9 Tell-Tale Signs That An Essay Writing Service Is Legit

9 Tell-Tale Signs That An Essay Writing Service Is Legit

For many students thinking to use essay writing services online, the question of the legitimacy of such companies is a central one. They are afraid of being exposed for using help; what’s more, they worry about the security of their personal data. Even if you manage to provide them with a false identity, you need to use your card to pay for the service.

Thus, many well-established and reputable companies providing academic services need to go the extra mile assuring their clients of their legitimacy and security. However, this market is not closed for new players. The only thing required from them is to prove their status and dedication to transparency.

To do this, such companies should invest in their websites, payment processing technologies, customer support, and other aspects. Students need to feel secure. My paper writer must leave everything secret!

Company’s Goal Is To Educate

Reputable writing services are commercial organizations. Of course, they need to make money to continue their business. However, they usually try to provide their clients with more varied services, sometimes even for free.

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For example, the study help should be a team aimed at making to help as many students on a budget as possible. Moreover, credible writing companies often go the extra mile by providing learning materials, samples, and other information to students for free. Sometimes, they add simple plagiarism and grammar checkers to their sites for students.

Reliable Website

The company that invests in its business takes care of its website. Today, the quality of the web presence is what makes customers want to do their business with a particular service provider.

If students notice that the company is running several similar websites with the same order processing center, the trust in such companies declines. Users prefer dealing with a respected player who assumes responsibility by acting under its legal entity’s name.

No Essay Review Websites That Lie

Despite the fact that essay review websites are created to assure the quality of the service provided, they have quite the opposite impact on the audience of clients. Students do not trust webpages where such services are praised. They look for an objective opinion on Reddit and other independent platforms.

Therefore, the site that is legit and has an excellent reputation will hardly have an essay review website. As a prospective client, do your research on the matter before entrusting anyone with your learning materials, data, and money.

Customer Feedback On Independent Platforms

If you dig deeper and do your research on a company you are going to order your paper from, you’ll most likely save yourself from getting deceived.

First of all, pay your attention to the names of the services that you hear in your inner student circle. There is no better marketing technique than word of mouth. If that does not work, use the internet and other independent platforms. There, you’ll get the most objective opinion on a service from people who actually used it.

A Variety Of Recognized Payment Methods

The more payment processors are listed on the writing service’s website, the better. It is not only about your convenience but mostly security. Having a variety of payment methods available means that the company has signed a contract or partnered with different payment processors. It is recognized by them and agreed to act according to their rules.

For you, having a payment method that you trust means better data security. Some of them allow you to encrypt your information so that the writing company could not charge you extra.

Prices Are Decent

Affordability is something a good writing company should aim for. However, it does not mean offering cheap products. Remember, if something is too cheap, it’s most likely of low quality.

Do not look for cheaper offers or sky-high discounts because you’ll be more likely to get a bad paper. You’ll waste your time and pay twice as much to make sure you have something to submit to your professor. Thus, if you find a company whose services are well priced, this is the best option. There must be enough funds to pay writers for their work, after all.

No Aggressive Social Media Marketing

Today, companies depend on marketing and advertising. They use all kinds of media channels to promote their names and acquire more customers. However, should you spot any aggressive social media campaign from one of the writing services, you’d better avoid it.

Usually, such a thing means that the company is in desperate need of clients. Fake followers and endorsements should signal you that something is odd with the company. In fact, successful services that have generated a pipeline of clients rely on referrals and repeat purchases more. They provide services to those people who found them with no advertisement.

Customer Support

If you want to test a company you are going to order your paper from, the best way is to call their support. Try to notice the details: the accent of the speaker, how quick they were to answer, etc. Also, try to write to them. There must be a chat option. If they are quick to provide you with the information you need and their answers are detailed, you may add this company to a list of the credible ones.

A reputable company invests in their customer support. It usually has enough agents to make sure clients’ issues are promptly resolved. If you do not notice such an attitude, do not make deals with this business. The industry is full of players, so it will not be difficult to find another company.

Mailing Address And Phone Number

Many companies refrain from leaving their contact information exposed to their clients. All you have is an Internet-generated phone number and no guarantee that a company really exists. If you see the address, you can actually look for the information about the companies renting space there. It should give you more confidence that the service really exists.

Also, you’ll have the address to mail your complaints or to file a complaint to the body supervising legal entities. Always seek this information since it proves the company’s legal status.