Should You Be Giving To Charity While Collecting Unemployment?

Should You Be Giving To Charity While Collecting Unemployment

Are you on a COVID-19 unemployment scheme? And, under normal circumstances, you practice the principle of giving to charities like However, because you have been furloughed as a consequence of the novel coronavirus and its associated lockdown, you aren’t sure whether it is appropriate to donate to charity while collecting unemployment benefits.

It is a simple matter to state, at the outset of this article, that you must continue giving even when on an economic support scheme, yourself. However, let’s consider the following argument for the need to continue giving.

As an aside, it is also worth being cognizant of the fact that charitable organizations and NPOs are desperate for funds to continue their good work. And, while you won’t be able to give as much as you did when you were employed and earning a wage, the flip side of the coin is that every little bit helps. For example, if 1000 people donate $10 each, the charity receives $10 000.

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On the other hand, the same amount of money is raised if 100 people donate $100 each. But, in the long run, it is better for 1000 people to donate to the organization, because as the world’s economy reboots, more people will go back to work, and they will more than likely increase their monthly contributions.

The Golden Rule Of Life

The Golden Rule is defined as the “principle of treating others as you want to be treated.” Another way of phrasing this principle is: What goes around, comes around. This principle is also known as an “ethic of reciprocity.”

All the world’s major religions including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity encourage their followers to live by this maxim.

And this principle rings true. The more you help people, the more positive you will be about your own financial circumstances. And while there is no substance to this argument, except experience; if you give, you will receive, no matter how little you give. The reality is that when you start donating a specific percentage of your income to charity, it seems to unlock the door to receiving enough to live off.

Consequently, the question that begs, is not whether you should give or not, it is rather how much of your monthly income you should give to a charitable organization of your choosing.

It is perhaps worth noting that, in answering this question, the tenet that most people follow is a standard figure of 10% of their gross income. Therefore, for every $100 you earn, you should donate $10 to charity, and use $90 for your monthly living expenses.

Final Thoughts

The other advantage to giving is that it increases the endorphins, or the happiness hormone, in your brain. Consequently, this will help reduce stress levels and improve your quality of life while attempting to navigate your way through the New Normal, or the post-COVID-19 world, a stressful and anxious time of everyone concerned.