How To Find Someone IP Address Using Facebook Chat

How To Find Someone IP Address Using Facebook Chat

Have you ever wanted to find out the IP address of someone who has been bullying or harassing you online? If so, then this blog post is for you! We will teach you how to Trace IP address by using Facebook chat. Trace your harassers and take them down with these quick steps.

There is, however, that 1% who tries to ruin it for everyone else and make a disturbance, even though 99 percent of people use social media platforms for good and genuine reasons.

It’s possible that you’ll need to trace someone and take appropriate actions against their online activity- a surefire method to do so is to obtain their internet protocol address. It is feasible to trace someone’s IP using just Facebook, as explained in this article.

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What Exactly Is Facebook?

You must be living in a remote area or something if you haven’t heard of Facebook — it’s one of the powerful and popular social networks on the market today.

Facebook enables people to interact, share information & photographs, discover companies, live-stream events, etc. Most users adore Facebook for its high degree of interaction and social connection.

Why Do I Need To Find Someone’s Ip Address?

If a user has acted in an unethical way towards your business or you on Facebook, for example, if they have attempted to introduce malware into your browser or sent spam(malicious links) messages via Facebook Messenger, you may need to locate their IP address.

They may have violated your company’s contract terms or attempted to attack your FB(Facebook)page. Whatever the case, you might need to report or attempt to get an IP ban so they can’t make any problems.

Finding The IP Address

Our messages are routed through the server of the person we’re connecting with, which is different from Facebook messenger, where our communications travel through Facebook’s servers. In peer-to-peer chat, we have a direct relationship with the other individual—that is, a peer-to-peer connection.

You may discover the IP address of a user on chat by analyzing the network connections on your computer or cellphone. And we will make use of the CMD prompt or Terminal for this.

NETSTAT is the command we are going to use.

While active on a chat client, open up your favorite Terminal app and enter the netstat -f command.

Open the CMD or Terminal app if using a Mac and type the command netstat – f

Use the following command to view all active TCP connections with IP addresses:

It’s simple to determine which IP address you’re connected to by looking for the name of the chat client applications in the list. Finally, we’ll look at how to track down the IP address you’ve discovered.

Tracing the IP address of a person

To do so we will be using an IP tracer service. 

There are multiple free IP tracer tools available on the internet. You just have to paste the IP address of an individual and the tool will provide you all the details.

This will display the user’s exact position as well as his ISP information. Just click on “click for big IP address location” in the large image to zoom in. You can also contact the ISP and ask them to provide more information about the user with that IP address. Have fun with it.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From A Facebook Tracker

Although you may secure your account with passwords and usernames, don’t feel safe because other sites can access it (including Facebook itself). There are a few methods to safeguard your privacy and IP address, though.

Strengthen the password

Use a mix of letters, numbers, special characters, and caps to create strong passwords. That’s because Facebook snoopers can figure out your ID number, or other personal information you use as passwords.

Clear the chat history

Avoid leaving your conversations open in the messenger or content sections. Those internet snoops may use the hashtag you utilize in your communications to track you down.

Update the OS

Update your OS to avoid any snooper reading your Facebook postings using the OS you are currently logged in. This method also combats the Facebook malware or viruses that may be installed on an operating system.

Use Anti Virus

It’s possible that a hacker, who isn’t blocked by your system firewall and other antivirus software, might be able to view your Facebook private conversations. While surfing the web, use proxies and VPNs to keep the online snooper at bay.


It’s time to monitor a Facebook user’s IP address after all of this information has been gathered. Process the inner details of an IP using sites like Grabify or IP Tracker, rather than relying on the external appearance.

You may track a variety of individuals’ IP addresses with the command prompt and IP tracker. However, if you can persuade your buddy to use Facebook’s live location feature to reveal their position, you’ll save yourself some time.