Internet Speed Issues And How To Resolve Them?

Internet Speed Issues And How To Resolve Them

When it comes to the internet, nobody can deny the fact that it is the most important thing in today’s world. From banking transactions to viewing locations on Google Maps, and streaming favorite shows on Netflix to downloading important documents, everything is dependent on the internet. 

The majority of internet activities require high speed. The reason is that some online activities like streaming, gaming, and downloading consume a major chunk of bandwidth. However, if things get a little slower on the internet site, you might not be able to do activities that you were doing before. 

Having a slow internet speed is not only due to the plan you have picked. It also depends on the service provider as well as the type of internet connection you have subscribed to. For instance, if you are living in a rural area, you might need to opt for satellite internet. While in the urban areas, you can have plenty of options including cable, DSL, and fiber internet offering much higher speed than normal. 

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Even if you are facing internet speed issues after having a high-speed connection, you might need to check and do some tweaks. Here are some of the ways to speed up your internet and get it back to normal. 

Get Near Your Router Or Place It In The Center Of Home

The majority of people rely heavily on WiFi networks to connect their devices and start whatever they want to. When it comes to the speed of the internet, you can either move near to your router or place your router in the center of your home to get the full coverage of signals. 

While placing your router in the center of the home, you need to be wary of obstacles and obstructions that might hinder the signals. For instance, if you are placing your router in a bookshelf or a closed compartment, your signals might not reach throughout the home. Moreover, while deciding on the position of your router, make sure to remove all the devices like microwaves and any metallic objects placed near it. 

Check Your Speed Of Internet 

The speed of the internet is sometimes normal as advertised by your ISP. The problem lies when there is some fault on your side. The best way to check the speed of your internet is to either install an app on your device if you are using a smartphone for online activities. Or go to a website like to check the speed. 

If you are getting speed as advertised, the problem lies on your side and you need to fix it. What to do next will be discussed in the next points. 

Upgrade Your Plan 

Internet usage varies from one home to another. For instance, some families need the internet only to check emails, watch YouTube, and browse random websites. While others need the internet to have fun while playing online games, streaming Netflix seasons, and heavy downloading. 

Both the households need different internet plans. The first one needs an internet plan that is anywhere around 10Mbps to 25Mbps. While the second family needs to have a higher plan that delivers speed anywhere between 100Mbps to 200Mbps. 

You need to look for what is your overall usage and how many members need to be connected to the same network. Upgrade your plan by calling customer support

Close Additional Applications And Programs 

One of the major factors of slow internet speed is when your device is bombarded with applications and software that consume a lot of bandwidth. Even if you are not using the device, but the device is connected to the network, you will find a huge disruption in the speed. 

To avoid this situation you need to close additional applications and programs. Most of these programs and apps are running in the background and taking away a huge chunk of bandwidth. Don’t let these applications consume bandwidth and affect internet speed. 

Clean Browser Cache 

Browsing the internet is done almost every day, which leads to piling up of cache and history. Don’t let your browser collect too much cache data, which might result in loading websites at a slower speed. The only way to deal with this issue is to clear your browsing data and cache. If you are using Google Chrome, you can clear the cache by clicking the dots at the top right corner. GO to more tools and select clear browser data. Make sure that all your data is removed including cookies, cache, and browsing history. After you have cleaned up all the mess, you will find a huge difference in the speed of your internet resulting in more speed. 

Check Your Data Cap 

When it comes to a data cap, it is the most important culprit to disrupt internet speed. If you have not subscribed to a plan that offers an unlimited data then you might need to check it again. As soon as you reach your data limits, you will find your internet speed starts throttling, which might result in slow internet. Make sure that you either search for a service provider near your area offering unlimited data allowance or simply choose a plan that is enough for your monthly internet usage. 

Call Customer Support

The last thing you could do is to call customer support and address your problem. Moreover, you can also ask for other assistance such as what packages they offer, how much discount will you get, and so much more. Customer support is available through multiple platforms including social media, telephone, and live chat. 

Summing Up

Internet is something you can’t live without. The moment you experience slow speed, your frustration starts to add on. Try the aforementioned hacks to boost internet speed before making a call to customer support.