How Online Poker Is Equivalent To Traditional Poker

How Online Poker Is Equivalent To Traditional Poker

Online gambling is not a new thing now as millions of players play their favorite casino games on their smartphone or desktop easily. It just needs a few things like a compatible device, registration at a trusted online casino site, money, and of course strategies to win the game. Among all, poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Live poker has always been popular among players but with poker boom, which was noted at the beginning of this century helped the rising popularity of online poker and as of now, many players prefer digital poker over a traditional game of poker.

Although, you will find many people arguing that live poker is better than online and vice versa. We are not going to demean any of the poker platforms as poker is always a great game to play whether you play at online casinos or brick-and-mortar casinos. But with changing technology, users are shifting to online poker and that’s why we are going to point out some significant things that prove online poker is alike live traditional poker.

A Variety Of Games

The first and the most important thing about online poker that makes it not alike, but even better than traditional poker is the variety of games. Typically, at land-based casino players are bound to the games offered by the house but at online poker sites like 888poker users can enjoy a variety of games as per their preference. It also offers various weekly and monthly tournaments. Additionally, players don’t have to wait for the table. Although, you will not be getting drinks in your hands by the waiter is the drawback here.

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Game Speed

Now it is obvious that the speed of gameplay at online poker is faster than live poker. A normal game with around 6 gamblers shall typically have over 90 hands an hour while a full ring traditional poker game has nearly 25-30 hands an hour. We are talking about only a single table here and a reliable online poker platform offers multiple tables to several players so they can play instantaneously. So, here a pro player can have more than 100 hands in an hour.

Bankroll And Lower Stakes

Every player has a different bankroll but thee love for poker is the same. At traditional poker, a player needs a big bankroll if a player wants the game with low stakes compared to online poker. Online poker has several tables and that’s why it organized a number off lowest stakes tournaments and the entry fee is also comparatively low. So, if a player is new or wants to start with a little bankroll then online poker is a great choice as it offers low stakes, cash stakes, and micro stakes. So, even with $100-200, players can have a great poker game with efficient management of funds.

Reach And Comfort

To play traditional poker, a player needs to visit poker room at a land-based casino or organize a poker table at home which would require essential things. Traditional poker rooms target local players or travelers. On the other hand, online poker can be played by any player who has a smartphone or a computer so it has a global reach. One just needs an account at a trusted online poker provider. So, the reach of online poker is comparatively wider than live poker. Even if one wants to take a break a few times after a game then one can do so. It is apt for the short session also.

Hand Histories

It is hard to remember the hands played by the players in a live poker session but it is possible at online poker. Online poker sites offer a feature of access to recorded hands histories. So, players can check them later and learn from them to develop new strategies and point out the mistakes.

Initially, some poker sites used to offer a feature called HUD (heads up display) where a player can this function to stalk other players’ gameplay strategies along with yours. Several online poker providers have banned it but still the hand histories way better than live poker to improve strategies.


Whether it is traditional poker or an online poker game, a poker player is charged a small percentage of the pot as a fee from the service providers. This action is irreversible in traditional poker games since you have to contribute that fee to the pot and that cannot be paid to back to you. But contrary to that, in live poker players can get some part of that fee if you were highly active in the game. It also depends on the poker site you use.

Signing out…

This is the only tip of the iceberg as there are many other crucial things that make online poker equivalent to live poker. Some advanced features offered by online casino make online poker a better option than traditional poker. Check them out by yourself by playing a trusted online poker site.