Tips For Knowing When You Need Roof Repairs

Tips For Knowing When You Need Roof Repairs

Your roof is a significant part of your home since it protects your assets and family. It is essential to know the signs that something is not correct. Fortunately, most signs are easy to spot. You can even spot some signs when you are standing on the ground. While no homeowner wants to hear about roof repairs, watching for signs will help you avoid damage to your property and expensive repairs. Here are some tips for knowing when you need roof repairs. 

1. Visible Shingle Damage

Shingle damage is probably the most obvious sign that you need a roof repair. Your shingles will receive damage over time from regular wear and tear, poor installation, or after a storm. Check your roof to see if any area seems different from the rest. Some of the signs include wet or appear dark areas, wavy shingles, or broken shingles. You may opt to repair yourself, but it is advisable to call a roofing expert to help with your roofing. Doing so will ensure your roof remains in optimal condition without additional damage.

2. Gutter Apron

Check your roof and see whether you have a gutter apron. Gutter apron keeps water at bay and prevents it from going behind the gutters. Water that goes behind your gutters will cause unnecessary roof repairs. Always ask your roofing expert to include a gutter apron during roof installation or repair.

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3. Leaking Roof

This is another typical indicator that you need a roof repair. Some signs of a leaking roof include water stains, standing water, and moisture in your attic. If you observe any of these signs, you may have cracks or holes in your roof. Moisture will make your roof contract and expand as temperature changes. This means that your roof materials will increase in size, affecting the integrity of the entire roof. Moisture also attracts mildew, which may spread to the rest of your house. As such, you must seal holes or cracks as soon as you observe these signs.

4. Peeled Paint

Moisture also makes the roof paint peel off, making your roof look old and have discolored sections. Call your roofing contractor if you notice your roof paint color blistering at the end side. You may also see discolored parts of the wall next to the roof. Most people may think they need a re-paint job, but this will only solve half the problem. Peeling paint is often a sign of moisture issues that originate with the roof. Check with your roofing contractor before you waste any money on a paint job.

5. Drastic Increase In Energy Costs

Besides protecting your property, your roof also regulates the temperature. Most will decide to turn off the lights and thermostat when they see an increase in energy costs. While these are ways to cut costs, they may not be your primary culprit. If you have roof problems, your home may not perform as efficiently as you would like. Poor roof installation, leaks, and faulty ventilation can increase energy consumption. If you observe an increase in energy cost, consider calling a roofing expert to assess your roof for damage signs.

6. Sagging Deck

Your roof acts as a covering for your walls and foundation. Sagging roof decking is an alarming sign of roof damage since it may cause damage to your foundation. Roof decking is the material laid over the joists of your roof, forming the foundation on which other roofing materials are laid. Poorly installed roof decking will begin to sag over time. Saggy roof decking is often visible in the attic. Your shingles may also appear wet.

7. Damaged Roof Vents

When checking for potential roof damage, check for cracked housing on plastic roof vents and broken seams on metal ones. Some people may try to fix this problem by using a sealant. However, this solution will not last and may lead to further damage. The only way to successfully repair your roof is to replace the damaged vent.

8. Sunlight Coming In

Roofs with cracks and holes allow sunlight to penetrate the house. You will discover this sign during sunny days. Seal the holes immediately if you see these sunbeams. Switch off the lights and close the windows and blinds to ascertain that the light comes from the roof. If the house is dark but can see the rays, your roof has openings, and you seal them immediately.

Roof repairs may seem simple, but it is a dangerous job better left to the experts. Always call a roofing professional to do your repairs and ensure your home’s safety and structural integrity.