Taking The Work Out Of Workout: 15 Fun Exercises To Help You Get In Shape

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According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 49.1% of American adults try to lose weight each year. Within the study, 56.4% of women tried losing weight versus 41.7% of men. For women between the ages of 40 to 59, 60.2% of them attempted to lose weight. 

So many people have tried and continue to try to lose weight and get into shape because Americans struggle with weight issues. About 40% of adults in the United States are obese. 

Working out can feel like a drag but there are ways to have a fun workout and exercise without feeling like you’re exercising. Keep reading to learn how. 

1. Hiking Can Get Your Heart Pumping

Hiking is a great way to get out of your house and explore nature with friends or family. It’s also a great way to get a good workout. 

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There are lots of great hiking trails, a simple google search will help you find the best ones. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes and that you bring enough water for the trail. 

Walking through the different terrain will get your heart rate up and help you get that cardio workout completed. You’ll also be getting the necessary vitamin D but don’t forget to wear some sunscreen as well. 

2. Go Skiing If You’re Feeling Adventurous

Another way to get in a cardio workout is to go skiing. If you have access to it, this is a great way to exercise and have fun while enjoying some breathtaking views of nature.

Whether you’re an expert or beginner, you’re sure to burn some calories while on the slopes. Another great thing about skiing is that it’s a great strength training exercising, so it’ll help you build muscle as well. 

3. Take the Stairs

This is one of the simplest and most fun cardio workouts on the list. You don’t need any equipment, you don’t need to go to any gym to do this workout. Make it a challenge and see how fast you can run up and down the stairs of your apartment building or office. 

You can also incorporate other exercises and work on other parts of your body as well, not just the legs. Do a set of pushups, some squats, or you can climb up the stairs sideways to switch things up. 

4. A Walk Is All It Takes

If you’re trying to get into shape but haven’t worked out in a while, starting with taking walks is the best thing you can do. This is a great way to do some form of physical activity each day and it’s so simple, anyone can do it. 

You can take a walk around your neighborhood or go to a park, walk to the grocery store or pharmacy if you haven’t had any other time to work out in the day. Aim for 30 minutes each day but if you increase your speed to a fast walk, even just 15 minutes can do the trick. 

5. Connect With Animals and Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a unique way to spend some time in nature and connect with animals, it’s the perfect way to let go of the stress of everyday life. You’ll also be getting some exercise while doing it. 

While it might seem like you’re sitting the whole time, horseback riding is actually a great way to work on the strength in your legs and your core. You’ll definitely feel tired after the session but it’ll be a lot of fun. 

6. Running With a Purpose

While running is the most common way to get a cardio workout and a lot of people wouldn’t consider it the most fun, there’s a way to make it more interesting. You don’t have to run at a constant speed for the entire workout. Try different speeds, where you slow down and then speed up at different times during the workout. 

You can also choose different spots during the run to incorporate other types of workouts. For example, when you get to the end of your block you can do a set of squats. When you hit that lamppost 3 blocks over you can do a set of lunges.

Change up your running routine and it’ll become more fun. 

7. Rock Climbing Is Always Fun

Rock climbing is a wonderful way to get a workout and get into shape. You’ll be enjoying the beauty of nature if you do it outdoors but it’ll be just as beneficial if you do it indoors

Rock climbing is a workout for your brain because you have to constantly make decisions on which step to take next to keep moving. Rock climbing is also a workout for your entire body, you’ll be strengthening your arms and legs and your core as well. You’ll definitely burn lots of fat doing this type of exercise, this site answers all your fat loss questions. 

8. Kayaking in the Beauty of Nature

Exercising in nature is great for both your physical and mental health. Kayaking is one of those activities that fall under that category. What’s more serene than traveling down a beautiful body of water with friends? 

Since you’ll be using your arms to kayak, this activity is a great way to get an upper-body workout in. You’ll strengthen the muscles in your back and arms while spending some time outdoors. 

9. Exercise With Your TV

You might scratch your head when you hear that you can exercise in front of your TV, but it’s true! There are lots of fun workout classes you can stream on your TV or laptop.  You can participate in classes that focus on yoga, pilates, or other types of exercises. 

YouTube is a great place to start, just type in the exercise you’re interested in doing and you’ll find all kinds of levels and lengths to fit your exercise needs. Just make sure you have enough space in your living room to complete your workouts. 

10. Do Some Dancing

What better way to break a sweat than by doing something as fun as dancing? Whether you have a dance party with friends or a solo party in your room, dancing is a great way to keep moving and get your heart pumping. 

You can try looking up some Zumba videos online or you can just turn up the radio and start dancing to the beat of the music, either way, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun! If you’re interested in learning a specific type of dance, there are always classes to sign up for.

11. Throw on Your Old Roller Skates

Who says you can’t go back to some of the fun activities you did as a kid in order to get into shape? Dig up your old roller skates and go skating around your neighborhood or at a park. 

Turn it into a fun partner workout and invite some friends over for a skate session. Skating is a great leg and core exercise and can help you burn calories pretty quickly.

12. Try Doing Some Yoga 

Yoga has so many benefits for your body and your mind. It helps with flexibility, builds muscle, tones your body, and it can improve your cardio health

If you’re trying to lose weight, yoga can help you do that as well. When you’re constantly stressed, you tend to overeat and this can make you gain weight. Yoga helps reduce stress and increase relaxation, helping you to maintain a healthy weight. 

13. What’s More Fun Than Fitness Gaming? 

You would’ve never thought growing up that you’d be able to play video games to workout but it’s now possible. Fitness gaming is a great way to participate in some fun exercises. You can turn your workout into a competition with other players and whoever gets the most points wins. 

The great thing about these fitness video games is that they keep track of the calories you burn, you’ll have a record of your progress to look back on. As long as you keep moving, fitness gaming could be a great option to get into shape. 

14. Biking Is a Great Workout

Biking is one of the best ways to get in a leg workout. You’ll be working on building the strength in those muscles and will also be losing some weight in the process. You can bike around your block or even look for some bike paths for a more scenic route.

You can also start riding your bike to work or taking your bike to the store instead of going in your car. If you don’t own a bike, you can always take a spinning class at the gym.  

15. Take Some Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing gives you the total body workout you want. It’s fast-paced and motivates you to improve in each session. Kickboxing is great for your heart health and the more high impact, the more calories you’ll burn.

The Best Exercises for a Fun Workout

If you want to have a fun workout, check out our list of exercises you can do above. These activities will help you get into shape and make exercising fun again. Check out some of our other blogs to learn more.

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