How To Use Winslow Homer’s Paintings As A Home Decoration

How To Use Winslow Homer's Paintings As A Home Decoration

Winslow Homer is considered one of the finest artists in the history of American art. His bold choices and courage to depict the truth with oils on canvas made him a famed artist of the era. 

Some of Winslow Homer’s watercolor paintings are considered the gold standard in studying art and inspire the budding artists of the generation. But not just it; many of his artworks are commissioned and purchased to enhance the beauty of your surrounding space. 

Winslow Homer’s Paintings are often displayed in homes as creative craft pieces for decoration. Learn about Winslow Homer in the section below to get deep insights into the artist and his iconic paintings. 

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About The Artist

Born on February 24, 1836, Winslow Homer was a famed American artist, illustrator, and painter. He is regarded as the greatest American painter of the nineteenth century. 

The artist devoted a brief time to studying oil painting in the spring of 1861. Then, in October 1861, artist Winslow Homer was sent to the front in Virginia. He was assigned as an artist-correspondent for the new illustrated journal Harper’s Weekly. 

Winslow Homer, popular for his Civil War paintings, became the talk of the decade there. However, Winslow Homer’s watercolor paintings dating from about 1863 are anecdotal, like his prints to date. 

The late 1860s and early 1870s were fruitful times for Winslow Homer. From artistic experimentation to prolific and varied output, he tried his hands at many ideas, and the list of Winslow Homer prints increased incredibly. 

The Cotton Pickers

The Cotton Pickers is a highly influential and the most monumental representation by Homer in its form and content. It illustrates life for the newly emancipated in the Virginian town. 

Two sensitively rendered laboring women appear poised between the dilemma of time- their past, present, and future. The painting was admired by every sect of people in different parts of the world- not only in the United States but also in England and other countries. 

The work is complex in figural characterization and intent. It is grounded in parallel themes of conflict, struggle, uncertainty, and opportunity. The title and women’s portrayal primarily show how the post-slavery economy somehow changed. 

Snap The Whip

Perhaps one of the most beloved and popular paintings was Snap the Whip of his entire career. He created this classical oil on canvas in 1872. The canvas visualizes an embodied innocence and the promise of America’s future. 

Although, many artists depicted the same subject through paints. But, Homer was someone far ahead in his expertise. In this painting, the artist reminisces about rural simplicity, focuses on the life of citizens, and reflects on the challenges of the complex post-Civil War world.

The historic painting takes us to a scene where nine young boys are playing the age-old Snap the Whip game. The young energies are pulling and tugging each other back and forth. Finally, however, the two boys at the end of the line have fallen over. 

The boys are not wearing footwear, signaling their childhood’s freedom but suspenders associated with manhood’s responsibilities. It can be seen that boys hang on to one another, strain to stay connected, and run in perfect harmony. Then, falling away and enacted the affected scenarios for men after the Civil War.

Where To Find Winslow Homer’s Art? 

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The Bottom Line 

So, that was all about artist Winslow Homer and his paintings that deserve to be in home decorations and spaces. You can order these paintings easily from the 1st art gallery. Then, explore many more options and bring the best paintings to your surroundings.