7 Incredible Facts About Bitcoin That We Are Sure You Would Love Reading About

7 Incredible Facts About Bitcoin That We Are Sure You Would Love Reading About

It is now 11 years since the crypto market’s emergence, and many people flocked this investment. As a bitcoin investor, you probably desire to know the secrets about the industry. However, your research revolved around the company’s age, risks, benefits, and operating system. However, there are several facts involved with bitcoin that you cannot afford to miss. It is a good thing to know them inside out as something you are associated with. It will inspire boldness when participating in bitcoin operations. Therefore, this paper highlights bitcoin facts that I am sure you would love to read about.

Digicash, Bitcoin Father

Everyone across the world believes that bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Wait, you have been walking far away from the truth. The history of crypto is known to few people. It goes back to when the system of creating Bitcoin transactions had not been developed. There are very few people who can remember all about it since its inception in the 90s.

Digicash is known as the bitcoin’s ancestor, but the system did not apply the use of blockchain technology. Back then, the industry did not make a great sensation in the current digital gold market.

Two Americans, Crypto Enthusiast and IT expert David Chawm were working on an electronic payment system but were undetectable. Crypto shared his first attempt in 1983 when his article appeared in a scientific journal. He eventually founded a Digicash company at the end of 1989. The digital currency was then established and replaced Digicash. Since then, the scheme is not controlled by the government or any financial body. Furthermore, it has never been centralized. The model that Digicash was based on was used by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 when he created Bitcoin’s whitepaper.

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The First Bitcoin Transaction Was A Purchase Of Two Pizzas.

Two pizzas were bought for 10,000 bitcoins in 2010 when an equivalent amount of bitcoin was worth 25 USD. Today, a bitcoin worth 6500 USD would go for 65 million USD. This scenario has remained in the history book of the cryptocurrency industry. Lazlo, a bitcoin talk user, is an aid to significantly overpaid two pizzas. He could not predict if bitcoin will multiply its value. On a forum, Lazlo wrote how he made the payment with ease, 4 years after this historic transaction. He states that it was an excellent opportunity, though people call him a fool.

The First Bitcoin Faucet Gave Away 5 Bitcoin Per User.

This is another historical event that took place in 2010. Bitcoin faucet is a website where you get free bitcoin to complete an auction. The concept was introduced by Gavin Anderson, where every user was allowed to collect 5 bitcoins. In 2010, the bitcoin market was still unpopular, and those who knew it had not yet embraced this cryptocurrency investment. Some feared taking the risk as others were busy investing in other schemes. Therefore, Gavi Anderson initiated this game to promote cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. Have a look at the difference between faucet back then and now. There is a considerable gap. For instance, websites like Bonus bitcoin allow you to claim 5000 Satoshis in every 15 minutes.

Satoshi Is Not The Smallest Bitcoin Unit.

This may be shocking, but it is the reality of the industry. Your research might have revolved the most extensive and smallest unit. From the look of system operation, most people believe that Satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin scheme, which is not the case. Bitcoin is divided into 8 zeros after the decimal point. Of course, Satoshi can be divided too. It is essential to realize that the determinant factor is micropayments and The Lightning Network.

For instance, the units called Milisatoshi (MSAT) are equal to a thousandth of Satoshi.

  • 1 Satoshi=1000 Milisatoshi
  • 1 Satoshi= 0.00000001 BTC

Bitcoin Wallet Private Keys Are Integers From 1 To 10 To The Power Of 77

Suppose you ever believed to be knowing the private key of your bitcoin wallet. In that case, you are holding something different from what crypto provides to its customers. You cannot easily guess the bitcoin wallet’s private key because this would take a longer time. This would be 10 to the power of 33, which requires much computing power. Unlocking someone’s private key is almost impossible. Still, through a computing system, one is capable of solving such a mathematical equation. This means that cryptocurrency investment is risky. However, scientists are probably working on specialized devices to prevent breaking the codes.

FBI Agents Involved In Silk Road Investigation Were Criminals

In 2013, the USA’s law docket recorded a serious move against the law. The history of silk road might sound new to you, though it is history. The silk road was the largest illegal site in the USA, where the dark market took place. People could buy everything, such as drugs, guns, and other illegal goods for Bitcoins. The site was created in 2011 by Ross Ulbricht but closed in 2013 by law enforcement. Two of the secret service agents assigned to this case were bribed, obstructed the case, and were eventually jailed.

Hacker Generated 184 Billions Of BTC

The mess occurred on the Bitcoin block number 74 638, leading to creating a huge number of BTC coins. However, the problem was solved within 5 hours, and a new Bitcoin version (0.3.10) was introduced. As a result, a huge number of bitcoins was forked and removed from the blockchain. This will always be remembered as a value of overflow incident.


The world of Bitcoin is complex and hard to understand for most people. It should be considered one of the 21st century biggest investments scheme, with many people joining it every day. More events took place concerning Bitcoin that many people have not come across. However, I believe that a number of them shared in this outset will somehow give you a picture of a few important and interesting aspects of Bitcoin.