How To Avoid Ticketmaster Fee? A Detailed Guide For You

How to Avoid Ticketmaster Fee

One of the best ways to spend time with your friends is by going to live shows. Loud speakers, a huge crowd, and your favorite artist doing his show; what could be better than that! Now, in order to actually experience the image you have in your mind, you need to get the tickets.

That is exactly what Ticketmaster is there for; you will be able to find tickets of all kinds on their site. However, the only problem is their additional fees and charges. So, many of you have asked how to avoid Ticketmaster fees.

Well, you can avoid the Ticketmaster fee by looking for tickets at the box office, talking with scalpers, or by browsing other sites.

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I have all the information you need about bypassing the additional fee Ticketmaster charges.

To find out, keep on reading!

What Is Ticketmaster?

Before we learn about avoiding Ticketmaster fees, we should start off with a little information about Ticketmaster itself. They have been in the business of selling tickets for a long time, and in the years in business, they have beaten almost all competition. Most people now get their tickets from Ticketmaster.

Year on year they have updated their system as well as the method of sales of their products. All of these have been done to ensure their clients get the tickets to their desired event.

The pricing of the tickets sold at Ticketmaster is determined by the type of ticket people are buying and the artist of the event. Other than the price of the ticket, people who get tickets through Ticketmaster also have to pay a number of charges. The charges include the service charge, facility charge (this is charged by the venue), and any shipping charge they incur sending the ticket out to you.

Now, these fees charged also depend on where the event is happening, the method of delivery, and even the artist. So the amount is not always going to be the same. Sometimes it might be a little high, while other times, it might be a bit lower.

Why Do People Get Tickets From Ticketmaster?

The main reason why people get tickets for shows from Ticketmaster is that how readily available the tickets are. Not only are there many tickets available, but you will also be able to find tickets to many different events that you would have a hard time finding if you were looking in other places.

Even though Ticketmaster charges people an additional fee for their service, many people are more than okay paying the price for this comfortable service.

How To Avoid Ticketmaster Fees?

Even though the fee Ticketmaster charges their customers isn’t a huge sum of money, but if you are getting a number of tickets at the same time, then you will end up having to pay a hefty amount. And in times like these, when everything is already so expensive, why would you want to spend extra money on these fees?

Well, what if there were ways for you to bypass these charges and still get the same tickets? I am sure many of you have had this question in your mind but didn’t know where to get the answer from. Here you have it, folks, the answer you have all been looking for!

Look for Ticket at Box Office

If you want to get tickets to your favorite artists’ show but do not want to spend the extra money of the service charge, then the first thing you should do is to look for tickets at the box office. Here you are going to find almost all types of tickets without having to pay the fees.

The only problem here is the inconvenience of looking for the tickets at the Box Office, but you have to give a little in order to gain a little.

Ask around Scalpers

There are many people who get tickets and end up with a few extras; they usually have to resell them at a lower price than what they had originally paid. This is where you win out. You will easily find these people who are selling the tickets, even if they aren’t for a lower price, you are not going to have to pay for the fees for the tickets.

Wait Till the Show Starts

This is probably the riskiest way for you to get the tickets to enjoy the show you want to go to because there is a chance there won’t be any tickets available at the time. But, most commonly, you will be able to find tickets for half the price after the event has started.

The number of buyers for the ticket is very low, and people selling the tickets would much rather get something out of the ticket they bought than nothing. So, not only will you be avoiding the fees charged by Ticketmaster, but you will also be purchasing the tickets for a fraction of the original price.

Look for Tickets in Other Sites

Even though Ticketmaster is by far the best site for you to get tickets, there are however other places you could get them. These sites get the tickets to acquire the tickets for a low price and sell them at a lower price as well. There are some sites with no service fees.

They sell the same way Ticketmaster but do not charge anything extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay Ticketmaster fees at the box office?

No, there is very little fees at the Box Office

Can the hidden fees of concert tickets be avoided?

Yes, the fees can be avoided if you get it from a third party; however, if you get it from a ticket selling site, then you must pay.

How to avoid online ticket sale fees?

If you directly get the tickets from Ticketmaster, then there are some charges you must pay. If you, however, choose to get them from other sites, then you can avoid some charges.


If you get the tickets directly from Ticketmaster, then you will have to pay various fees; there is legally no way to avoid them. But, if you are to choose any of the other means of acquiring the tickets, then you don’t have to pay!

For any further questions on how to avoid Ticketmaster fees, do not hesitate to ask us.

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