How To Get A Leo Woman To Chase You – A Deep Dive Into Leo Women

When it comes to matters of relationship and love, Leo women are the most sought after. You are in the right place if you want to know why this is the case.

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign representing people born between July 23 and August 22. Leo, the fire-spirited sign, is ruled by the sun and represented by a lion because they are fearless and fierce.

Leo women radiate supernatural warmth and vibrancy everywhere they go, and therefore very easy to spot them. 

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The most notable traits of Leos are; their confidence, creativity, domineering outspokenness, and dramatic nature.

It could be hard to get a Leo woman to like you but, that should not raise the alarm because you are yet to learn how to get a Leo woman to chase you.

How To Get A Leo Woman To Chase You

Leo women are alpha females that love being the leaders to their packs and can handle any situation that life throws at them.  

Relationships, in this case, are not an exception. Leo women can be pretty intimidating to chase after, and it is easier to do things that would capture her attention get her to chase you.

1. Give her attention

Leo women like being the center of attention. They love to be noticed and often carry themselves and dress in a manner that draws attention to her. Show interest in a Leo woman and make yourself known to her, and she won’t take it lightly that you’ve noticed her.

A lady born under the Leo zodiac sign loves being complimented. If you give genuine compliments to her, it piques her interest because she enjoys the attention.

Leo women enjoy telling stories. Always be keen on what she says and show interest by asking her questions which keeps her at ease and makes her open up more. Giving attention to a Leo will make her chase you.

2. Allow her to be in control

Leo women are natural-born alpha females and love taking charge in every situation and do not allow her to be the traditional submissive woman.

Leo women love being respected. They love to make plans, give ideas and advice. To get a Leo woman to chase you, you should take a backseat in the relationship and let her be in control. Allow her to make decisions and respectfully follow them.

3. Be ready to have fun

The Leo woman is creative and loves to perform energetic and exciting activities like bawling, karaoke, acting, and hiking from time to time.  

Leos loves socializing, and allowing her to see that you’re fun to be around will make her chase after you.

Always be light-hearted and playful when participating in adventurous activities with her, but be careful not to steal her spotlight. 

A Leo will always consider you the best companion if you actively participate in the fun activities she loves and will always be proud to be with you.

4. Express affection to her

 Underneath the fearless and fierce face, the Leo woman is compassionate and insecure and wants to be showered with love and affection.  The Leo woman fancies being with someone that makes her feel secure.

Always express your affection to a Leo woman and by showing her undying love and loyalty. The Leo woman loves a man that will spend on her, buy her expensive jewelry, fashionable clothing, accessories and take her to fancy creative dates. 

Doing all this to a Leo woman guarantees that she will adore you and chase after you.

5. Have a purpose

Leo women are ambitious and would love their partner to have the same mindset. The perfect match for a Leo woman would be a man with dreams and goals. Her kind of guy is one with high intellectual skills and a problem solver.

Tell her how you would like your future to be and show her that you want a stable and reputable future without being boastful.

Learn to stick to your priorities and do your work diligently, as this shows her how purposeful you are. 

The progressive mindset is what a Leo woman adores, and having this quality will make her chase you.

6. Be compassionate

The Leo woman is a caring and loving partner. She loves a gentle and loyal partner with whom she can grow and build a future. Emotional connection is always the deal-breaker for her. 

Leo women like feeling needed, appreciated and constantly remind her that she is the apple of your eye. Always strive to make her feel so. She will reciprocate the love and chase after you.

Character Traits Of The Leo Woman

Now that you know how to get a Leo woman to chase you, it is only fair that you get to know and understand her character traits to know what situation you’re getting yourself.

Good character traits of Leo

1. Playful

It is the nature of a Leo woman to be playful. Leo women will always tease you and find a way to make you smile once they are comfortable with you. Leos love their partners to possess the exact playful nature without causing harm to their feelings.

2. Observant

Leo women can see through your lies. Giving her carbon copy compliments is a significant turn-off for her. Instead, give her genuine compliments and make her feel special at all times. She does not like a people pleaser person, but one that treats her with utmost regard and respect.

3. Ambitious

Leos are very hardworking and ambitious. Anything that a Leo touches blooms, be it career or relationships, because Leos don’t give up even when things are not working their way. 

Failure is not an option for Leos, so they always find a creative way to solve issues and make their projects successful.

4. Passionate

A Leo woman gives her all in everything she does. Leos loves being controlled, and they cannot stand someone controlling them; hence, most are artistic and theatrical, allowing her to do whatever she likes passionately and confidently.

5. Straight forward

A Leo woman is very straightforward. She speaks whatever is on her mind confidently. Leos are very opinionated, and their fearless nature allows them to voice their ideas, concerns, and opinions. Many people can find this trait very intimidating.

6. Loyal

You cannot trade Leo’s trust and loyalty for anything in this world. Once a Leo woman is sure you are her one true partner; then there is no looking back. Her loyalty to you will always be undoubted.

Bad character traits of Leo

Despite having admirable traits, Leos, like every other zodiac sign, have bad personality traits associated with them. Here are some of the bad traits.

1. Egoistic

You wouldn’t be wrong to say Leo women are the most egoistic of all the zodiac signs. The Leo woman on the outside looks very confident, but in reality, they have egos that need to be constantly stroking to feel secure and happy.

2. Stubborn

The Leo woman is naturally very stubborn and does not take the opposition lightly. They are very proud, and when in disagreement, you need to state it in the most non-judgment manner. Otherwise, the Leo woman will be filled with rage that won’t be easy to work with.

3. Sensitive

Leos are extremely sensitive with actions involving them or their loved ones. She does not take betrayal well and feels too much hence their reason for being dramatic.

4. Selfish

Leos are very self-centered. They always put themselves first before anyone else. Leos loves being the center of attention and may dim the lights of others for her to shine. 

Types of Leos

They are three types of Leo women, with each type having its unique traits, but generally, the ones mentioned above apply to all.

Leo 1

  • Charming
  • Loyal
  • Narcissistic

Leo 2

  • Introverted
  • Shy
  • Kind

Leo 3

  • Humorous
  • Creative
  • Selfish


Leo women are a perfect example of giving and take. You want her loyalty; give her loyalty and undivided attention. If you stick by a Leo woman through thick and thin, she will reward you well.

A Leo woman always excels in her activities because she’s passionate and does her best. Leos are incredibly adventurous, and risk-takers and you should strive to satisfy that side of them. 

Other than that, Leos are leaders of their pack and love to be in charge, so always let her lead than follow.

Mean acts such as disloyalty and betrayal are entirely unacceptable to Leo women and don’t take them. 

Letting down a Leo woman is enough reason to leave the relationship for one, making her more loved and appreciated.