How To Choose The Right Contractor Management Software

How To Choose The Right Contractor Management Software

Often, construction companies are convinced that choosing the right software solution for contractor management, training employees to work with it and implementing the program is not easy. This opinion has a right to life. Unfortunately, it is not accidental.

Employees of construction companies face difficulties from the moment they search for software. For standard Internet search queries such as: contractor management software, workflow in construction, etc., many pages are displayed. Already at this stage, the representative of the construction company is desperate, because does not understand how to make the right choice. Nevertheless, the main criteria for evaluating software are:

  • It is necessary to pay attention to examples of completed implementations of the program for accounting in construction. This is important because selling a program does not at all mean that someone is actually working in it. When contacting an IT company, you need to clarify on what conditions the implementation of the program is carried out, and how long this procedure takes. Almost always, the implementation process costs a construction company more than purchasing software. And the duration of implementation can take months, and sometimes even years.
  • It is worth asking for customer reviews. If there are reviews, then they are necessarily presented on the developer’s website. In the event that there are any doubts about their authenticity, it will not be superfluous to visit third-party Internet resources, read information on the forums (where it is independent).
  • The principle of providing further services should be taken into account: technical support, consultations, training, the possibility of receiving updates. Often all these services are provided on a paid basis. Even telephone and e-mail support in some companies can be commercial services.
  • And, of course, you need to familiarize yourself with the functionality and ease of use of the software. It is necessary to clarify whether it is possible to refuse to purchase some blocks, program modules, if they are not needed.

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Sometimes construction companies order custom software. The disadvantages of such developments are that the terms of reference are not fully thought out. The final result depends on the employees who describe their vision of the program’s functionality; and the development time takes a long period during which the needs of the construction company may change. During a trial run of the program, it turns out that the customer wanted to get a different result, and an additional fee must be paid for new stages of development. It is usually easier to choose a ready-made solution. You can immediately see and evaluate its functionality.

Also, in construction companies, management accounting functions are often transferred to the accounting department. The accounting department has other tasks: accounting for actual activities and calculating taxes. For this, accounting programs are created, but they are ineffective in solving management accounting problems, since they are not responsible for planning the activities of the enterprise and have information only about fait accompli.

Now it is worthwhile to once again formulate the main points of the choice of software solutions for construction and work in them:

  1. You should pay attention to the ready-made software adapted to the business processes of Russian construction companies.
  2. It will not be too correct to choose software designed for any company (construction, trade, medical, etc.). Construction is a specific area, and the program for it may not be suitable for all industries.
  3. It is imperative to get a guarantee that after purchasing a software solution, the construction company will be provided with the necessary consultations.