Can You Play DS Games On Switch? Things Gamers Need To Understand

Can You Play DS Games On Switch

Nintendo DS games are fun to play and watch. They include major Zelda games, Mario and other engaging video games.

The Nintendo DS was released in 2004 and brought the company huge success. But the release of the Nintendo Switch console soon changed the tide for gamers. Now, many DS owners wish they could play DS games on Nintendo Switch.

Most DS games offer plenty of adventure and engagement. That’s why most gamers are looking for ways to continue them on Switch consoles.Besides DS games players spent a lot of time playing browser games such as agario modded. This is one of the most popular types of agario private server.

Here’s one of the big questions about Nintendo DS and Switch’s consoles that has generated a lot of buzz on the internet of late.

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Can you play Nintendo DS games on Switch?

The straight forward answer is yes and no. It all depends on the Nintendo Switch model you have. If your Switch console is unpatched and vulnerable to fuse-gelee, then you can mod it. That also implies that you can play your DS games on a Switch console. 

But if the Nintendo Switch model you have is patched, you cannot exploit it. This means you won’t be able to play DS games on the Switch console. 

Nintendo’s position on the possibility of playing DS games on Switch has always been the same. Switch’s backward compatibility is highly complicated. And Nintendo has reiterated that users cannot play DS games on Switch. 

Today, a handful of Switch consoles can play DS games due to many smart developers’ hard work. 

Keep in mind that most Switch consoles on the market are unhackable.

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How To Play DS Games On Nintendo Switch

It doesn’t matter if you have gotten yourself a Nintendo Switch. Once you have spent quality time playing DS games, you might feel the urge to continue, even on another console.

The Nintendo Switch, as it seems, is more superior to the DS. No one is disputing this fact. But there are DS games most gamers dream of playing on the Switch.

So, how can you play DS games on Nintendo Switch?

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Considering how Nintendo made the Switch consoles, it won’t be easy getting them to play DS games. The only possible way that this can happen is by installing custom homebrew and an emulator on your Nintendo Switch.

What’s homebrew? This term refers to software designed by amateur developers and hobbyists for a range of locked-down systems. An example is the Nintendo Switch, which isn’t backward compatible.

Homebrew is a free and open-source program that simplifies software installation on a console and other systems that boast hardware restrictions and aren’t user-programmable.

The only way you can play your DS games on the Nintendo Switch is by installing the DS emulator. But before doing so, you need to install custom homebrew and Firmware in your Nintendo Switch.

With custom homebrew and Firmware, you can install a DS emulator and comfortably play your DS games on the Nintendo Switch.

However, one has to be careful and avoid errors when installing custom homebrew and Firmware on the Nintendo Switch, as any mistake can jeopardize the process. You can read a step-by-step process on installing homebrew on Nintendo Switch.

Besides homebrew, custom firmware (CFW), also called aftermarket firmware, is another vital program you need to install to increase your chances of getting DS games to work on Nintendo Switch.

This piece of software called custom firmware can help to modify the system’s Firmware. Software work by running in the system’s background, helping to patch up the OS.

Consequently, the system’s functionality would increase, which would afford homebrew a much higher level of permission.

You can set up and use the custom firmware on first-generation consoles, any version. But keep in mind that you would require some extra tools for it to work smoothly.

Why You Shouldn’t Hack Your Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo itself is against modding the Switch. So you could encounter some fatal errors if you choose to forge ahead.

Here are the possible issues you may encounter with your console.

  • You can mistakenly brick your Switch and automatically render it useless. And when this happens, you won’t be able to play DS or switch games with the console any longer.
  • Your Switch console could get banned for life. Nintendo can ban and deny it from ever accessing important online services.
  • Your account could also get banned by Nintendo, denying you access to every legitimate purchase made.

So these are the risks associated with modding a Nintendo Switch console. But if you don’t mind the risks involved, you can start learning how to mod the Switch console to enable you to play DS games.

Things You Need To Mod Your Nintendo Switch To Start Playing DS Games

If hacking your Nintendo Switch is what you seek, here are the essential items you’re going to need.

  • A microSD card: You can get 64 GB or 4 GB. Any of both will work fine. But to be on the safer side, use the larger memory card, the 64 GB.
  • Unpatched and exploitable Nintendo Switch: You would require a Switch that you can exploit. The console has to be unpatched for the process to work smoothly.
  • A cable (USB-C) to link your Nintendo Switch to your Android device or computer system (USB-C or the USB-A).

What’s the best exploit one can use? The best exploit to get is the fusee-gelee. It can help to make your Nintendo Switch backward compatibility, so you start playing DS games.

The fuse-gelee is a coldboot launcher. And mind you, your Nintendo Switch has to be vulnerable to fuse-gelee for modding to take place.

A Handy Tip: If your Nintendo Switch is patched, it won’t be vulnerable to fuse-gelee, the exploit used to launch the custom firmware (CFW). And, there’s no way to make it accept DS games.

Identifying Vulnerable Nintendo Switch Console

Finding out if your serial number is patched should be the first thing on your plate when planning to hack a Nintendo Switch console. The console has to be vulnerable to fusee-gelee. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

Impressively, the homebrew community, comprising a list of software developers and techies, has put together a list of vulnerable serial numbers. There, you’ll find Switches that are vulnerable to fusee-gelee. Those can also be hacked successfully.

Here’s how to determine if a Switch is vulnerable:

  • If your Switch’s serial number appeared on the list of “potentially patched” serials, try hacking your system to see if it would work.
  • If your Switch’s serial appears on the list of “patched” serials, there’s nothing anyone can do.
  • If your Switch’s serial appears on the list of “unpatched” serials, then it’s vulnerable to fusee-gelee.

There are guides to test your console if you’re unsure whether it’s patched or not.

Nintendo DS Vs. Switch: What’s The Difference?

The Nintendo DS and Switch are two notable consoles that have recorded huge success upon their release. Nevertheless, if you’re familiar with both consoles, you’ll understand that the Nintendo Switch is more superior.

Here are the differences between both consoles:

  • Release date:  The Nintendo DS got into the market in 2004, while the Switch was in 2007.
  • Handheld console: DS comes designed as a portable handheld console; all its versions are. The Nintendo Switch console, on the other hand, is a portable handheld and a home console combined.
  • Joycon controllers: Nintendo Switch consoles are practically long tablets, which supports joy-con controllers. The DS doesn’t support joy-con. Instead, its controller is built-in.
  • Dual Screen: As opposed to the Switch, the Nintendo DS boasts a dual-screen and uses a stylus to navigate the applications.
  • Mode of Charging:  On the Nintendo DS, charging is done with a cable. But the Nintendo Switch is charged via a dock.
  • Battery life: The Nintendo Switch console might appear portable but boasts a poor battery life compared to the Nintendo DS. The DS console’s battery life is 10 hours, while Switch consoles are just 6 hours.


You can play Nintendo DS games on the Switch consoles. But have in mind that this isn’t legal. The Nintendo Switch boasts a complex backward compatibility capability. You also need to mod or hack the console successfully before you can play DS games on it.

It’s also important to note that most Switch console models are patched. And consequently, modding would be impossible. But if you have an unpatched Switch console and feel modding is the best option for you, learn how to go about it and get it done.

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