Things To Consider Before Embracing Tiny House Living

Things To Consider Before Embracing Tiny House Living

The tiny house movement may have started out as an endearing trend, but it has now officially become a serious contender as far as home choices are concerned.  During a recent survey conducted by IPX1031, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, more than half of the respondents indicated that they would consider living in a tiny home.  Not only are smaller houses known to be both space-saving and eco-friendly, but they can also save a homeowner a considerable amount of money. If you are considering embracing a simpler life, here are a few things you need to consider before buying a tiny house.

Analyze Your Lifestyle

The first thing you need to do once tiny house living becomes an option to you is to analyze your lifestyle.  If you live by yourself, moving into a tiny house may not pose any problems. It may not be quite as simple for couples, families, and pet owners. While it may be possible to downsize considerably, moving into a tiny house with your partner, three teenage children and the family pets is probably not ideal.  Do some research to determine what options you can consider without diminishing your quality of life as tiny house living is ultimately meant to boost your well-being, not hinder it.

You Can’t Keep Everything You Own

One of the hardest things you will have to do when moving into a tiny house is deciding which of your possessions you are going to get rid of. Regardless of how hard you try, chances are you simply won’t have the space for everything in your new home.  There are many ways you can go about reducing the number of things you take with you when you move. Start by throwing away any obvious rubbish and then identifying the items you can’t live without. Find storage for everything you want to keep but can’t take with you or consider giving it away to charity. Keep the size and layout of your new tiny house in mind when deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.  Decluttering may actually turn out to be quite a cathartic experience and help boost your mindset prior to your big move.

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Decide Whether To Build Or Buy

Deciding whether to buy a tiny house or build one, can be a nerve-racking process as there are multiple pros and cons to each option. When the tiny house trend started to gain momentum a few years back, a number of property developers made sure to get in on the ground floor, resulting in a wonderful variety of already-built tiny homes available on the market. When you buy a tiny house you do not have to concern yourself with zoning restrictions, unless of course, your house is mobile. When building your own house, however, you can ensure that it is designed to your exact specifications. Unfortunately, it will then also be up to you to make sure you adhere to all the applicable zoning regulations.  

The tiny house trend has taken the world by storm over the past few years. Though there are many benefits to living in a tiny house it is important to give your options fair consideration before making any life-changing decisions.