Is Saturday A Business Day For UPS? The Best Shipping Option

Is Saturday A Business Day For UPS

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American company shipping and receiving company. The company is multinational, meaning it ships goods and packages to various countries across the world. 

It was founded in 1907 and was known as the American Messenger company. Today UPS is among the largest and most popular shipping couriers in the world. In the world’s courier industry, it’s USPS that has the largest revenue. 

The logistics business is becoming more competitive. Therefore the shipping companies are offering unique services to win clients. 

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The unique service includes expanding the delivery schedules from the typical business day to Saturdays and Sundays. UPS, a famous shipping company, also does deliveries on Saturday. So!

Is Saturday a Business Day for UPS?

UPS delivers to business customers and residential on Saturday, but it is not a business day for them. The business days for UPS are from Monday to Friday, when their worldwide logistic networks are fully operational. 

Plus, the government and private offices are also operational and can receive shipments. On Friday, the company accepts next-day air delivery for Saturday to specific markets. However, this service is not on normal business days, so you must request UPS deliver on a Saturday. 

The normal next-day air packages that ship from Friday will arrive on the next business day, Monday. 

Saturday Delivery

The UP Saturday program is through the ground delivery service. The delivery option began in 2017 and was only available in the United States

Today it’s in Hawaii, Alaska, and more than 122 countries across the world. The UPS Saturday delivery is among the most reliable and consistent weekend delivery options. 

FedEx and USPS shipping companies also have a similar service, but they do not match the UPS reputation. 

The UPS Shipping Delivery Options 

UPS has several delivery options, and this makes the shipping company a favorite for most businesses. The delivery options are also very cost-effective and will meet all your specific needs. 

UPS can deliver your package to any place as quickly as you want it to be. Here are some of the popular UPS shipping delivery options. 

Does UPS Offer Sunday Delivery

The UPS shipping does not have the Sunday delivery option. However, its fiercest competitors FedEx and USPS, have Sunday delivery options. 

USPS has a partnership with Amazon, which requires it to ship on Sunday. In FedEx, Sunday delivery is in the premium option. UPS may introduce this service in the future to remain competitive. 

1 – Business Day Shipping 

UPS Next Day Air – Early 

If you have any time-critical shipment, then this is the UPS shipping option for you. Your shipment will indeed arrive at the destination early morning. 

The deliveries to significant cities happen by 8 am, and to other cities, the delivery is between 8:00 am to 9:30 am. On Saturday, UPS ensures the shipment reaches some locations by 9 am. 

The delivery is available to the major forty-eight contiguous cities and select cities in Hawaii and Alaska. 

UPS Next Day Air- Saver

With this option you the shipment will arrive at the destination the next day but has afternoon delivery. The UPS Next Day Air delivery is the most affordable next-day UPS service. 

The shipment delivery happens the next day by 3 pm or 4:30 pm. UPS does deliveries by 10:30 am or 12 pm to most commercial destinations. 

The service is fully available to forty-eight contiguous destinations and a few specific addresses in Hawaii and Alaska. 

UPS Next Day Air

The company ships you packages overnight, and it’s the best option for time-sensitive shipments. If you have a shipment that must arrive at the destination in the early hours of the business day, it’s the best option. 

The shipment delivery will be at 10:30 am or 12 pm or by the end of the day. However, the delivery time depends on the destination. 

On Saturdays, the delivery happens by 12 pm or 1:30 pm. The service is available in Puerto Rico and all fifty states, but there are limitations in Hawaii and Alaska. 

2 – Business days Shipping 

UPS 2nd-Day Air – A.M

With this option, you will get your delivery during the early morning hours of the second business day. However, this delivery option is still not available for residential destinations. 

It’s ideal for those who want their shipments to arrive in the early hours of the second business day. The delivery time to most commercial destinations is 10:30 am or 12 pm. 

The service is available in forty-eight contiguous states and some addresses in Hawaii and Alaska. 

UPS 2nd Day Air

Your shipment will arrive on the second business day. However, this option doesn’t also deliver to residential addresses. 

The delivery option is excellent for shipments with the flexibility to arrive any time of the second business day.  The delivery happens by the end of the day, and it also has Saturday delivery for shipments that are picked on Thursday. 

The delivery option is available for Puerto Rico and all other fifty states. Plus, there is an additional transit time for various parts of Hawaii and Alaska.  

1-5 Business Days Shipping

UPS 3 Day – Select 

It’s the perfect option for less time-sensitive shipments. The delivery of this shipment happens on the third business day from the day of shipping. 

The deliveries are also available on Saturday, and the service is available in forty-eight contiguous states. 

UPS Ground 

The service is quite affordable, and the delivery is within one to five business days. This choice for all your routine shipments and delivery extends to Saturday. The service is available in Puerto Rico and other fifty states. 

The Advantages Of UPS Business Shipping 

It offers express shipping

If you want a fast package delivery, then UPS is the ideal shipping company. It has both same-day and next-day deliveries. 

Other than express delivery, the packages are safe throughout the shipping journey. If you are a business person, you will surely keep your clients happy and make profits.

It is Affordable for heavy shipments

USPS is the cheapest shipping option when it comes to light shipments. But the USPS prices for heavy shipments increase dramatically. 

For any shipments that are heavier than two-pound, ship with USP. The USP rates for heavy shipment are so affordable, plus it offers quick delivery. The company provides volume discounts to those that ship large volumes. 

It has excellent tracking

The UPS tracking system is so comprehensive. You will be able to see where your item is from departure to arrival. 

Other than tracking, it makes you feel secure about your shipment. It’s because you can see the exact place where your package is. 

Alternatives To UPS


The USPS shipping company is also among the most popular shipping companies in the world. The shipping company is ideal for anyone who wants to ship small packages less than 13 pounds. 

Its prices for heavy shipments are so high. USPS is also suitable for shipping to P.O. Boxes and residential mailboxes.


  • Saturday delivery
  • Free Pickup
  • Cheap delivery for small packages 



It’s another great UPS alternative that offers dependable and fast shipping. Like UPS, FedEx has several great international shipping options and excellent tracking. 


  • Good Tracking 
  • Great discounts
  • Saturday delivery


  • Expensive 
  • Few offices 

On Trac

The shipping company was previously known as California overnight. Its headquarter is in Chandler, AZ, and it offers services to Colorado, Utah, Washington, Nevada, etc. 

The company specializes in overnight delivery. The shipping company also offers earlier delivery and late evening pickup at lower prices. 

Lone Star Overnight 

The shipping company primarily offers its services to southern New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. It has shipping partnerships that make it provides its services to Mexico and California. 

Its headquarter is in Austin, TX. It offers a loyalty program that’s known as Package Points. The company tries to reduce package damage by having more direct delivery routes. 

Spee Dee Delivery Service

The company headquarters are in Minnesota. The shipping company serves the upper Midwest area and Illinois. It was founded in 1978, and today it has more than 1800 employees. 

The shipping company has a tremendous overnight delivery and has more than 1,300 equipment. 

U.S. Cargo

Its headquarter is in Columbus, Ohio. It has its locations in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, etc. Today it has more than 220 drivers who operate 14 facilities. The U.S. Cargo has several facilities and services.


UPS is a very popular shipping company in the world. The company has Saturday shipping; however, Saturday is not a business day for UPS. The company also has excellent shipping options at a great price. 

The various shipping options offer flexibility since you can access the services at any price. Today shipping is relatively easy because several shipping companies like USPS, FedEx, On Trac, etc. However, this makes it challenging to choose the right shipping company for your shipment. 

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