Why Your Company Should Invest In Branded Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Why Your Company Should Invest in Branded Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Branded hand sanitiser dispensers have grown in popularity over the past year, for obvious reasons. Businesses have looked to apply branding opportunities wherever they can while also increasing the safety of both their staff and customers. Branded hand sanitiser dispensers are the ideal solution.

Choosing the right branded dispenser is a matter of the business’s specific requirements. However, there are a number of key advantages and points they should take into account before buying brand dispensers.

Here, we’ll look at a few of those points, including the traits you should look for, based on your specific requirements.

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Dispenser Design

There are a large number of designs to choose from when it comes to commercial soap dispensers, each with certain unique characteristics. It’s key for you to remember that if you intend to brand your products, you should choose a product with sufficient space on the front for the message you wish to communicate.

Sanitiser Capacity

Having different options for the capacity of your products is a great benefit of choosing soap dispensers. 

The amount of gel or soap doesn’t always equal quality. For tighter environments or when anticipated high-traffic areas, e.g. offices or waiting areas, it would be wise to go with a higher number of dispensers with smaller hand sanitiser capacity. This could provide improved branding opportunities while also promoting social distancing. A small number of larger capacity soap dispensers could result in clusters of people and queues forming.

There are circumstances where more liquid soap or gel capacity can be essential to your needs. At venues such as shopping centres, sports stadiums, and airports, for example, higher volumes and larger capacity can work together to provide both sufficient hand wash and clear brand messaging. It can also mean that soap dispensers won’t need to be regularly filled.

Operation (Automatic Or Manual)

When you buy soap dispensers, you have some operational decisions to make, which includes automatic operation and manual operation. A manually operated hand sanitiser dispenser often has less capacity when compared to automatic products. However, they also cost less, so they could offer a preferred alternative in cases where budget is an issue.

You can buy 400ml and 900ml products that are both manually operated, which means you can communicate your brand on the lower pump area, as well as on the top of the front-panel. This ability to brand on multiple panels allows you to communicate multiple messages to your audience. 

You can also buy a 1200ml automatically dispensed sanitiser, which requires less physical interaction. This is a benefit that many brands can benefit from in the current climate.

Branding Opportunities

As COVID is still limiting the opportunities for those physical world brand interactions that businesses have been used to having with employees and customers, it’s important to introduce branded products to adapt to a new way of marketing. 

Branding opportunities from various commercial soap dispenser products should play an integral part of your buying decision.