How to Use Headset Mic on PC with One Jack? Solved with and without a Splitter

Headsets are essential equipment for day-to-day pc usage. Whether you want it for your intense gaming sessions or office works, you can’t do any work without having a headset backing you up with audio input and output.

But how hard can using a headset be? You just have to plugin, and you’re good to go, right? Well, not exactly. Without connecting the headsets jack or jacks properly, you won’t be able to experience audio input or output to their full extent unless you are using any external speaker or mic.

So, if you’re facing issues connecting your headset and wondering how to use headset mic on pc with one jack, then follow our detailed steps below.

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Connecting The Headset With One Jack

The traditional way of connecting headsets was simple. There were two jacks, one for audio output and the other for mic input; you just had to put the audio jack to the green port of the pc and the mic input jack to the mic port, which is colored pink.

But as time passed, the headsets started to have one input-output jack for a more convenient and efficient way to give and receive audio. Assuming you are one of those headset users, here are the steps that’ll be required to use your mic on PC;

Step 1: Connecting the Jack

Many PCs nowadays have one overall input/output port for convenience; locate the port near your chasing’s front and plug your 3.5mm jack in.

If you are unable to find that port, then go over to your IO shield and locate the pink-colored port that has a mic symbol on it. Connect your headset jack there.

Beware of the green port adjacent to the pink port, as the green port only supports audio output, so if you plug your jack on the green port, you’ll only receive audio from your pc, but your mic will be disabled.

Step 2: Setting Up the Mic

Now, if your PC doesn’t automatically detect your headset’s mic, then you’ll have to manually make sure that your headset’s mic is the default input audio device. To do that do the following:

  • Right-click on the speaker icon on the bottom-right side of your taskbar and select ‘Sounds.’

You can also go to start>control panel>sounds.

  • A window will pop up; click on recording.
  • If you see your headset’s name, click on it and select ‘set as default.’

This will make your headset’s mic your default device, and you’ll be able to use it for audio input.

But if you don’t see your device name in the pop-up window, then it’s possible that your pc hasn’t recognized it as an audio input device yet.

To find it, just right-click on the microphone section and select ‘Set up a microphone,’ and windows will do an automatic search to detect any audio device. Once found, you can set it as your default device

Step 3: Testing

Now that you’ve set up your device, you need to test it to be sure of how the mic is working. To test the mic, just right-click on your selected device and go to properties.

There you’ll see a listen tab. Tick the box ‘listen on this device’ and hit apply. You’ll be able to hear your voice. Now to increase or decrease the volume of your output, go to the levels tab and adjust it to your liking.

You can also prep your microphone by right-clicking on them and selecting ‘Configure Speech Recognition.

Headsets With Two Jacks

Now, if your headset has two jacks and your pc or laptop has only one audio port, or you just need one audio jack for consistency, then what can you do to have both audio and mic support? It’s simple; you just need an adapter or a splitter.

The audio splitter takes the two jacks and turns them into one audio jack. And after that, the rest of the process is the same.

Still Not Working?

If you were unable to connect your device even after following the mentioned steps, you might be facing one of these problems.

Poorly Plugged In

It’s often noticed that your device isn’t connected because you didn’t plug it in properly. Make sure that it is plugged in properly before you start to question your device.

Software Not Up-To-Date

Maybe your PC’s audio driver isn’t up to date, or you might have to install a driver for your headset brand before your PC recognizes it, or maybe this version of your windows or software isn’t just compatible with your headset.

So, make sure to upgrade all your software and windows for the matter.

Damaged Port

If the audio port you’re plugging into is damaged, then there’s no way your pc will detect the mic and vice-versa. So, try other headsets or mics to be sure that it’s not the fault of your devices.

Why Go for One Jack Option

The answer is simple; it is for convenience. When using one jack instead of two, there’s less chance it will be clustered up and make your exterior cable management a mess.

Many modern PC and laptops only have one audio input so that the device can have other ports like HDMI and USB ports, and if you won a device like that, then you have to use a one-way jack because there’s only one 3.5mm jack out there.

Last but not least is the build quality. Headsets that have a one-way jack for audio are the more recent and better headsets that are out in the market. They’ll provide you with great sound quality for both input and output.

Final Thoughts

If you have come this far, then you’ve all the answers regarding how to use headset mic on pc with one jack. We bet that you’ve already solved the problem that you were facing and if not, then go fix it!

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