Old Navy Return Policy Explained

Old Navy Return Policy Explained

The Old Navy Return Policy appears to be a very straight forward process at first view.  However, a careful look at it will reveal that it is a lot more complicated than once thought. Here we will take a careful look at the old navy return policy and what it is about.

What is the Old navy return policy about?

You have 45 days from the day you bought an item to return it to Old Navy and the same rule applies to banana republic and Gap. If you attempt to return something to the Old Navy after the 45 days window period must have elapsed, you have to deal with store credit. This is however at the discretion of the store manager which means you may end up unlucky.  

Are Receipts Needed?

Yes, you do. However, there are instances where you may not require a receipt; such a situation may be you exchanging one item for another with different colors or sizes. You do not need a receipt if such an item is in good condition. Also, if you misplaced your receipt and need a refund, Old Navy may opt to confirm the order through your debit or credit card.

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If it is however discovered that there is no proof of purchase, you will have to do with store credit at the prevailing selling price of the item.  Also, if you attempt to get the item returned without using a receipt and the item is not currently available, you may have to pound sand.

Is It Possible To Return Items Bought Online To A Store?

The answer is a big yes! This is perhaps the ideal way to prevent a situation where you have to pay for the cost of return shipping.  All you need to do is return the item to any of the Old Navy with your slip. It should also be noted that Old Navy tracks your returns if you do so without a receipt. The information provided on your ID is used to track the returns to ensure that you are not abusing the policy in any way.

What Is The History Behind The Old Navy?

Back in the early part of the 1990s, Dayton-Hudson Corporation sought to establish a new arm that was to be branded as a less expensive version of Gap. The then CEO of Gap reacted by launching Gap Warehouses in already existing Gap locations back in 1993. As of 1994, Gap warehouses got the name Old Navy Clothing Co to have a different image from the existing parent company.

These new stores measured 1,400 square meters which were quite larger than the average Gap stores. As of March 11, 1994, the first Old Navy spot was opened in San Leandro, Colma, and Pittsburg. Old Navy stores were initially designed to be like grocery stores with shopping carts, and flowing aisles. Within the same year, a further 42 Old Navy stores were also opened and a number of the Gap Warehouses were renamed as Old Navy stores.

The group experienced rather quick growth with the retail outfit becoming the first retailer to exceed $1 Billion in its first 4 years of operation in 1997.  By the year 2000, it opened an additional 500 stores. It soon began expanding into other countries with a further 12 stores in Canada.

Tips To Help You Cut Cost With Old Navy

Old Navy may not hold the prestigious reputation of being the biggest retailer around, but it is certainly one of the most popular. The good thing about buying at Old Navy is that we have the right suggestions that should help you save money.

Go for drastic sales

Old Navy always a sale in which some items would be incredibly cheap. You may however not be privy of when the next offer may pop up; hence you need to be constantly alert and informed.

Old Navy Credit card

If you are the type that regularly shops at Old Navy or any of the related brands, you may want to consider having a credit account with them.  By so doing, you automatically enjoy a 25% discount off your first buy using the card. Also, if you are using a visa-branded card, it will allow you to gather rewards that get up to five points for each dollar you spend at the Old Navy.

If you agree to receive a paperless statement, you will get an extra 500 points. The moment you get up to 5000 reward points, you will automatically qualify for the status of a Blue Navy patron. This status will give you access to some benefits such as a 20 percent additional point for every quarter. Also, you get to benefit free shipping via the Gap Inc Retailers.

Price adjustments

If you purchase something from Old Navy and then see them selling the same item you bought for a lower price, you may request a price adjustment. This offer, however, stands for only 14 days after the initial purchase. It is however important that you check the website for possible terms and conditions.

Subscribe to the email  listing

By joining the company email listing, you will be saving up to 20 percent of your next buy. Also, you will have the privilege of being informed about the newly available products and offers the moment they come out. Also, if you opt to include your birthday when signing up, you will get a birthday surprise on that day.  Also, if you are an Old Navy cardholder, you will be entitled to 500 points when you are added to the retailer’s email list.

Discounted gift cards

You can also save some more money by buying gift cards at discounted rates from certain online platforms. Also, you may opt to make your purchases via a cash-back website as buying from these websites will automatically earn you money after each buy.

How Can One Return Items Bought Online

It is important that when you take delivery of your online order, you should take note of the invoice slip. This slip contains a section designated for returns where you expected to make some entries following the instructions. It is, however, easier for you to check out their online portal so that you can get a comprehensive guide to the return process.

Holiday Returns

Old Navy operates a holiday policy that you need to be aware of. That policy states that every item that is purchased between the first of November and the 24th of December may be returned within 45 days of purchase.

Is It Possible To Exchange A Gift For Cash?

No, you cannot return gifts for cash. You will be required to settle store credit and this applies to returns that are with or without a receipt.  You will, however, be required to display your ID so that your gift return can be processed.

Does Free Shipping Always Imply Free Returns?

No, it does not, several retailers usually charge an amount for all returns even if you are using their prepaid label. You may not notice this because the fee is usually deducted from the refund cost hence you may not even notice that you have been charged. It is therefore instructive that you diligently go through their policies.

Is It Possible To Checkout As A Guest When Shopping Online?

Signing-up as a guest can be quite annoying. However, it is ideal that you take out some time to register instead of opting for the checkout as a guest alternative. This will help you keep track of all your buys. Hence, if there is a need for you to return an item, you may not have to use a receipt.

Is There A Tip To Use To Avoid Made Concerning Paying Restocking Fees

Yes, there is. Several brands make use of returns as a way of encouraging people to sign up for their loyalty programs.


Having gotten a clearer understanding of what the Old Navy return policy is all about, it is also advisable that you adopt the tips provided here. The Old Navy policy is one that if you properly take advantage of it, it should work in your favor.

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