How To Make Money Shoplifting: Making Our Fortune

How To Make Money Shoplifting

It is a norm to walk into a store and see a sign at the door warning shoppers against shoplifting and informing them that CCTV cameras are watching all their moves. This warning is enough to deter most people, but that small percentage still doesn’t get scared.

One of every 11 people in the US is a shoplifter, and each year, billions of profits vanish due to shoplifting. 

Over 70% of shoplifters say they didn’t plan the heists, but you could be part of the 30%, and you want to know how to make money.

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There are several ways to get rid of stolen merchandise, and we will explore all of them to make the whole process “safer” for you. Let us get into the details;

How To Make Money Shoplifting

Professional shoplifters make up to 3% of shoplifters in the US, and they account for 10% of stolen items in the US. 

Most people shoplift to get things they need, while others do it to sell the items and make money on their own.

The simplest way to make money shoplifting is to sell the items you shoplift. There are many platforms on which you can sell products if you know how to use them. 

Many people want what you have and while stealing is illegal, you might make a lot of money doing it.

You can make money by selling the items on platforms that don’t have too many security features, such as a Facebook marketplace or online chat rooms. Some sites will ask for proof that you own whatever you want to sell, and you won’t have a receipt.

If you have access to a pawn shop, you could go and sell it there and make some money. You might get ripped off, but it doesn’t matter much because you didn’t spend on it, to begin with. Some owners will ask for receipts, so you better have a solid story.

If you have access to one, you could get a fence and sell it to them. Fences are sort of brokers that specifically deal in stolen merchandise. 

It might be shady, and you could get in trouble for it, but you will deal with people who know what you are doing.

Tips On Shoplifting

Shoplifting is a crime, and you should not do it; you might get arrested, and it will mess up your life. If you have to do it, you need to do it right to avoid getting caught. There are some vital things you need to check before you go in, so let’s get the details straight;

1. Don’t wear hoodies and trousers that are too big for you

Most stores don’t allow customers to walk in with bags; most people put stolen items in their pockets, so the clothes have to be oversized to hide the goods, and attendants know this. 

Wearing oversized clothes will make you stand out, and you will attract attention wherever you go. This attention will remain on you even in stores, and the chances of an attendant or customer spotting you will increase.

2. Put on colors that allow you to blend in with the crowd

Do not wear dark clothes like darks or browns since they look shady and most people will be keen on you. Don’t stand out in any way; dress appropriately for the store to reduce the eyes on you. 

You can wear white or gray since standard colors don’t shout; thus, you will blend in. Standing out will make people look at you not because they suspect you but because your appearance is striking; therefore, your windows to strike will reduce.

3. Stay calm and composed the whole time

Don’t look scared or jumpy while stealing since it will alert the attendants to your intentions. Stay calm and walk around the store like you would when shopping, so you don’t raise alarms. 

Understandably, you need to look around and see where the cameras and other people are before you make your move. Do this in a subtle and calm manner that won’t be suspicious. Look intentionally and avoid jerking when someone looks at you, so they look elsewhere.

4. Start small

Shoplifting is like any other activity; you need practice and time to learn the skills before you go big. Having said this, you need to start with small items that you can pocket, and you won’t be in too much trouble if you get caught. 

Stealing such items as mints, sweets, and other small items will give you confidence and observation skills that you will need for more significant projects. You will also pick up on patterns specific to that store, and the information will be helpful later on.

5. Know what you are stealing before you go in

You need to know what you are after before you go in, so you prepare yourself.  If it is a small item, you might go in with an empty drink cup and put it in the cup if it fits. 

It is generally easier to steal smaller items like watches than large objects like tablets or laptops. Know where the cameras are since most of them have people watching in real-time, and you will get arrested before you walk out of the store.

6. Always buy something cheaper after shoplifting

It will be suspicious to the security team if you walk into a store and come out empty-handed. This might warrant them to take you aside and search you for any stolen items. 

It would help if you bought something else to justify your presence in a store. You could have gone shopping, and you snagged a few things along with the shopping, so you don’t look suspicious during the exit. Standing out in any way is terrible for shoplifting.

7. Check for sensor chips

Shoplifting is a big concern for most retailers, and the best way to prevent it is by using sensor chips. When you buy something, it will reflect in the system; thus, you can go through the door without triggering alarms.

If you don’t pay for it, the alarm will get triggered when the product goes past the sensors at the door. You can avoid products with sensors or wrap the products in aluminum foil to block the signal, so you don’t set the whole store off when you walk out.

Finding Blind Spots For Shoplifting

Knowing how to find blind spots is probably the most crucial skill in shoplifting. A blind spot is a place where a camera or person cannot see you, and they are your best friend since that’s the only point at which you can take something. 

You can find blind spots or create them with your body. A camera can’t see you, so when you put your back against it, there is a blind spot in front of you, and you can make a move. There are always blind spots, no matter how many security cameras there are in a store.

You have to be aware of the position of cameras on all aisles at all times; if the cameras move, you need to know the pattern to time your blind spot accurately. Casually glance up at the ceiling while pushing a cart or looking at products to spot the cameras.

Cameras are often covered in a black dome to make it hard for you to know where it is pointing at any moment, but it is safe to assume it is looking directly at you at all times. Shoppers and attendants are as dangerous as the cameras, and they can mess up your scheme.

You, therefore, can’t conceal items in front of anyone; it is better to put the product in your cart like you intend to pay for it and hide it somewhere else in the store. 

There are often few or no cameras in grocery areas; thus, it’s a huge blind spot to hide what you took.

You can use your body to create a blind spot if only one camera is watching your position. Hide an item in front of your body while walking away from the camera. If the camera is facing one direction, you can hide things while behind it.

You can use hanging clothes to create blind spots, you can open up space between two sides of clothing, and each side will protect you from eyes and cameras, so you should be fine. You must ensure you stay calm the whole time lest you attract attention to yourself. 


You can make money shoplifting, but you have to keep in mind that it is a crime, and you might get jail time for it. 

There are several avenues through which you can sell the shoplifted items and make quick cash though you will be risking getting arrested.

Before you sell the items, you have to steal them. Stealing from a store is tricky since there are many eyes on you at any point. 

It would be best to stay calm as you move around the store looking for blind spots, so you don’t raise alarms.

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