Wall Mount Stainless Steel Shelves 

Wall Mount Stainless Steel Shelves 

The key to successful work is the optimal and storage-efficient arrangement of dishes, kitchen utensils. The placement of various types of products and spices requires the presence of various types of wall shelves in the kitchens of catering establishments. Wall mounted metal shelves do not occupy floor space, they are convenient during work, as they are located in the immediate vicinity of the chef’s workplace.

Stainless steel is known for its high chemical resistance, thanks to which it retains its operational properties for a long time. It is not prone to corrosion, so the racks can be installed in areas with adverse climates and for work that is associated with wet climates. Stainless steel wall shelves are intended for warehousing of foodstuff, drinks, stock, ware and equipment. Racks are used in the kitchen of public catering, in warehouses, refrigerating chambers, industrial premises of restaurants and shops. 

 It is also possible to buy wall shelves stainless steel for refrigerators. The support legs and crossbeams of the shelving frame are made of anodized aluminium. The racks have excellent corrosion resistance at temperatures from +80°C to -30°C.

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How To Choose Wall Mounted Metal Shelving

Before buying, make sure to make sure what material this wall mount shelving is made of. The fact is that when buying things of this kind, there is a risk of purchasing a product with a galvanized surface, which outwardly only resembles stainless steel. Naturally, such racks for the kitchen of the restaurant will not last long, and will need to be replaced in just one or two years. In addition, working with them will be extremely inconvenient and even unsafe. Among the advantages of stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen can be mentioned: 

  • Durability, have an unlimited service life.
  • Not subject to corrosion and not deformed.
  • Withstand heavy loads.
  • Easy to clean and do not absorb odors.

Racks in warehouses are used to store cargo, so their design depends on how much weight the cargo has to support. Stainless steel wall shelves can be of the following types cantilever, cargo, deep, ceiling, etc.  

Stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen are usually chosen taking into account the size and specifics of the room, as well as taking into account the weight of items to be placed on the shelves. When buying ready-made equipment you need to be really careful, because it is not always suitable for a particular room. Therefore, the best solution is to order shelves with individual grooves and design.

Buying a stainless steel wall shelves is worth it, if only for the sake of saving money. Surprising as it may sound, but buying stainless steel shelving, you really save. Firstly, at the initial seeming high price for the rack, you get equipment made of steel that can withstand heavy loads, does not corrode and is guaranteed to last a long time. Secondly, the purchase of a stainless steel shelving can be considered as a profitable investment if necessary, stainless steel furniture can be sold on the secondary market.