How To Protect Your Privacy And Data Online

How To Protect Your Privacy And Data Online

Much of our lives nowadays is online. Updating our social media channels with content to go viral, or just sharing pictures of our food. Playing games with our friends online, watching our favorite TV shows from streaming sites or just using our computers for everyday activities such as working or sorting out our finances.

It’s safe to say we rely on the internet a lot for work and entertainment. Which is why it’s essential to keep your privacy and data protected.

It’s Not Always Safe Out There

Okay, perhaps it sounds like we’re talking about a deep, dark forest that you’re about to enter. But sometimes that’s what it’s like when you venture online. You’ve got to check for cookies on each website to sort out the targeting preferences, find out the reliability and safety of a website, and it can mean you end up installing so many security and anti-virus software, your device runs slower. Of course, it is worth it because you don’t want any cybercriminals to get hold of your personal information. You probably also want to keep your browsing activity private, too. But there is a much easier way – with a VPN.

The VPN Lowdown

A virtual private network (VPN) essentially does what it says. It acts as your very own private network… virtually, meaning when you use it, you won’t be ‘logging in’ online on the network that you usually use. A VPN will log in from a different server exchange from a completely different location. For instance, you could be accessing the internet from a different state or a country in Europe. That way your internet service provider (ISP) will have no idea about your data traffic or what you’re browsing. VPNs are easy to use, too. Simply find the best one for you, download and install it and you can then toggle it on and off as you please. It’s also worth trying to get the best USA VPN, one that will ensure optimal security against the online threats out there and one that comes with a range of extra benefits.

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What Can You Expect From A VPN?

As part of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance, the US can share your data with a range of countries, including the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Let’s not forget the stringent intelligence agencies that are constantly monitoring online activity (FBI, CIA etc.). It’s safe to say that in the US, you don’t have full anonymity when you’re online. Law enforcement, your own ISPs monitoring you, it’s very much a Big Brother state in the online world. But you can escape all that when you have a VPN installed.

The first thing you can benefit from is security against cyber criminals. That’s a huge plus, as the various server locations means your information will be kept completely secure, especially if the VPN uses high-end encryption technology. Which the majority do. As well as protecting you from online hackers, you can also keep your online activities completely private. None of the agencies mentioned above, including your ISP, can see what you’re up to. You can browse the web without restraints and enjoy complete online freedom, knowing that no companies will be able to harvest your personal details.

Then the perks continue. Not only can you laugh in the face of your ISP, knowing that they can’t monitor your traffic, but you can also prevent them from throttling your bandwidth. This is a common thing for ISPs to do to their customers, especially if they can see you’re downloading lots of material, or it’s an action they take during peak times to level out the bandwidth amongst customers. But you shouldn’t have to suffer just because they can’t manage their bandwidth. With the VPN active, you’ll be able to keep using the internet at the same fast speeds you’re used to.

You can also use a VPN to get around geographically restricted content. For example, if you want to watch Netflix’s full library of European content, including Netflix UK programming, just use the VPN. Likewise, if you’re abroad and want to carry on watching your favorite shows, you can login back to a US server and catch up where you left off.

Ultra-Secure And More

US VPNs offer you an unrivalled level of security and help to protect your privacy and data when you’re online. No doubt you spend a lot of time online (even if you don’t think it), because that’s just the way the world works nowadays. Isn’t it better then to proceed knowing that your details are kept hidden, safe and secure?