5 Meals That Boost Heart Health

5 Meals That Boost Heart Health

Are you tired of all the complicated and unnatural treatment methods associated with managing blood pressure, arterial function, heart disease risk factors, high cholesterol, and inflammation? Managing heart health can oftentimes feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are lots of natural benefits that come from diet choices that can help significantly in lowering the chances of calcified plaque in the arteries and coronary heart disease. Being intentional with your diet along with looking into additional vitamins and minerals found in supplements is an easy daily intention you can set to aid a healthy heart

Recently, doctors are seeing incredible results from supplementing berberine into patients’ diets as it has the ability to aid in lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. Berberine is a natural alkaloid found in hundreds of plants with the most popular plants being Oregon grapes, barberry, and goldenseal. If you’re not familiar with the term, an alkaloid is a compound found in plants that has significant physiological impacts on human beings. Berberine has many health benefits, but one of its leading benefits is heart health. 

There are studies that indicate that Berberine can help with preventing hypertension, atherosclerosis, arrhythmias, and heart failure. Discovering berberine benefits is something that is trending currently, but many people don’t realize that berberine has been used for thousands of years. It was first documented 3,000 years ago in Eastern Medicine. Though the Western world has been slow to catch on to berberine benefits, it is now taking the world by storm as a leading supplement to boosting heart health.

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Beyond incredible vitamin and mineral supplements, there are lots of meals and food that you can prioritize to give your heart what it needs. We understand changing your diet can feel overwhelming, so we’ve taken the time to do the research for you and compile a few ideas on things to add to your grocery list next round. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some meal ideas that can help boost your heart’s health. 

1. A Whole Grain Bowl 

Whole wheat, brown rice, oats, rye, barley buckwheat, and quinoa are all considered to be whole grains. Whole grains are known to lower cholesterol and systolic blood pressure. They are also known to lower the risk of heart disease. Create a yummy whole grain bowl by choosing a grain as your base, and then adding a protein source, a few veggies, and a sauce on top. One of our personal favorites when it comes to building the perfect grain bowl is quinoa, chickpeas, onion, sweet potato, chicken, tomato, avocado, cilantro, and sriracha. This bowl specifically is great for heart health as many of these ingredients are also very helpful with aiding heart health along with the quinoa. 

2. Berry Smoothie Bowl 

Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are packed with nutrients that help significantly with heart health. Berries are rich in antioxidants which are capable of reducing risk factors that come with heart disease. Blend some of your favorite berries together, and top with walnuts (also great for heart health), coconut flakes, granola, and fresh fruit.

3. A Leafy Green Salad

Spinach, kale, and collard greens are all excellent for heart health. Leafy greens are known to reduce blood pressure and improve arterial functioning. They are also known to lower the risk of heart disease. Craft together a yummy salad with a leafy green as a base. Some people choose to go the Mediterranean route, while others prefer the asian sesame route. Still, others prefer a fresh summer salad with fruit, while others prefer more of a harvest bowl. Whatever you decide, those leafy greens will be putting in the work. You choose the toppings!

4. Avocado Toast 

Avocado is a source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and potassium which can help in reducing levels of cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Studies also show that avocados can help lower the risk for metabolic syndrome. A delicious breakfast to start implementing into your daily routine is avocado toast. Smash up some avocado and spread it on toast. Then get some “everything but the bagel” seasoning, sriracha, a fried egg, radishes, or pickled onions, and create the perfect topping combination.

5. A Dish of Beans 

Beans are made up of resistant starches which are known to reduce levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. They are also known to lower blood pressure and decrease inflammation. There are so many savory soup options that have beans as the shining star. Other people prefer to consume their beans in a chili format. Whatever your preference, adding beans to your diet is the key.