids. Also, living in a suburban home also gives them more privacy. With more space around your home, you get more distance from your neighbors – and there’s an increased chance that they will be lovely and friendly people. After going through the global pandemic, social distancing and more space in our homes have become very valuable, and that’s something you can get in the suburbs. 

2. It’s Less Hectic And Loud 

Living in a city is great – you can basically have whatever you want any time of the day. However, this comes with a price – cities are quite hectic, busy, and loud. Cars, ambulance sirens, events, street vendors – all of these create street noise common in urban areas. Even though this can be thrilling at first, many people get tired of it and want some peace and quiet. Living in the suburbs can help you get away from honking cars and all the noise of life in the city. Suburbs are not as densely populated, and in general, they provide a slower lifestyle. It’s perfect for families if you want to let your kids play outside and still hear them laugh while you’re cooking their favorite meal. 

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3. You Can Get A Bigger Home 

Calculating your budget and trying to get the most out of it is the reality of buying a home. However, you can be sure you’ll get a bigger home in a suburban area rather than a city. In general, homes in Maine are pretty affordable compared to the national average. This also means you can get more square footage for the price and enjoy a more spacious home. It’s perfect for those planning a bigger family or simply lacking space in their current home. You should know that average home prices can vary a lot, but the numbers go about $300,000 across the state. At the same time, average home prices in Portland, ME go up to $450,000. Therefore, if you want to pay the same price as you would in the city, you’ll definitely get a better and bigger home. 

4. Safety

Families moving with kids would like to know that suburban areas tend to be much safer than the city. And this is not only about official crime rates. Life in the suburbs is safer as there’s less traffic, and the lifestyle is generally slower. Also, if you have a suburban home with a lot of outdoor space around it, you can let your kids play freely all the long. You won’t have to worry about taking them out to the par and watching their every step as they cross the street. 

Remember: when it comes to safety, make it your top priority when moving house, as well. The number of scamming moving companies is unfortunately growing. That’s why always pick your team from a reliable database such as Best Long Distance Movers, to ensure you’ve got a team that will not cause you any trouble.

5. Better Schools 

Official records of education options show that highly-rated schools are commonly located in the suburbs. It’s one of the top reasons why families decide to move to the suburbs, and why you should do it, too. Some of the top-rated schools in Maine are located in smaller towns such as Stacyville, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, etc. Therefore, if you plan on moving with your little ones, include schools as one of the crucial factors when choosing your new home. 

6. Strong Sense Of Community 

This is something you can’t get in a big city – people live in a building and never get to meet their neighbors. However, the situation in the suburbs is quite different. Your neighbors will probably come and introduce themselves, offer to help or give advice on common issues in the area. At the same time, people value their privacy here, so you probably won’t see someone crossing the line. Seeing a friendly face and enjoying a bit of small talk can help you feel safer in your new neighborhood and bring the feeling of belonging. 

7. You Can Finally Have A Pet 

Many buildings in city areas have no-pet or very strict pet policies. This prevents many people from having a pet and fully enjoying that furry love. If you decide to move to the suburbs this year, you can also plan on getting a dog, cat, or any other pet your family likes. Also, if you already have a pet, you can be sure they’ll enjoy their new living space more. Just be sure to get experts to help you organize the move so you can focus on making this experience as smooth as possible for your furry pet. Animals can have a strong reaction to disrupting their living space, so be sure to organize everything and ensure they’ve got a smooth transition. 

So, have you made a decision? It’s time to move to the suburbs this year, so start organizing your relocation and looking for the most perfect suburban home for your loved ones.