Five Fairy Tales From Which Children Can Bring Life Lessons

Five Fairy Tales From Which Children Can Bring Life Lessons

We all grew up listening to fairy tales. Fairy tales are a big part of our past, including the many fairy tales essay and homework we were assigned to write as kids! As we grow up from being a young student, we start to focus on other things and forget these stories. But then at one point, the child inside us wants to experience it all over again. While we always thought that fairy tales were only for entertainment, little did we know there were some fairy tales with morals that are meaningful even in adulthood. There is a lesson woven in every forest animal or every ball gown dress that you read about. So, what do fairy tales teach us?

1. Little Red Riding Hood

This classic fairy tale is one of the most nostalgic folk tales with moral lessons. Although there are shows and series based on this fairy tale, the original version of us listening about the big bad wolf in the forest will always be our favorite. The lesson learned from this fairy tale is quite symbolically accurate. You may choose to read great essays on fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood to better understand the lessons it gives us. There are many essay examples on other fairy tales that could help you too! In this story, we hear about the wolf that tries to lure the main character to take under his control. He dresses up as a sheep and later as her grandmother to gain sympathy so that he can eat her! This teaches us that anything we see might not be the reality. With the tale in mind, we can learn to make smart choices and understand situations or people. Little Red Riding Hood has the most action-packed morals we learn from fairy tales!

 2. Cinderella

As one of the most classic fairy tales with morals, Cinderella has been with us for a long time. Cinderella is stuck with her three stepsisters who mistreat her all the time. While she works hard to complete the house’s chores, the sisters spend time socializing and partying. But she finally takes a stand and creates a life for herself. This teaches us how we must stand up for ourselves and not timidly do everything we are ordered to. We also learn to take the most tragic days of our lives and transform them into something special. A big lesson is to have faith in the concept of good after every bad.

3. The Little Mermaid

The original version of the story by Hans Christian Andersen shows how you cannot make anyone fall in love with you. When people fall in love, they tend to forget everything around them and give up on their family and friends. However, it is crucial to understand that all these changes may not be what you expected. Unlike other folk tales with moral lessons, the Little Mermaid shows us a more realistic image, making it one of the favorite essay samples for many to write on. Many adaptations today have a happy ending, but the classic Little Mermaid is one of the few stories that teach us how things might not go as our heart desires, so we need to be okay with this. This is one of the most realistic morals we learn from fairy tales.

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4. Three Little Pigs

Who can forget the classic story of the three little pigs? The story revolves around the three pigs who build three separate houses – one from brick, the other from wood, and the third from straw. A big wolf tries to blow these houses off. Although he destroys two of the houses, he cannot destroy the one made of bricks, which ultimately saves all the pigs. The lesson that one can understand from this story is to believe in hard work. While the pigs who built their houses with straw and wood seemed to be having more fun, the laborious pig who built the house with bricks ultimately saved everyone’s life. The answer to your “What do fairy tales teach us?” is to be productive and not use shortcuts for success. Pushing yourself to do a good job will make your dedication pay off.

5. Alice In Wonderland

As one of the most-loved folktales with moral lessons, the story of Alice in Wonderland teaches us to take risks! Although crawling into the rabbit hole was a huge one, this decision got her to the magical world. Sometimes there is magic beyond the risk you are unsure of taking. It is in this magical world that Alice learns to accept people. We are different in unique ways that make us beautiful! Celebrating these differences can help us understand who we are by being exposed to newer ways of life.

Although fairy tales are beautiful and excite people in different ways, we cannot forget how powerful these stories can be. Fairy tales with morals teach us to be strong, resilient, kind and live life with pride. When you are feeling confused and thinking about what do fairy tales teach us, maybe all you need is one of your favourite fairy tales to feel better after all!