Why Connected Rowers Are The Perfect Workout Machine For Home

Why Connected Rowers Are The Perfect Workout Machine For Home

After a year of being forced to be creative with their exercise routine, more people are investing in home workout machines that fun to use and promise a good workout. Connected rowers are becoming a favorite for many people, and it is no surprise that the search for a top rated rower is ongoing. Manufacturers keep introducing competitive features in a bid to make their connected rowers the best in the market.

Join Live Or On-Demand Classes

Connected rowers make home workouts less lonely. With the availability of live and on-demand classes, those who enjoy going to the gym because they like having other people around can still feel like they are in the gym by attending an online rowing class.

Live classes also help to ensure you get a full-body workout. Fortunately, since rowing involves the use of at least 86% of your muscles, with about 75% legwork and 25% upper body workout, a 20-minute rowing class is enough to impact the body significantly.

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If you have limited time but are looking to be productive with the time you have available, the best way to do it by attending an online class.

It’s Great For Beginners And Seasoned Rowers

Since advanced workout machines are increasingly finding their way into the market, some consumers, especially those new to rowing. Connected rowers cater to individuals with different levels of experience.

Recreating an on-water experience can be a strange concept for beginners. However, connected rowers make the process easier and the experience worthwhile for first-time users.

Alternatively, smart connected rowers can take you on an unguided ride to discover how to explore imaginary waters using various mobile apps that can be linked to the rower.

Store Data To Keep Track Of Your Performance

Smart connected rowers have apps linked to your phone to help you keep track of your home workout. When you complete your workout, the data on the rower monitor is sent to your phone. You can then analyze the data and keep track of your accomplishments.

You can also see your personal best and even attempt to beat it. This makes your workout more fun, and you can even compete with yourself as you attempt to beat your previous record by working out longer and burning more calories.

Link With A Professional Guide

Connected rowers are perfect if you are looking to build strength and improve your fitness, and at the same time, improve your rowing skills. You can also learn how to improve your rowing technique by connecting with world-class coaches and rowing guides.

So, much as you gain from the workout, you go through a series of lessons that will help you build a skill that will be handy even when you go rowing outdoors.

Learning from a professional may also boost your confidence, especially if you’ve always wanted to go rowing but have been uncomfortable doing so without the necessary training or skill.

Connect With Other Rowers For A Virtual Competition

Indoor workouts have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. People who used to go to the gym together for accountability can still workout together by using apps that can link two or more connected rowers.

This way, friends and family members can choose similar workout times and link for a virtual competition. This allows members of a group to maintain their exercise goals and even have fun as they work out.

Receive Real-Time Data

Connected rowers give real-time data of your workout, so you can decide whether you need to improve your strokes, maintain the pace, or slow down, depending on your health. Some of the performance metrics visible on the monitor include the distance rowed, number of strokes, the stroke rate, calories burned, intervals, and splits.

Social Network With Other Rowers

Most connected rowers provide social networking tools that allow users and members to interact for fun and discover ways to utilize the features for optimum workout benefits.

This is an awesome way for you to link with others who share the same workout passion as you. Additionally, you can also find members who have the same rower as you. So, if you are having trouble with some of the features, you can get help instantly.

There is plenty to gain from connected rowers. There are various versions in the market, and it is important to look at the features to see which rower is likely to serve you best. Some offer basic workouts, while others have advanced features. This affects the price tag, so it is important to find a balance between the connected rower you can afford and one that is ideal for you.