What Are The Types Of Penetration Testing? 

What Are The Types Of Penetration Testing 

Penetration testing is understood as real attacks on the system with the aim of penetrating into it, capturing it and performing other operations. This is the only way to protect the business as much as possible, because all the loopholes open to hackers can be identified before them and “patched” them. It is this procedure that helps to establish a cybersecurity system and protect the company. This verification method is suitable for startups, large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses.

In order for everything to go at the highest level, it is necessary to contact qualified specialists who offer penetration services, while having a strong reputation and work experience. They will select the appropriate type of testing for a particular case, because there is a wide variety of them. To understand this issue personally, you should familiarize yourself with the classification of penetration testing types, understand the distinguishing features, at least agree on why this procedure is required and why it is so important.

Network Penetration Test

This type of scan is specifically designed for network infrastructure. Testing is divided into internal and external. Each of them has its own distinctive features and a specific purpose.

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An internal test is only suitable for hackers if they were able to log in and gain a foothold in it in order to be able to steal the necessary data.

The external test is designed to find vulnerabilities that can be managed over the network and without special training.

Testing is carried out once a year. This is quite enough to maintain the security of the system at the proper level all the time. Always start with the outer type. This approach allows you to ensure reliable protection of business data.

Things to keep in mind while infiltrating the system are:

  • check configuration security;
  • see if there are updates or fixes;
  • analyze the vulnerability level of encryption.

In case of problems with the procedure, you can always contact IT companies to get azure consulting services, select a specialist for testing and get answers to your questions.

Penetration Testing Of Web Applications

This type of scanning will detect gaps in applications and websites, as well as in software. Experts pay attention to authentication violations, cross-site scripting, as well as a number of other problems that lower the level of security.

In order to avoid data leaks, the main application logic, functions and settings are checked.

Vulnerability testing

This is a type of scanning that cannot be fully automated, but it makes no sense to manually check it either. So special tools are used for verification. They do the following:

  • quickly check all weak areas in the program;
  • plan for vulnerability checks;
  • receive reports with scan results.

Today, there are many different automated testing tools that provide fast and high-quality verification.

Checks In Social Engineering

One of the components of cybersecurity is the company’s employees. Social engineering is an effective “weapon” in the hands of network hackers. Through it, hackers are able to obtain confidential company data and use it to their advantage.

To avoid such troubles, all employees are tested during testing by “undercover investigation” to see if they are capable of giving out valuable information.

Another way to protect the company from confidential data leaks is to regularly train employees to increase their awareness. Try to fill such courses with useful and relevant information.

Scanning through social engineering helps to determine the level of knowledge of employees in the field of cybersecurity.

Red & Purple Team Check

This is a whole team that conducts a comprehensive penetration test. The Red team is the attacking team. It is her responsibility to enter the system through its vulnerabilities. The Blue team protects the company and its data. The Purple team represents a security area in which the Reds and Blues must work closely together.

This type of scan allows you to find as many vulnerabilities as possible in order to make the system “impenetrable”. With its help, the company will be able to identify all its weaknesses, making them strong and be able to repel any attack by intruders. After all, it is known that scammers are primarily looking for loopholes and weaknesses that can be used for their own purposes and to realize their own interests. This method is suitable for large organizations and corporations that store information of high importance and confidentiality.