What Company Has The Most 6 Figure Earners? The Dream Salary

What Company Has The Most 6 Figure Earners

The dream of every American is to complete studies, own a home, and get that six-figure salary. The six-figure income is one milestone that most people want to achieve. 

However, it’s not that easy to get a six-figure job, and it needs years of experience or formal university education to make this income. The term “six-figure salary” refers to the salary from $100,000 in a year. 

While it looks or sounds relative, earning $100,000 is the beginning of being rich in the modern world. If you start making a six-figure salary at a young age and build wealth through saving and investments, you can quickly become a millionaire in 10-15 years. 

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In America, many big companies like Google, Microsoft, etc., offer great-paying jobs. To work for these companies, you need to have exceptional skills and qualifications. Let’s find out more about these companies. 

What Company Has Most 6 Figure Earners? 

The tech company Microsoft has the most listed jobs with salaries of at least $100,000. Today, Microsoft is the leading developer and vendor of PC software and applications. 

The company also produces its hybrid tablet computers, publishes multimedia titles and books, offers e-mail services, and many more. The most in-demand role in Microsoft is Software Developer. 

Microsoft Salaries 

The average estimate of annual salary plus bonus and base in this company is $120,662, equating to $58 hourly. The estimated median salary at Microsoft is $162,818, which equates to $ 78 hourly. 

The Group Engineering Manager is the highest paying Job in Microsoft, with an annual salary of $392,872. The CS Rep is the lowest paying job with an annual salary of $44,959. 

Here are the average salaries according to Microsoft departments. 

  • Communication at $211,886
  • Engineering at $177,475
  • Finance at $117,987
  • Marketing at $116,150

In Microsoft Company, half of the employees earn above $162,818 annually. 

The Benefits Of Working At Microsoft 

Great Salary 

The Microsoft Company offers its employees a great benefits package and salary. The mean salary across all Microsoft titles is about $120,000. 

You Get To Work With Great People 

In Microsoft, it’s all about collaboration and teamwork and not glory grabbing and competition. Microsoft loves its employees; the company’s teamwork culture reduces employees’ stress levels at work. 

Diversity In The Work You Do 

As mentioned, Microsoft makes money from selling tech products like software, hybrid tablets, etc. Working in this company allows you to move from team to team. At times you have to form or join a new team and build new products. 

Companies With Most Six Figure Earners 

1. Cognizant Technology Solution

The American company offers outsourcing services, information technology, and business consulting. The multinational technology company was founded in 1994. Its headquarter is in Teaneck, New Jersey, in the United States

It ranks among the best-paying companies in the world. The average estimate of annual salary plus bonus and base at this company is $114, 831 which equates to $55 per hour. 

The estimated median salary is $105,757, which equates to $50 per hour. The highest paying job at Cognizant Technology is Director of sales, who earns $231,558 annually. 

The lowest paying job is the marketing associate who makes $32,000 annually. The average salaries in this company by the department are: 

  • Human Resource at $147,250
  • Engineering at $ 143 846, 
  • Information Technology at $122,305 
  • Design at $91,491 

Cognizant Technology Solutions has 301 employees, and half of their salaries are above $105,757.

2. Primerica 

Primerica Inc., a multi-level marketing company, was founded in 1981. Its headquarter is in Duluth, Georgia. The company offers financial services, investment services, and insurance to middle-income families in Canada and America. 

It is the parent company to Primerica Life, Vidalia Re, and many others. The average annual salary plus bonus and base estimate are $128,036, equating to $61 hourly. The estimated median salary at Primerica is $133,132, which equates to $64 hourly.  

The Director of sales is the highest paying position with an annual salary of $206,500. The lowest paying job is the Sales associate with an annual salary of $35,000. Here are the average salaries at Primerica by the department.

  • Sales at $221,097
  • Engineering at $169,279
  • Human Resource at $127,577
  • Finance at 95,951

Has of Primerica employee salaries are above $133,122 annually.  

3. Google 

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. The company gets a lot of its income through adverts. The company also develops software, makes various hardware, and is into cloud computing. 

Google is among the best-paying companies in the world. It has an average annual salary plus bonus and base of $133,066, equating to $ 63. Google’s median salary is $134,386, which equates to $64 hourly. 

The highest paying position at google is the Director of Finance with an annual salary of $600,000. The lowest paying job is the receptionist, who earns an annual salary of $37,305. Here is the annual average google salary by the department. 

  • Information Technology at $157,433
  • Legal at $155,410
  • Customer Support at $120,801
  • Operations at $83,966

Half of the employees in google make above $134,386 annually. 

Ways To Earn Six-Figure Salary

Airline Pilot

The average salary of a pilot is $110,816. You do not necessarily need a university degree; however, you must meet some requirements and get proper training.

 Plus, you need a license to prove that you have met all the requirements. You can train as a pilot through modular training or a full-time integrated course, but both are quite costly. However, it’s a worthy investment because the need for pilots increases every year. 

Software Developer 

The average salary of a software developer is $103,620. Software developers write codes and make software such as applications etc. If you have a passion for code, then becoming a software developer is so easy. 

All you need to do is learn some coding languages and have a great understanding of syntax. You can train to become a software developer from a coding boot camp or online courses

However, ensure you do your courses from accredited and known sources. This will help you apply for top-paying positions. 

UX Designer 

The average salary of a UX designer at Google is $136,335. The primary function of a UX designer is to create a perfect environment for end-users to interact with services and products

A great UX designer ensures the customers have a seamless experience by accessing online services from different devices. The UX designers take part in product development, design, strategy, and market research. 

To be a UX designer, you do not need to have a computer science degree, but it can also be useful at some point in your career. You can learn the skills online, but choose a course that is project-based and has an instructor. 

Financial Manager 

The average salary of a financial manager is $127,990. The role of a financial manager is to oversee and coordinate the company’s financial activities like profit projections, creating financial reports.  

The financial manager job is quite competitive, and you need to comply with specific rules and regulations. 

To work in any firm as a financial manager, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, accounting, or finance. 

To work in big firms that offer better pay, you need to have a master’s degree plus more than five years of experience. 

Data Scientist

The average salary of a data scientist is $133,309. The primary role of a data scientist is to manipulate data sources to get information that creates meaningful and actionable insights. 

You will have to analyze data from almost all industries like commerce, healthcare. To be a data analyst, you need to be an expert in computer science, communication or statistics, and probability. 

You do not need a data science degree specifically, but it can help you get that top salary. You can learn data scientists’ skills through boot camps or other courses.


Depending on the location, the realtor can make an average salary of $100,000.  The real estate market is very steady, and the properties do hold value, making them a tradeable commodity. 

People are always searching for good homes. As a real estate agent, you will be able to make lots of money from this trade. Real estate agents are usually paid through commissions at an average rate of 5%. 

If you manage to sell a property worth $4 million, you will surely get that six-figure salary.  However, you will have to pass an exam to get the license and work on behalf of a real estate broker. The licensing rules do vary by state; ensure to check if you meet your local requirements. 


Many consider a six-figure salary a benchmark for success. Earning this salary is possible if you have a great background, education, and interests. 

If you are thinking of a career path that pays well, you should consider certain degrees in fields like health, software, and tech. 

Also, focus on improving your talent and expertise on a particular niche to stand out, and employers will identify you. In addition, you need to have self-motivation, the drive, and the will to succeed.

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