How To Change Air Filter In LG Refrigerator: Step By Step

How To Change Air Filter In LG Refrigerator

Refrigerators are indispensable electronic appliances in today’s world. Major electronic brands have invested in innovations that make modern refrigerators efficient and less powerful. 

LG has made strides in improving the consumer experience with state-of-the-art technology, even with simple but essential components such as air filters. 

Air filters maintain the fresh smell in the fridge. That means they need to be maintained regularly. 

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Replacement should be done every six months. Thanks to improved designs from LG, you will get a warning in advance when the air filter needs a change. This article explains how to change an air filter.

How to Replace an LG Refrigerator’s Air Filter

To replace the filter, turn the filter cover anti-clockwise, then detach it from the back of the refrigerator wall. On the filter cover, separate the filter from the rest of the surface. In most, if not all, cases, the aged filter is on the cover. 

Take the new filter and replace it with the outward filter placed on the front of the surface. Reattach the cover to the back of the fridge by turning it clockwise. Long-press the air filter button on the display panel to turn off the indicator.

Step- By- Step Process

1. Locate the filter

Before you start replacing the filter, locate the filter cover. It is usually at the back of most LG fridges. Turn it in an anti-clockwise manner, then detach it from the wall.

2. Remove filter

LG refrigerator air filters are located on the inside of the cover. The best step is to remove the aged filter.

3. Fit the new filter

Once you have removed the old filter, place the new filter inside the cover. The outward-facing side should face the front of the surface.

4. Reattach the cover

Reattach the lid to the refrigerator wall after the filter is in place. Just as you turn the cover anti-clockwise to remove it, rotate it in a clockwise manner to reattach it.

5. Turn off indicator

Long-press the indicator button on display, give it 3 seconds, then leave it. That will reset the indicator, turning it off.

What Is The Use Of An Air Filter?

Some people debate the importance of air filters in fridges. What functions do they play, and can we do without them? Air filters are crucial to keep your fridge clean and free from unpleasant odors.

Air filters ensure air circulation is prioritized while keeping impurities outside the fridge. Otherwise, the odors will dominate, leading to unpleasant smells that cling to the food items.

Another reason air filters are necessary is to maintain the freshness of the food. If fresh air circulation is compromised or cut off, the food products in the fridge will not maintain their freshness and will taste different. And not in a good way.

Importance Of Changing Air Filters

It is crucial to understand that changing your fridge air filters is very important. Some homeowners will use the same filters for years despite the odors. Others will resort to DIY ways to mitigate the smells. 

Nevertheless, changing air filters in fridges affects more than fresh smelling air. This part of the article will explore the importance of changing air filters regularly.


Air filters ensure that the air circulation in the refrigerator is void of external contaminants. That ranges from dust to bacteria which can easily spoil food. 

Fridges are closed boxes most of the time. Bacteria will thrive if air circulation and filtration are disrupted. 

Health and fresh food mean a healthy family. That is why air filters are so important, and you must replace them regularly. 

Power Consumption 

To maintain efficacy and save energy, you should replace air filters regularly. Filter systems that are blocked inhibit the functioning of electronic systems are fridges are no different. 

Ensure the filters are replaced regularly so that your LG refrigerator does not use too much power to function. Also, the fridge will work as expected. This way, you can save costs in the long run.

Does Your Refrigerator Have An Air Filter?

Most fridges come with an air filter, especially modern LG refrigerators. However, some older brands don’t always have air filters. Fortunately, it is easy to identify a fridge that doesn’t have it. 

A refrigerator that doesn’t have an air filter installed will produce a pungent smell after some time. 

That is due to limited air circulation in the fridge as it is closed most of the time. Some people use homemade remedies to try and mitigate the situation. 

Unfortunately, this is a temporary solution. An air filter works better. To identify if your LG fridge has an air filter, look at the back of the fridge. An indicator in the form of a quad knob will be present. 

When To Replace Air Filters

When it comes to air filter replacement, there are no hard and fast rules. It all depends on some factor in your home, office, or business premises. The standard Energy Star rule ensures it is replaced every three months. 

Other specialists recommend at least six months before replacing your air filters. Generally, you can replace it every month if you wish. If the fridge’s room is dusty or has pets, it is best to renew it every month.

People with allergies or living with others suffering from allergic reactions should replace air filters every month. 

Otherwise, six months is the generally agreed time to replace the air conditioning in most refrigerators. Do not let the sixth month pass with the same air conditioning.

Other Types Of Refrigerator Filters

Apart from the air filters, two other filters are found in most fridges: water and microbe filters.

Water Filters

You must have noticed that fridges produce I’ve cubes and drinking water in some cases. Both of these are used for human consumption in one way or another. That is why it is important to use clean and unpolluted water.

 Water filters are important to eliminate toxins and pollutants from the water in the fridge.

These filters also need to be replaced. Water filters have an expiry date. If it surpasses, it will likely contaminate the household’s drinking water, leading to poisoning. To keep your family and friends safe, replace the water filter every six months. 

LG fridges also come with water filter indicators to warn you to make the replacement.

Antimicrobial Filters

These types of filters work in the same way as air filters. However, they go above and beyond their call of duty. Antimicrobial filters filter the air along with anything foreign that can activate allergies. 

This filter is great for homes with individuals who suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma. Consider fitting this filter in your home to keep your family safe.

Benefits Of Air Filters

Having air filters in your fridge is more than just being up to date with modern appliances. Air filters come with several benefits to your home and your family. 

Make sure that a fridge has an air filter system before purchasing it. Here are some of the benefits to look forward to.

1. Cost saver

Homeowners are projected to spend at least $250 a month on utilities alone. That can be linked to power-hungry equipment like refrigerators. The change of a basic air filter has been shown to cut power consumption by up to 15%.

2. Healthy Family

Working air filters will keep out dust and other pollutants from the fridge and ultimately from the food. 

That ensures that the food remains fresh. Bacteria and other microbes will be kept out of the food by air and antimicrobial filters.

3. Fresh Scent

Nothing is more unpleasant than opening a refrigerator and being greeted by a pungent odor of rot or any other unpleasant odor. Air circulation guarantees constant freshness from the fridge. 

Poor air circulation will cause the fridge to have odors that, in some cases, will be transferred to the food, even when it is taken out of the fridge.

4. Effective Refrigeration

Fridges that do not have sufficient air circulation will cause an increased temperature within the fridge. 

If the fridge does not have cool air coming in due to clogged filters or a missing air filter system, the fridge will not work efficiently

That will lead to spoiled food. Air filters keep the fridge working as they provide cool drinking water and ice cubes when necessary.


Electronic devices are important to our households. They are more valuable if they work as they are supposed to. Fridges are no exception. You must maintain your refrigerator regularly to get the most out of it. Always replace air filters bi-annually or when it is necessary.

LG’s simplified the process of determining when a replacement is required. The air filter indicator will let you know when to replace it. This article shows you the easy steps of replacing an air filter in an LG refrigerator. We hope it helps you through the process. Thanks for reading!