Shall I Sell My iPhone 8 Before Christmas to Generate Maximum Cash?

Shall I Sell My iPhone 8 Before Christmas to Generate Maximum Cash

It’s been a while that you’re with iPhone 8 and the thought of upgrading it is playing across your mind. This model launched in 2017 has been a favourite for Apple loyalists and others. We’re at the end of 2020 when you read this and iPhone 12 is already creating magic.

With all that happening around you, it is natural to feel if I should sell my iPhone 8 now or wait a bit to get the best price? With raining discounts and slashed prices on Christmas and New Year, it becomes imperative to consider some factors that affect the prices of used iPhones.

The used smartphone industry tells us that within one year of its launch, there’s a substantial price drop in the smartphones. Also, as the brands keep on bringing new models, the fondness, demand, and prices of its earlier versions reduce. Let’s have a quick glance at some of the factors that affect used iPhone8 prices:

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Handset Condition:

One of the critical factors that have a direct impact on its resale value is the condition of the handset. If your handset is well maintained and looks decent, you can expect a price that brings you a smile. However, if there’s a faulty display, a broken screen, or any critical damage hampering the smooth functioning, expect likewise. It’s an irony that most iPhone users have a splintered glass or a cracked screen. Take proper care of yours so that it attracts its potential buyers.

New launches:

The new iPhone arrival hits the resale prices of its predecessors. Most people opt for trade-in deals for the latest model, thereby leading to a decline of at least 20% of its initial value. As time passes by, the prices will continue to drop. Should you not know, Apple had already stopped manufacturing iPhone 8, meaning that there wouldn’t be any further updates on it.


The resale prices of your iPhone8 will depend a lot on the buyer too. Efforts and time invested to research about the several buying and recycle old mobile phone companies go a long way in finding the one that offers the best trade-in price. The websites upon filling in some specific details offer an instant price. You must fill-in every possible detail to get an accurate and best price.

Due to cut-throat competition in the used mobile market, a thorough run-through will give you the best price. Choose a reputed buyer to avoid any slips in the selling process because it will involve sending your phone through courier or postal services. Mostly the buying companies offer free or prepaid shipping.

How to Get Maximum PriceWhen You Sell iPhone 8:

When you have made your mind to sell iPhone 8, pay enough attention to research while staying genuine about the condition of your iPhone 8. Any discrepancy found in the sales process and during screening will lead to a reduction of the offer, or the deal may also get cancelled.

A deep cleaning of it with a soft cotton cloth helps to regain its charm up to an extent, helping to create a first positive outlook. As they say, you don’t get a second chance to make the first impression. So, make the best use of the first one. The way you will not like to buy a phone wrapped in dirt and grime, similar is the case with the buyers too.

If you’re planning to sell your iPhone online, click some neat photos of it from multiple angles to help the buyers gain enough confidence. Another aspect that impacts the price is, whether it is locked or unlocked. No brownie points for guessing that unlocked phones have a higher price than the locked ones. Unlocking the phoneis a tedious and costly process in itself. It’s like repairing your broken screen before you sell.

Securing the best price is not that tough provided you’re ready to dive in to explore the market and invest enough efforts while researching. So, before the Christmas offers and discounts start to pour in, get proactive and switch on the research switch.