Growing Your HVAC Contracting Business: 5 Things You Should Do Differently

Growing Your HVAC Contracting Business

After just a few weeks/months of starting an HVAC contracting business, every entrepreneur desires to see growth. However, growth doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work and doing the right things from the word go. 

As a new entrant into the market, your business will be going head-on against larger and long-established companies. Competing against such businesses may seem like a long shot. The good news is that it is possible to outflank them and build a thriving HVAC business for yourself with the right strategy. 

Here are five things you can do differently to achieve that.

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1. Get Your Customers To Sign A Service Contract Agreement. 

Every home with an HVAC system will need system maintenance from time to time. In other words, you can get business from a single customer years after installing their system. The best way to retain a customer even after completing their project is to ensure they sign a service management contract.

If well managed, customer service agreements are an excellent way of creating a pool of loyal customers that will provide a steady flow of income even as you follow new leads.

Keeping track of customers who have signed contracts can get complicated as you grow. You may want to consider using this free HVAC agreement contract from ServiceTitans to help make keeping track of signed contracts less hectic as you grow. 

2. Leverage On Technology

The business scene has radically changed in the last few years thanks to the incorporation of technology in doing business. Whether you are a new entrant or have been a provider for a long time, leveraging technology is one of the most effective ways to realize business growth. 

There are different forms of technology suitable for running various aspects of a business. From customer relations software, sales management software, and social media management tools, among others.

You don’t have to invest in all software solutions at once; you may start small, incorporating one business software at a time. 

3. Focus On The Customer

The fact that you are looking for ways to grow says that you do not have as many customers as you would wish to have. This also means that you can effectively give your existing customers all the attention they need, which can effectively give you an edge over established players.

Happy customers can be your best source of business as a return customer and are also more likely to tell their friends and family about you. It is important to research what your competition is doing and aim to offer your customers over and beyond what they offer. 

4. Stay Updated In Terms Of Skill

Most people stop learning after getting their certification or opening a business. But the truth is continual learning of your trade can make you stand out in the industry.

Therefore, ensure that all team members don’t fall behind on the best practices, emerging systems, and tools. 

You do not have to enroll in expensive courses to learn new things. The internet is full of informative content on new systems, fixes, and best practices that you could leverage to acquire new information. If you need certification, you may enroll in payable online courses.

5. Focus On Digital Presence

The first place most consumers go to when seeking information about anything they intend to buy is the internet. Every business hoping to stay relevant in this day and age must have a digital presence that stands out among the rest.

Some of the ways a business can ensure that it has a robust digital presence include having an SEO-optimized website accompanied by SEO-optimized content, regularly updated social media handles, or PPC advertising.