Passover Programs In The North East

Passover Programs In The North East

Passover Programs in the North East offer guest unique experiences in one-of-a-kind locales. The North East portion of the United States has some of the greatest tourist attractions in any of the country. 

In 2022 instead of spending the weeks prior to Passover cleaning, shopping for ingredients, cooking and preparing, why not relax on those weeks and spend just one day packing a bag so you can head off to a magnificent Passover program – a true vacation that combines Passover festivities and local attractions.


Head to Chantilly, Virginia for an unbelievable stay at the luxurious Westfields Marriott Washington Resort. The accommodations are stellar. The hotel is located 30 minutes away from Washington D. C. so you are close enough to the capitol to see all of the attractions that you have always wanted to see, but far enough away to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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The Westfields Marriott Washington Resort is designed in an old colonial style giving the building the atmosphere that fits best into this area of the country.  The gardens surrounding the hotel are manicured to perfection. There are also private woodlands adjacent to the hotel grounds for guest to walk through and explore the peaceful Virginia countryside.

Walk in the gardens and take in the landscaped and manicured beauty. Sit on one of the benches and let the stresses of the day fade away and be replaced by the peaceful grounds. See beautiful native Virginian plants and shrubs and witness birds and butterflies enjoying the bounty provided for them.

If you are a golf player you are going to love the golf course on the hotel grounds. There are also tennis courts, a fitness center, swimming pools and other activities you can engage in to be physically active and entertained while you are staying at the resort.

If you believe that your golf game or tennis game could be improved by some one on one instruction there are golf and tennis clinics offered by the professionals that will help you improve your game and get even more enjoyment out of the courts and courses.

The children in your party will be kept active and entertained with the fully stocked beit midrash. There are lectures, minyanim and shiurim to entertain youngsters of any age. You will also find nighttime entertainment to participate in or just enjoy. There are sitters for the children, and there are always religious instructions, lectures and programs to help you draw closer to your faith.

The food is exquisite and completely Pesach friendly. A local Rabbi helps the hotel staff to prepare the rooms and kitchen areas for the Pesach celebrations. The kitchen staff are instructed by Jewish advisors and guided in the creation of foods so no grains pastas or alcohol are included in preparation.

Chametz free dishes, utensils, food, and drink are served so the guest can relax and know they are following their traditional guidelines while still enjoying amazing food. 

You are so close to Washington D.C. that you can take a day trip and see the Smithsonian Institute, the Capitol Building, the International Spy Museum, the Air and Space Museum and more. Go to Lincoln’s memorial and be sure to see the cherry trees as they should be beginning to blossom while you are there.

Take the children to Six Flags America to spend a day. Go to the Hard Rock Café and the mint to see where and how money is made and put into circulation in the United States. During this trip you will have the chance to see the Library of Congress up close and see the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Spend a few hours biking around the National Mall. You cannot spend time near Washington D.C. and not visit Mount Vernon and see the home of George Washington. You also want to stroll the Ellipse and if you have time take the Washington Monuments Cruise, and be sure to go by Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria.

There are so many activities in and around the Pesach hotel in Virginia that you will want to take more than one Passover vacation in the North East so you can do everything you want to do.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of activities, entertainment venues, and natural sights and wonders in the North East part of the country. Passover is a special time for the Jewish observers. It is a time when the traditions of the faith are honored and respected.

Taking a trip during this time allows you to forgo working during the holiday when work is supposed to be suspended. It also allows you and your family to reconfirm your bounds with your faith and with each other.

There is no time like the present to plan a family adventure. The things we give our families will never be treasured as greatly as the experiences we share with them.