Are The Iphone 7 And 6 The Same Size? What You Need To Know

Are The Iphone 7 And 6 The Same Size

The most commonly used model of Smartphones is the iPhone, which is quite different from other standard models. iPhone 6 is a brand under Apple. It is a powerful and fancy device that has some specifications that will drive you crazy. iPhone is a leading brand of technology that sells and produces suitable models that will interest you.

Are the iPhone 7 and 6 the same size?

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 are not of the same size. The dimensions of both phones are not the same. iPhone is microscopically thicker, while for the iPhone 7, it is microscopically taller. They are not the same in terms of thickness and tallness.

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The iPhone 7 new design improvements are better in quality. It is more durable than the iPhone 6 that could easily bend. The durability is due to the use of aluminum in it.

It has water resistance and can be in the water for thirty minutes fully submerged. The home button is also in a watertight position that is protected through the intelligent use of feedback.

The iPhone 7 and 6 plus tend to co-exist, although we know their difference. Both are products of Apple, and the fact is that they are not entirely different.

They both have a fantastic upgrade and the 30 minutes fast ability. The iPhone 7 is quicker, and the core processor is reliable. The iPhone 6 is quite fast, but many people tend to go for the iPhone 7 because of its size.

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The iPhone Brand

The iPhone is a classic technology device that has been modeled or produced by Apple with its format called iOS as its design or controlling unit. 

Apple has released thirteen generations of iPhone models, and each of the iPhone has the specifics that define it as one of the valid signatures of the iPhone. They make excellent models and give their target audience the best. It is why their market strategy is still one we can’t define. 

Most people around the globe use the iPhone, and this has changed the outlook of things in the world. The iPhone is a costly device that has a broad reach. It is a superb device with qualities that you won’t want to miss, and having it is like a dream come true. 

Apple Company of iPhone started on a low, but after various setbacks and push-ups, it sprang high and is the second leading device in the world. iPhone is a device of the future, and sources have proved that the apple devices will break the rules and records. 

When you see someone using an iPhone, we tend to believe he or she is in on it, but looking at it, you might notice he or she just got the phone for regular use due to recommendations or because it does some specific things that other models cannot do. 

Android is also a robust leading model with Huawei as the fastest and most reliable device. Android devices are most common and used in most parts of the world, same with Apple iPhone devices. Android has been sort out and used by different communication technology companies that deal with phones. 

Having an iPhone is good because of its specifications, but there isn’t just one iPhone, but many, and each of them is different from the former and produced with more essential features added to make it better. 

The iPhone has sold worldwide, and they are not done building or evolving. There are some reasons many people go for iPhone; it might be because you see people getting it, then you make your mind go for it, select type of person, valuable specifications which you can’t find in other models but on iPhone, etc. 

iPhone 7

It is a device created by Apple as its tenth generation brand and succeeded the iPhone 6, 6s, and 6splus. The changes made in iPhone 7 are quite different, but its length remains the same except for the 7plus, which is more significant and lengthy. It is resistant to dust and water, the headphone jack changed, and the home button static was changed, etc. 

It came in different colors or designs, and the internal hardware got upgraded, especially the camera, which rose to 13 megapixels rear front camera and a portrait mode added. However, the warm reception also came with some bad reviews.

 Although there was a notable upgrade of the camera, users observed that the iPhone 7 did not improve on the display or build quality, when they know that that some flagship competitors will surpass its quality.

iPhone 7 got removed from the Apple website after the annual hardware event took place. Its launch was a huge success, and it sold or shipped to 30 countries around the world. 

Then Apple introduced the successors to the iPhone 7, which did not stay too long after its release. One thing we should know is that iPhone makes people go for the new model once released. Thereby forgetting the old model and going for the higher one, and there is nobody who wouldn’t want that, their selling strategy or marketing is quite a thrill. 

iPhone 7 came with different colors and especially the red color, which is a stand or support to the product red as partners to highlight their fundraising campaigns. The device had a discount from the website entirely after the launch of the 11th generation model. 



The iPhone 7 comes in different colors. It is dust and water-resistant and uses a mechanism for its input in place of the physical push-button that previous models had. Also, it has A10 core (chip), Ram and ROM upgraded (M10), the camera upgraded, etc.


The accessories were all changed, an upgraded iPhone with iOS ten installed in it. It is a light soft silk device and portable.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is the eighth generation model with two distinct forms. The iPhone 6plus was a little bigger. It came with great surprise, and its specifications are a standout. 

Users gave positive reviews about the camera, battery life, and redesign, which was different from the previous models. Still, there were terrible reviews which critics pointed out, stating that the rear plastic strips were not necessary as it disrupted the antenna and metal exterior. 

The screen resolution was a big problem for the audience as they criticized it. Many people love big-screen resolution, and so this model 6 was lower than some other models. It became available, and the audience couldn’t wait to get the iPhone, and then it went around some countries before the stores got a hold of it.



In iPhone 6, the resolution changed; there was also battery optimization, A8 system chip, and an M8 motion compressor. It came with an excellent front and rear camera, and video resolution.


It comes with the double-tapping feature. It is slick and small, and apps take advantage of the screen size.


Both models of the iPhone are superb because Apple produces them. Apple is the second leading communication company, and there is not much difference between its models. You can go for any model of iPhone irrespective of specifications.

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