How To Back To School In Style: Your Guide To Making This The Best Year Ever 

How To Back To School In Style

It’s that time of year where the days start to get shorter, the weather starts to cool off and all the kids are heading back to school. If you are heading back to school this fall or you have a school age child, you know how much time needs to be spent preparing for the year ahead. Keep reading for your complete guide on going back to school in style. 

Sending Your Kids Off To School

Getting the kids ready to start school each year can be a stressful process. They are going to need school supplies, fresh clothes and maybe a new backpack. You also have to go and meet their teachers, help them finish up their summer reading lists and plan out your new routine for the year. To keep you from getting overwhelmed, here are some of the things you need to help your child have their best year ever. 

  • Back to School Shopping: Your kids are probably going to want a whole new wardrobe every time they head back to school. However, that is not always feasible or reasonable for your wallet. Instead, have your kids take inventory of what they currently have in their wardrobe. Help them pull out what they have and tell them to separate their items by what still fits them and what doesn’t. Then you can decide what purchases need to be made based on what they have in their existing wardrobe. It can also be helpful to give older kids a budget, so they feel like they are getting the items that they want. That can be anything from a new pair of converse to these graphic hoodies men like to wear over just about anything.
  • School Supplies: Your kids are most likely going to get a list from their teachers telling you everything they need for the school year. While these lists are helpful, use your best judgment if you feel like they air on the side of excess. You can most likely wait on certain items until after the first week passes to gauge what your child is actually going to need.
  • After School Activities: If you have multiple kids, try to figure out your after-school schedule at the start of the year. You can be in more than one place at a time, so make sure your kids don’t have conflicting after school schedules so you can be present for each child’s activities. If you kids have a jam packed schedule, try out these compression socks so you can stay on your feet and cheer on your kids for much longer.
  • Meeting the Teachers: You want to plan to go to your child’s school orientation if they have one. Many schools have the kids and parents come in ahead of time to get acclimated. Attending this event can help younger children in particular to feel more comfortable when they head off to their first day of school.
  • Meal Prepping: If you have been on social media, you have probably seen all the moms working overtime to make their kids amazing and creative lunches. You don’t have to take it this far, but putting in some thought ahead of time can be helpful when preparing school lunches. Purchase one of the trendy bento box style lunch boxes and fill it with nutritionally dense foods that your child will love. And don’t forget to make sure that your child has a good breakfast in the morning. Pre-preparing things like overnight oats, frozen breakfast burritos or muffins are great time saving options for morning meals.

Heading Off To College

College freshmen are going to have the most extensive to do list ahead of their first day. College students that are living on campus have to worry about outfitting their dorm rooms which can be a major task in itself. Dorm rooms are small and often come in odd shapes, so you need to be strategic with your purchases. Here are some of our top picks for college dorm purchases:

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  • Twin Extra Long Bedding: If you didn’t know already, dorm beds are not the same size as a standard bed. The universal size for dorm beds is referred to as twin extra-long. You are going to need to purchase sheets in this size to fit your mattress. However, you can save money on comforters as a standard twin comforter will work with a twin extra long bed.
  • Storage Drawers: Small plastic storage drawers are a must for dorm rooms. Many of these can be placed underneath the dorm beds as many of them come in adjustable heights. You can put your dorm bed at the maximum height to maximize your storage.
  • Mini Fridge: Most freshmen living in college dorms eat at the facilities provided by the school, but it can be helpful to have a mini fridge in your dorm for any snacks and drinks that you may want between your mealtimes.
  • Small Appliances: This is also going to depend on the type of dorm you are in, but many college students can benefit from having a couple small appliances to expand their options when it comes to eating outside of their designated meal plan. A microwave and a coffee pot are usually a good place to start, but you can also do an air fryer or hot pot for more variety.
  • Shower Caddy: If your dorm has communal showers, you are going to need a caddy to store all your shower supplies in. This way everything you need for your shower is all in one place.

Going Back To School In Style

Make this back-to-school season the best yet with some of these tips and tricks. You or your child can have a much smoother transition when going back to school if equipped with the right tools. All it takes is a little time and effort to prepare for the coming educational year.