5 Useful Online Resources For Students

5 Useful Online Resources For Students

Some resources are guilty pleasures, like a gaming blog you are following or drama channels you check from time to time. You have to keep a healthy balance between things that relax you and resources that boost your creativity and performance. Therefore, you might need resources that benefit you during your course among the variety of entertaining blogs.

Various lists highlight unique resources designed for a particular study field of your choice. You can find lists with everything, from career-specific courses, academic assistance like essaypro.com, to Lifehacker, the essential “must-have of a student.” Here are more resources that can ease your academic life and help you to succeed in any goal you set.

1. Headspace

Many students struggle with keeping up with a healthy lifestyle while having to deal with work, academic achievements, and social life. The major enemy of productivity and success is procrastination and anxiety, and unfortunately, professional help sometimes is unavailable for many people. You already know that the path to success is paved with struggle, but you can make this path less painful and more fun if you learn how to practice self-help.

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Headspace is an English-American online project designed to help people to focus, meditate, sleep healthily, and improve their life quality. It also has a set of exercises that allow you to stay in shape without visiting the gym. It is available as an app, and you can visit the Headspace website for an astonishing blog with articles on various topics, from anxiety coping techniques to suggestions to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

2. Grammarly blog

You have to write many essays, and it is always overwhelming to do everything on time. On the one hand, the practice of essay writing will benefit you greatly in your future, allowing you to be efficient in your research and fluent in transferring your thoughts and ideas. On the other hand, you may struggle with writing due to constant pressure. Of course, sooner or later, you will notice the improvements in your essay writing skills, and more writing equals improvements.

That’s when Grammarly steps in, both with their technology and blog. Grammarly is an application that helps you detect grammar and spelling mistakes, suggest edits, and improve the quality of the written text. It is always better to double-check your essay and notice every small typo before submitting the work. Grammarly blog lands you a helping hand with writing tips, grammar articles, and many other exciting materials available for free.

3. Google Scholar

The essential aspect of every student’s life is research. You spend hours in a public or university library, scan the whole internet for the articles and studies that can help you to reinvent the concept you are investigating, and the ability to find a needle in the haystack is a valuable skill in your life.

You may already be familiar with Google Scholar, but it is an irreplaceable resource in every scholar and student’s life. It is a search engine that focuses on scholarly literature across the needed formats and disciplines. You can use an incognito mode for more results, sort the results according to specific categories, or find related studies.

4. Project Gutenberg

If you want an education, go to the library, said Frank Zappa. Libraries are the storage of human knowledge, and you know what role libraries play during your studies. As you spend your second or third year being around them, you get more comfortable to look and ask for more results for your course. However, sometimes you have to be out of town, you have to borrow a book for a longer than an allowed period, or it is impossible to visit a library.

Project Gutenberg is yet another resource that saves your life. It has a large collection of almost 6,000 eBooks in all possible formats. From rare editions to modern prints, you can count on this platform for borrowing a scanned textbook for free.

5. Open Culture: Free Online Courses

The additional resources with educational courses are growing and flourishing for the past decade. From non-profit platforms to certified online courses, you can find anything that you need within several clicks. You probably understand the value of additional courses as a way to boost your productivity and shed light on a topic you don’t understand. On the other hand, if you value your education and time, you are working on various projects simultaneously, which increases your chances of being a high-profile specialist.

Open Culture is a collection of more than a thousand and five hundred online courses in different areas and subject fields. It is a beneficial resource that opens a window to unique and exclusive courses you might have missed when scrolling through Coursera, Internet Archive, or iTunes U. A true gem and helpful platform for your convenience and consideration.

6. Bonus: Earn and Excel

There is one more resource that I would like to mention, and it is Earn and Excel. It is a Courses website, where you can find short courses and certificates on marketing, Microsoft Office, Digital Marketing, and Career. It is a resource that helps people to start something new in their lives, whether it is a small change or an additional income for the average student.