How To Store Lush Bath Bombs: The Step By Step Guide

How to Store Lush Bath Bombs

The bath bombs fizz and will offer you the best experience while they are still fresh. The bath bomb contains natural ingredients. 

The ingredients often spoil if you do not use them quickly enough. The product also has a shelf life with expiration dates. 

Shelf life is the amount of time you can store and use a product without losing its effectiveness. The bath bomb has an average shelf life of about six months, but it will last longer with proper storage. 

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Storing the bath bomb is relatively straightforward, and almost everyone can do it. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide

How to Store Lush Bath Bombs

The secret behind storing bath bombs is simple: keep it cool and dry. The best way to store it is using Ziploc bags, plastic bags, shrink wrap, and putting it close to a dehumidifier. 

Storing the bath bomb in a cool and dry place prevents premature fizzing and melting of ingredients. The average shelf life for a bath bomb is six months. 

There are several jar types for storing bath bombs. Choose those made of high-quality glass and hold huge bath bombs quantity without allowing moisture through them. 

How To Store Lush Bath Bombs

The lush products are made from fresh ingredients and usually have no artificial preservatives. Therefore this gives them a shorter shelf life than other beauty products. 

Having fewer preservatives means the lush bath bomb is good for the environment. You need to check the packaging back to know the manufacturing and expiration date. 

The packaging also gives instructions on how best to store the lush bath bomb. After the expiry date, the product will lose its scent, color, and overall quality. 

Other products like body lotions, shower jell, etc., can be kept in the bathroom, but you can’t keep several lush products in the bathroom as it will ruin them. 

The rule is that never store bath bombs, bath oils, and bubble bars in the bathroom if they do not have a cover. 

The humidity in the bathroom will affect its color and make the product melt or become soft.

1. Bomb Containers 

Put the bath bomb in a dry bomb container and firmly close the lid. Place the container in an area with no heat and direct sunlight. 

The heat and direct sunlight will melt some essential oils and butter. Ensure the container is air-tight, thus keeping air from entering the bath bombs. 

Only open the container when you want to use the bath bomb. It reduces bath bomb exposure to the air. However, it’s not a must to specifically use bath both containers. 

Food containers can also perform this function if you don’t have the specific bath in both containers. But you should clean and dry the container before storing the bath bomb in them.

2. Plastic Wraps  

It’s another cheaper, simple, and readily available option. You wrap the bath bomb using plastic wrap; however, you should ensure it’s tight around the bomb. 

During wrapping, there should be no air around the bomb. Twist the ends of the wrap bomb and tightly tie a knot, then add a sticker to seal it off completely. 

The best way to wrap the plastic is by binding at the base than the sides. It’s easier to have an air-tight seal using the base wrapping method.

3. Shrink Wraps 

Put the lush bath bomb in a shrink bag. Wrap the seal up properly to have an air-tight seal. You then use a blower or hair dryer to blow warm air out of the shrink bag. 

Plus, the dryer or blower helps shrink the wraps around the bath bomb after the process, store the bath bomb in a cool and dry place. 

4. Plastic Bag

The plastic bag is another cheaper option that can help you store your lush bath bombs. Please put it in a bath bag, and before sealing, ensure the plastic bag does not have air in it. The plastic bags that come with air-tight seals are the best options.

5. Humidifier

If you do not have access to the above storage options, you can use the humidifier. However, the humidifier is not so effective; the bath bombs will still expose it to a certain amount of moisture. 

Additional Information 

The mentioned methods can store all the bath bombs types regardless of their ingredients. To properly store lush bath bombs, use air-tight plastic bags, containers, etc. 

Store the containers in place with no sunlight and heat. If you travel with them, the air-tight plastic bags and containers will still be practical. 

What Makes The Bath Bomb Expire?

Bath bombs contain a mix of natural ingredients like citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, etc. The ingredients have an excellent shelf-life; however, citric acid loses potency with time. 

The good thing is that it’s possible to preserve the citric acid or bath bombs potency using air-tight containers. The bath bombs create an acid reaction when exposed to water or moisture. 

The longer you expose lush bath bombs to moisture or water, the faster they lose their fizziness and become ineffective. 

It would be best to know the rate at which the bath bomb works, and their fizziness depends on their freshness. 

Even though you can store their fizziness away for even two years, you should know they will not be as effective as the fresh ones. 

Some won’t completely fizz after such a long time, while others will crumble when you put them in water. 

The secret is to use the bath bombs while still so fresh. The shelf life affects the fragrance. It means the bath bomb won’t have a pleasant and potent smell since most of the essential oils evaporate while it’s in storage

Others will start spoiling with time if they contain other natural ingredients like petals, fresh herbs, juices, fruit extracts, etc.

What Is The Shelf Life For Bath Bombs?

The bath bomb contains several ingredients, but citric acid and bicarbonate are essential. If these two ingredients mix with water an acid-base reaction will produce a fizzing sound. 

However, their organic natures only allow them to have a shelf life of six months to one year. Therefore it’s advisable only to store the bath bombs for six months.  

However, the bath bombs offer the best experience one month after buying them. After one month, they still are good but won’t provide the amount of fizzing you need. 

Typically, natural ingredients have a faster expiry rate than synthetic ingredients. 

Typical Expiry Date For Popular Bath Bombs

The information is for the different bath bomb ingredients.

  • Olive oil: 2 years 
  • Coconut oil: 1 year
  • Avocado oil: 1 year
  • Castor oil: 1 year
  • Canola oil: 1 to 2years
  • Coffee butter: 1 year
  • Petals, fresh herbs, juice, and fruit extracts: 1 year or less

You need to confirm the expiry dates to calculate how long you can store it. If you have a bath bomb that fizzes, it means they contain baking soda and citric acid, and this one has a shorter expiry date. 

You can use bath bombs with soap or not, but this hugely depends on their ingredients. However, using your baths with bath bombs will force you to shower often. It’s because the oils tend to build upon the skin.

How To Use Bath Bombs

People adore dipping in deep mounds that contain cloud-like bubbles. While doing this, they do not want products that leave the packaging trail behind. 

Lush has several products such as bubble bars, bath bombs, etc. So let’s find out more about bath bombs. 

Bath Bombs 

The bath bombs are ideal for fizz fanatics. Typically, bath bombs are solid orbs, and they contain oils with beautiful scents, colors, and lusters. 

The product will indeed offer that great feeling you have been looking for while sitting in your bathtub. Using the bath bombs is so straightforward. 

If you are ready and want a mind-blowing shower, run your bath. After this, add your bath bomb to the water and climb aboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to save bath bombs?

The bath bombs are for one-time use; however, you can still reuse them. Quickly remove it from the water before it completely dissolves. 

Note that if you use it for the second time, it won’t offer a great fizzle as the first one. To give you a better second experience, ensure it’s dry after the first use and not store longer.

What is the most extended shelf life of bath bombs?

Averagely the shelf life of bath bombs is six months. The shelf life is simply the amount of time one can store, which loses value. 

The ingredients in the particular bath bombs determine how long they will last. Some will expire earlier than others.

Why do people store bath bombs in a cool and dry place? 

It’s advisable to store bath bombs in cool, dry places to prevent premature fizzing. The moisture in the air causes this reaction. 

Again, if you put it in a hot place, the heat melts the butter and oils in the bath bombs, making it disintegrate. 

Is there a great way of storing the bath bombs during humid weather?

The best way of storing bath bombs in humid air is by using air-tight bottles or plastic wraps and then putting them in a box or bag. 

Place the box or bag in a cool and dry place at room temperature. The best places in your home to store bath bombs are the basement, garage, or cabinet. 


The bath bombs are great and ideal additions to your warm bath. However, all becomes less fun when you realize they can break down or fizz before you entirely use them. 

The ingredients in bath bombs usually react with moisture, and therefore you need to wrap them properly to increase their shelf life. The article highlights all the best ways of storing your bath bombs.