5 Clever Ideas For Capitalizing On Mother’s Day

5 Clever Ideas For Capitalizing On Mother's Day

Mother’s day is one of the largest gift-giving holidays in the United States, and with the arrival of the occasion fast approaching, you may want to capitalize on the market. If you’re still looking for a way to incorporate Mother’s Day into your marketing strategy, use one of these 5 creative ideas that will catch the attention of last-minute mommy shoppers.

Mother’s Day Giveaway

Offering a giveaway can help you gain more leads, attract new customers, and increase brand awareness all in one campaign. You can start a giveaway campaign by asking your customers on social media to tag their friends in the comment section of the post, to sign up for your newsletter, and by asking them to follow your social media accounts.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, offer a gift card, a product, or flowers from the Bouqs Co. if they successfully complete a list of tasks. Since signing up for the giveaway is easy for your customers, you will quickly gain a lot of engagement and emails for your next campaigns.

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Gift With Purchase Or Free Shipping

Offering a free gift with purchase or free shipping can turn many items that stick around in the cart into actual sales. Use discount coupons as a way to make these offers more affordable, and be sure to only give these incentives if they use a code. For example, put on the front page that if customers use code “MOM,” they’ll receive an extra flower in their bouquet.

To ensure that more people see this offer, use targeted ads on Facebook that encourage leaving an email address. This way, your customers can be reminded of this offer if they click off the page or forget about the campaign.

Create A Gift Guide

Last-minute shoppers want to get a gift for their Mother as quickly as possible, which means limiting the time they spend shopping on your website. You can help your consumers by equipping your landing page with an ad that recommends your gift guide. Gift guides offer convenience by bundling similar products your loved one will like.

Plenty of makeup companies do this successfully by bunding a bunch of beauty products in a single package. Your business can do something similar with your products; just make sure they stick to a specific theme or category.

Build Engagement On Social Media

It’s always a good idea to ramp up social media engagement during this time by using video, photos, visual assets, and engaging copy that converts. Stick to joyful captions that focus on what makes being a Mother special, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your audience! Depending on your brand, a funny, sarcastic, or deadpanned caption may suffice.

Tap into your creativity and invoke emotions in your content to capture what makes motherhood unique and life-changing. If your customers are engaged in the emotions you’re trying to convey, they will be more likely to purchase from you and stay loyal customers.

Make Great Content

Most businesses have a blog because they’re a useful tool for converting readers into subscribers and eventually customers. No matter how great your deal is, your readers won’t buy your products if they don’t trust your brand. To help establish trust in your industry, create content that gives your readers value, then you can successfully offer a product.

Pinterest excels during Mother’s Day thanks to their brilliant way of marketing pins to their users. You can bring your items to life by offering advice, instructions, and tips, then attract potential buys to the pin itself by taking an attractive photo.