Are Invicta Watches Expensive? What You Should Know About Invicta Watches

Are Invicta Watches Expensive

Invicta watches are some of the most famous Swiss watches for men and women. These are exclusive watches with Invicta-style branded features that you cannot find anywhere else. In addition to the premium Invicta watches, you can also find the limited-edition options that tend to be seasonal in supplies. Invicta came from a humble beginning and has since witnessed a number of issues from inception till date.

So, Are Invicta Watches Expensive?

Not really. Invicta watches are more affordable when compared to many other brands.

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What Are The Most Expensive Invicta Watches You May Find?

Invicta offers a wide range of good quality low-priced, high-priced premium, and limited edition watches, and the following have been discovered to be some of its most exclusively-priced watches;

1. Invicta 14629

This watch is also known as the Russian diver and costs about $2,193. Though this is not the most expensive watch on the list, it is undoubtedly on the higher-priced side, especially for budget-conscious customers.

This watch has a removable front panel that reminds one of the traditional scuba diving suits when it comes to design. As expected, the watch is made of a stainless steel body that makes it very durable and fascinating. It also comprises a skeleton watch face that ensures you see the working mechanism on the watch as you wear it proudly on your wrist.

It would be best if you also looked at the calfskin leather strap alongside that signature synthetic fiberglass. A Swiss movement style is a 17-jewel option. The watch comes with a waterproof feature, and you can submerge the timepiece at an incredible depth of 3,280 feet underwater.

2. Invicta 4841

Also known as the Specialty Chronograph, it is a unique collection watch in the Russian Diver series. This watch seems to be more conservative in design when compared to other options in the Invicta lineup. This watch will cost you about $2,800, and there is no surprise that it makes it to the list.

It has a 52mm case, making it one of the largest watches in the lineup. It is also a stainless steel body with an 18 karat gold plating adorning the sides. The gold plating makes this watch the one you can proudly display because of its shiny outlook.

As expected, the standard Sapphire glass front is included here. This watch comes with the automatic movement option.

3. Subaqua Noma 3 Chronograph

This Invicta branded watch will set you back financially by $2,999 only. It is one of the top exclusively priced watches on the list because of its unique features. First, it is a hybrid digital and analog design blend that features a quartz-dial window. There are three chronographs here and a durable stainless steel band. The watch’s case matches the light-blue color of the watch’s face.  

4. Jason Taylor14312B

This specially-released watch is an Invicta analog Swiss black watch that doesn’t come cheap like other options on this list. It goes for a whopping $7000.

This watch is inspired by the former NFL player- Jason Taylor after he partnered with the watch company. The player had played for the Dolphins of Florida when the company was based in the state. There are many watches in this lineup, and it was a fantastic collaboration between Invictus and the NFL player.

The chronograph comes with a dark carbon fiber dial, plus the standard sapphire glass adorning the face. It also comes with a durable and stunning iron-plated stainless steel plus some less known features like Tachymeter. It is characterized by the Swiss Quartz movement. One of the most distinctive features of this watch is the 42 dark diamonds encrusted on its bezel.

5. Jason Taylor 15495BWB

It is no surprise that another Jason Taylor branded watch makes the top of the list. This is an automatic Swiss two-tone watch that costs a massive $13,000. It is arguably the most expensive Invicta watch on sale right now.

This is a stainless steel designed watch with an automatic Swiss movement. You will also find the regular 40 encrusted black diamonds on the bezel. One striking feature here is that the watch is resistant to water at up to 1,640 feet.

Other Exclusive Watches On The Invicta High Price List

In addition to the above-listed Invicta watches, there are some other options worth mentioning; these are;

Invicta Men Self-wind Watch

This is a limited edition watch, and it is one option you can consider if you are looking for a watch that is less than $1000. This watch goes for $699.99 online, but it looks more stunning than what you see online.

The automatic-self-wind watch comes with the original stainless steel material strap. The 52mm case makes the watch look quite large on your wrist; Hence it is designed for bold men who don’t mind flaunting a massive accessory.

It sports a water resistance feature of up to 300mm, though this is relatively low compared to the more expensive ones but still great enough for adequate protection. This watch is one of those most suitable for some marine activities and for professionals.

The Men’s Invicta DC Comics Superman Watch

If you are a lover or follower of the DC Comic series, perhaps you should spot this watch regularly. This is an automatic movement watch for diving and other sporting activities. Though it is made of original stainless steel, the straps are made of original leather that comes in red color.

It is a 33817 model with 53.7 diameters and 21.7mm thickness. It comes with an exhibition case back and a Japanese auto movement. This watch is assembled in Asia but sold worldwide under the Invicta brand. It is also characterized by 24 jewels that make it quite stunning to look. This watch weighs a massive 230g which is quite a massive one for hand accessory loves.

The red leather band comes with a buckle clasp that fastens the watch to your wrist. The leather band is adjustable; hence it fits just anyone. Aside from the mineral crystal, this watch comes with a screw-down crown, and with water resistance of up to 1000 meters, you can wear the watch comfortably for any water activity.

The Men’s Reserve Chronograph

Also known as Invictus 0821, this watch also costs less than $1000 on the market. This watch comes with a 5-year warranty, and it comes with the shipment to anywhere in the world.

The water resistance stands at 660 meters, but that shouldn’t be a disappointment since that feature can still make the watch useful in certain wet conditions. It is recommended for scuba diving activities and many other sporting events.

Invicta Watch- What You Should Know About it

Invicta watch has come to establish itself as one of the foremost watch brands in the world. The following is some information you should have about the timepiece brand.

1. History

The Invicta watch group was established in 1837 by Picard Raphael in Switzerland. The company was reported bankrupt in the 1980s and was sold to Ondix SA in 1983. The selling of Invicta to Ondix ended abruptly as sales went bad in the first few years of operations.

Fortunately, Invicta was resuscitated in 1991 when American investors acquired the brand. Invicta’s corporate headquarters was originally situated in Florida, USA, most of its watch lines were still being manufactured in Switzerland.

2. Numerous Partnerships

Invicta watch group, just like many other notable brands, has entered into several partnerships in the past and currently. Jason Taylor was one of those Invicta entered into a partnership with. The retired NFL player signed an agreement with the company in 2012 and several branded Jason Taylor watches were released.

In 2022, Invicta also announced that it entered into a partnership with the ABG group and the famous NBA star Shaquille Oneil. A number of collaboration watches have since been produced with the star since the deal was signed.

There are several collaborations entered into with DC Comics for signature watches. One of the actors who signed a collaboration deal with Invicta is Romero Britto, and it is quite common to see watches released in his name in the market today.


Invicta watch group has made a name for itself, and one reason why it has many followers and customers is that it produces premium watches at much lower prices. Most of their watches are now being assembled in America, Asia, and Switzerland. Thanks to a very robust company policy and strategy, the company is able to control all logistics to make its watches available all around the world. With all Invicta original watches coming with great warranties, you can enjoy some of the best quality watches you can ever find in the market today. Invicta Group also has several other products available aside from their premium, branded watches.