3 Tell-Tale Signs You Are In Need Of Heating Repairs

3 Tell-Tale Signs You Are In Need Of Heating Repairs

When winter is around the corner, your heating system will determine whether or not you will be comfortable in the months to come. Needless to say, the lack of warmth may be a deal-breaker between you and your home during the cold season. Remember, heaters are quite delicate. Therefore, they need constant repair and maintenance to ensure that they work effectively

Chances are, that even before your heating system broke down, there were tell-tale signs that showed trouble was looming. If you do not know what to look for, then your heater could malfunction when you need it the most. When it does, it could send a huge wave of panic throughout the household. 

But we are here to shed the light! These are the top 3 tell-tale signs that you are in need of heating repairs: 

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Sign #1: Very High Power Bills

If you are used to paying a certain amount for your electricity bill on a monthly basis then notice that the amount has become outrageously high, you should be alarmed. When electricity bills are impeccably over your expected limit, then they could indicate a heating malfunction. 

Your heating system will not work as well as it did during its first installation. This is because it depreciates over time. This depreciation means that your heater may take a longer time to bring about the right temperature. 

As such, when your electricity bill starts to rise, it is worth calling a maintenance company to check on your heater before it completely breaks down. They will provide a solution as to repair the heater or opt for a new installation. 

Sign #2: Strange Noises From Your Furnace

If your heating system is old, then it is prone to rattling, creaking, or even banging sounds. Forget about calling the ghostbusters, a heater repair and maintenance company is exactly what you need

If you hear any of these noises then there is a problem with the heater. Creaking sounds symbolize a problem with your heater’s blower assembly or motor bearings. In this case, your fan will produce a loud sound when it starts up. The sound will be too loud to ignore. 

Thus, you will need to fix the problem immediately. Unless you have rats in your house (which you probably don’t) you will need to be keen to identify these sounds and attend to your heating system. If you ignore these problems then they will inevitably lead to the total breakdown of the heater. 

Sign #3: Uneven Heating And Cold Spots

If your heating system seems to work well in one area of your home, while leaving other areas unusually cold, then there is something wrong with it. If you try adjusting the thermostat but still cannot get the temperature right after a few tries, then let it be and call on your repair guy. 

Thus, the furnace may not be distributing heat evenly across the room, that is why you are experiencing cold and hot spots. Usually, this occurs when there are issues with the furnace’s ductwork and airflow. This is the first part that a repairman will inspect. It only takes a quick fix to enjoy evenly distributed, warm air, all over your home. 

Important Things To Remember

Clean your filter from time to time

Cleaning your filter is the best way to avoid any breakdowns or crackdowns. Remember, your filter has the hefty task of supplying warm air throughout your home. Therefore, it may come across an extensive amount of dirt. To ensure that clogging does not occur, clean your heater regularly.

Reduce your home’s heating load

There is only so much that your heater can take. When it is overworked for a significant amount of time, it is prone to break down, just like anything else. As such, you should keep your heating load to a minimum so as to allow your heater to work efficiently


If you notice any of the aforementioned signs, then it is time to call on Wixon Gas and Heating for a repair. In this case, you can count on their expertise to get your heater up and running. 

Do not wait until winter to get your heating inspected, Instead, get it checked from time to time to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. It is also important to note that if your heater requires constant repair, it may be time to get a whole, new system revamp.