How Late Does USPS Deliver?

How Late Does USPS Deliver

The USPS (United States Postal Service) is an independent federal agency. It is the only delivery service that has the capacity to reach every single address in the country. The USPS has thousands of workers in its payroll. Also, the agency not only delivers mail but several packages.

So, how late does USPS deliver?

USPS’s delivery time is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. It delivers every day except on Sundays. However, packages delivered on Sundays are priority mails. It also takes days before your package gets to you. Also, the time frame USPS delivers packages depends on different factors. These include package type and location.

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Does USPS Deliver Beyond Its Standard Delivery Time?

There are instances when your packages might come in later than 8:00 pm. However, it is quite unlikely that your package will arrive in after 10:00 pm. The delivery of mail and packages at late hours could be due to numerous factors from post office management.

The Reasons Your Packages Are Delivered Late

USPS and other postal services’ late deliveries are mostly due to staff shortage. When there are fewer persons to deliver packages, it invariably means it will take a longer time for packages to get to most of the locations.

Another reason is the volume of packages coming in and waiting to be delivered. The fact is the number of packages USPS delivers annually keeps rising now and then. Part of the reason is the growth in e-commerce. Many people are more comfortable ordering products online and having them delivered to their doorsteps.

Again, delays in UPS delivery could arise from incorrect address information provided. It happens when the address provided is misspelled or incomplete. When such happens, it will be difficult for the delivery guy to locate the actual address for the package.

Attempt to deliver a parcel to an address might fail because the recipient is not available at the address when the staff of USPS visited. Usually, it will take more attempts on different days to revisit the address and deliver the package afterward. Where these subsequent attempts fail, USPS will then keep the package until the customer shows up.

Adverse weather conditions can contribute to delays in delivery. It can make it impossible for the delivery guy to get to you. When such happens, then you can expect your package when the storm ends.

Also, some internal factors in USPS can delay the delivery of packages. The agency spends time sorting, processing, and imprinting bar codes on packages.

Tracking your package

The bar code on your package helps USPS to monitor your parcel and ensure it gets to its final destination. You can also access information on when and where the delivery will happen. The tracking service comes in two ways.

The tracking service offered by USPS

USPS tracking could be retail or electronic tracking. However, irrespective of the method, USPS’s tracking service is free particularly the agency’s retail tracking. But not all aspects of electronic tracking are free, though some products automatically include free tracking. That is, payment is not required.

First Method

One of the ways to track packages is via retail tracking service. It is a service in USPS offices. To access it, you need to fill the form and use the code provided. To track your package, you need to insert this code online on the USPS page. It allows you to track your package while in transit.

Second Method

Next is the electronic tracking method. Its highlighted feature is that it supports digital signing. That way, you can receive packages in your absence with ease. You can enter the agency’s website to get your tracking number.

How To Track Your Packages?

You can track packages whether you are the sender or recipient. You get different information during tracking. It only depends on the category.

You could track your package online on the USPS website. You can also download the USPS mobile app for android or iPhone mobile device and track packages. Another way to track your package is by sending a text message to 28777. But be sure to include your tracking number in the message.

The Different Delivery Services And Tracking

Also, USPS has different delivery services with some benefits attached. The essence of the variety is to enable you to choose the best option that suits your needs. The various services are Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First Class Mail, First Class Package Service – Retail, USPS Retail Ground, and Media Mail.

Priority Mail Express

The Priority Mail Express service includes tracking. Delivery of packages can also happen during public holidays, Sundays, and for numerous locations. But there are additional fees one has to pay.

Priority Mail Express is one of the fastest ways to send packages across the United States of America. You are guaranteed delivery within 1-2 days. This type of delivery service is also a wise choice for the delivery of letters or envelopes needed urgently.

Again, note that Priority Mail Express isn’t for packages weighing over 70 pounds. It is not acceptable, particularly when the package is heading to a domestic location. Furthermore, prices for the package delivered via this medium are decided based on the weight.

Priority Mail

This USPS delivery service includes tracking. In this category, the duration of package delivery is between 1-3 business days, and all deliveries attract a flat rate charge.

Similar to the Priority Mail Express, the Priority Mail does not accept packages weighing over 70 pounds. The Priority Mail also features free pickup service, where packages are sent to the recipient’s office or home.

First Class Mail

The First Class Mail is useful for all forms of correspondence, be it personal or business purpose. The First Class Mail is also more affordable than the first two delivery services discussed. It is popularly used for delivering lightweight packages like envelopes, letters, etc.

The maximum weight for a package is 13 oz. But there is no such thing as flat rate charges. Instead, the fee depends on factors such as package shape, size, and weight.

Delivery of the First Class Mail takes between 1-3 business days. Tracking is also available, though the service is only for smaller or lightweight packages.

First-Class Package Service – Retail

This delivery service is popularly used to ship personal packages and is a cheaper way to send packages. Here, you can send parcels that are too big to be sent via the Priority Express Mail, including the Priority Mail service.

The First-Class Package Service – Retail also comes with USPS tracking and confirmation of delivery. However, it is only available at the Post Office. The delivery time is between 1-5 days.

Here, the rate is not fixed but depends on the weight of the package and rate class under which it falls. However, in this category, you have a wide variety of rate classes to choose from, according to your needs.

USPS Retail Ground

This service is strictly for domestic deliveries. It is a cheap way to send large packages that are not urgent. It would take between 2-8 business days for a package to reach its destination. This USPS delivery service also includes tracking.

There are also no extra charges for tracking. Home deliveries and Saturday deliveries do not attract any additional fees.

The maximum weight for the Retail Ground packages is 70 pounds, and the charge is on a per pound basis. Again, note that delivery charges depend on the size, weight, and final destination of the package.

Media Mail

The Media Mail delivery service is conducive to deliver smaller and larger packages. The service is only limited to books, educational materials, manuscripts, sound recordings, audio, and videotapes. The maximum weight package under this category is 70 pounds.

The estimated delivery time for Media Mail is 2-10 days. The rate for this category also depends on the size and weight of the package. It’s also important to note that the package may not contain advertising material.

The downside to using Media Mail is that USPS may decide to open and examine your package. The essence of the inspection is to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements. Media Mail also comes with tracking.

The tracking service does not attract any charges, though it did before 2015.

Does Tracking Guarantee Delivery?

The fact that you are tracking your package does not facilitate or guarantee its delivery. The only beautiful thing about checking your package status is that it allows you to know the expected delivery time frame. You will also know the route your package will take from the point of sending, to the point of delivery.


With tracking, you can closely monitor your package. However, you should note that the USPS does not deliver packages beyond 8 pm. It is only in extreme cases that it could extend to 10 pm. The reason for not embarking on late hour deliveries is understandable as the agency takes into consideration the safety and welfare of its delivery personnel and packages.

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