Celebrating An Unforgettable Wedding In Maine In 2021

Celebrating An Unforgettable Wedding In Maine In 2021

Around 71% of couples postponed their weddings in 2020 and 2021, but a silver lining has definitely appeared for those wishing to say ‘I do’ in the next few months. In Maine, as in many other states, there are still guidance rules and regulations governing weddings and other social events, but these are considerably more relaxed than in the height of the health crisis. Current regulations still require wearing masks in indoor and outdoor weddings (when six feet of distance is difficult to maintain), and there are occupancy limits on both indoor and outdoor gatherings. If you decide 2021 is the right year for your wedding, then the following tips may help to make it safer, more entertaining, and more representative of who you and your partner are as a couple.

Outdoor Weddings Are In

Celebrating an outdoor wedding is a great way to stay safe while inviting a larger group. The government of Maine has stipulated that as of May 24, 2021, all outdoor gatherings will be permitted with a 100% occupancy rate (compared to 75% for indoor venues). Just a few romantic ‘green’ spots to consider include Harmony Hill Farm (ideal for those who love ranch and farm-style celebrations), the Linekin Bay Resort (overlooking a romantic beach), and the Merryspring Nature Center (ideal for small weddings in the midst of a beautiful garden with colorful flowers and lush treescapes).

Shopping For Wedding Jewelry

Maine is known for its bevy of talented jewelers, who are scattered along cities and towns like Portland, Camden, Freeport, Waterville, Auburn, Norway and Brunswick. Brides and grooms who enjoy a little bling either on engagement jewelry or wedding bands have a wider scope of designs to choose from than in the past, since everything from colorful central gems to diamond pavé wedding bands are in. If you’re stuck for inspiration, taking a look at famous celebrity wedding jewelry may help. If you love color, then Kate Middleton’s ring may delight. If pearls are your thing, check out Ariana Grande’s delicate diamond and pearl design. Emma Stone actually opted for a pearl as her central piece, with delicate diamond accents adding a bit of shine to a novel (and meaningful) ring.

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Personalizing Your Wedding

One of the biggest trends in weddings in recent  years is that of personalization. This can be achieved by theming your wedding, making it more meaningful (for instance, by choosing sustainable suppliers), and/or by including friends and family in your planning. If you want loved ones involved in the event, you can ask them to make a playlist, help you make DIY favors, or find ways to make your event more sustainable. This can be achieved in many ways – from using potted plants instead of cut flowers, right though to choosing a venue with a firm sustainability policy that includes energy and water savings, or hiring a chef who is committed to sustainable sourcing

The wedding industry may have been hit hard by the global health crisis, but things are finally looking up, with many venues reopening fully over the next few days. To plan a safe and beautiful wedding, opting for an outdoor setting can be useful. With shops and boutiques fully open and many offering virtual and online services, you can also ensure your wedding is personalized through everything from your choice of jewelry to your wedding theme and choice of suppliers.