Does Mice Like Peanut Butter? 

Does Mice Like Peanut Butter

Hearing people talk peanut butter and mice makes me wonder and ask, “does mice like peanut butter?”I know many people will be asking this same question too. However, pest control is a necessity because of the problems pests can cause. They can contribute to allergies, fill your home with their toxic mess, and do more harm than good!

Back To The Question, Does Mice Like Eating Peanut Butter?

The answer is, yes! Mice love everything about peanut butter. Remember, they are seed and nut eaters. So, if you are thinking of an ideal bait to catch mice, use peanut butter! But then, if you have a pet mouse, ensure he does not eat peanut butter. Only give it to rodents. The thing is the sticky nature of peanut butter can cause blockage of your pet mouse’s airway and cause him to choke. And remember that they do not have the physiological capabilities to get rid of the blockage. 

Alright, now you know that mice cherish peanut butter and can take any risk to get it. There are other things I discovered about dealing with pests like mice that will interest you. So, keep reading!

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House Mice Trouble: Why It Is Crucial To Get Rid Of Mice Quickly

We all want our home to be peace and habitable. And with regular cleanup here and there, it sure would look presentable. But when you have smaller rodents like mice (Mus musculus) lurking around, it can be challenging to keep the house clean.

This tiny little rodent is one of the most economically important and infuriating pests in the USA. So it is essential to get rid of them before they populate your home or farmyard.

Mice can cause serious problems if you do not act fast and that I know for a fact. And the issue with handling this pest is that they increase in number quickly.

Now, you might be wondering why house mouse increase in number so quickly.

Well, Here Is Something Scary About The Rodent Called Mice. 

What can you say about an animal that can breed throughout an entire year? Well, I present to you the tiny little mice.

Mice can breed throughout the whole year. And their gestation period is within 19 to 21 days. Another surprising thing about the mice is that they produce a large number of young per litter.

A litter can have about 3 to 14 young. And again, a single female mouse can produce between 5 – 10 litters yearly. So, now you can see why their population explodes so quickly. Have in mind that if you do not act promptly and get rid of the ones in your home, that number will multiply before you know it.

Another exciting thing you need to know about house mice is that they can thrive under diverse conditions and environments. You can find them around commercial structures, homes, open fields, and even farmlands.

Here Are The Damages House Mice Can Cause:

House mice can cause severe damages to your properties. That is why they are among rodents that you should not allow to live a day in your home. Those who have their homes laden with rats and mice may be able to tell what transpires in a war zone.

These two rodents hardly cohabit. Rats are also a bit bigger. And it is said that they consume mice when they have nothing to eat.

Now back to the house mice. Besides being able to cause severe damages to properties, the presence of house mice could spell doom for members of a household. They can harbor some form of the disease that affects humans. And there is a long list of diseases mice harbor that can affect humans.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has made it clear that mice are responsible for spreading numerous diseases across the world. And indeed, various diseases have been traced to them.

Mice love to make a mess wherever they find themselves. To mark an area as theirs, they defecate and urinate multiple times wherever they live. And to the naked eyes, their waste is just like every other waste.

But guess what, they are the leading cause of most of the health problems we face. Their urine and feces harbor pathogens that can cause numerous health problems to humans.

Health Problems House Mice Can Cause:

Health Problems House Mice Can Cause

We have already made mention that mice could pose some health threats to humans. Now let’s look at the various threats so we can be more careful and take action.

1. Hantavirus

You must have heard the name before. The deer mice commonly spread this virus. And it is found in their feces and urine. This virus can move to humans when one comes in contact with the feces or urine of mice. Again, the wastes can dry up, become clouds of dust, and be transported by the wind. Hantavirus can cause serious health challenges to anyone it affects. It can cause a shortage of breath or even kidney failure.

2. Salmonella

 You know how mice get their food, right? They get their mouth and paw on anything they consider palatable. And as a result, the mice harbor pathogens. Among them is salmonella. When they walk over your countertops, cabinets, and food substances, anything can happen due to their salmonella-infested body. Salmonella can cause several health problems for humans. It can cause food poisoning, stomach cramp, fever, diarrhea, and even vomiting can result.

3. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

Rodents also spread this viral infection. It causes a severe neurological issue, which includes aseptic meningitis and encephalitis. Encephalitis has to do with inflammation of one’s brain. The house mice cause this disease because they harbor the virus. And one can get infected once exposed to fresh feces, urine, saliva or nesting materials of the rodent.

4. Lyme disease  

Do mice bath every day? The answer is, no! They do not take their baths. Mice are not neat, and that is why they harbor so many disease-causing organisms. You can guess that their bodies will be filled with parasites most of the time. And the thing is that the parasites do not harm them but pose a threat to humans. Their skin could harbor fleas and ticks, which can transmit Lyme disease. This disease can be very severe and have long-term effects, too.

Mice can also transmit pox, plague, and typhus. They pose a severe threat to our health. So, whatever you can to do to keep mice and other rodents like rats far away from your home, do not hesitate to do it.

Mice And Peanut Butter: What Bait Does Mice Crave?

We often find mice traps baited with delicious foods like cheese in cartoons, and yes, they look the real deal. However, the list of foods mice can eat is long. But if you are planning to use bait, it has to be something they cannot resist.

You need to use bait that will be highly effective for the mousetrap you plan on using. Remember, the sense of smell mice have is extraordinary. And aromatic foods tend to attract them more. These include foods that contain protein, fats, or sugar.

Note: Your bait does not have to be food alone. You can use nesting materials. Mice are also attracted to them too.

However, below is a list of effective baits you can add in your mice trap.

  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly beans
  • Dental floss and cotton
  • Cooked bacon or hot dot (tiny slices)
  • A drop of molasses or honey (one or two drops)

Mice Trap: Mistakes You Might Be Making

Mice Trap

Mice trap is safe to use when it comes to getting rid of the said rodent. But if you make certain mistakes, it will be difficult for you to catch them.

Also, if your mice traps have not been effective, then there are mistakes you are making. Pay attention to the mistakes I am about to show you.

Stop using bare hands

Apart from the fact that you might contact certain diseases, using your bare hands can make your mice trap ineffective. You see, mice can detect human scent when you handle the traps.

Once they detect your smell, they stay far from your bait and entire trap. So, whenever you are setting your traps, ensure you are wearing hand gloves.

Use the right bait

Forget the idea of mice consuming cheese in cartoons; they are seed and nut eaters. If you want your trap to be effective, then make use of the right bait. You can go through the list of baits I mentioned in this post.

Excess mice bait

Loading mice traps with excess bait is another mistake people make. The rodent can easily steal a little of the bait and runaway. So avoid adding too much or sprinkling it everywhere.


Now you know the answer to the question, “Does mice like peanut butter?”It is funny, but real! Mice can give everything they’ve got just for peanut butter. They go crazy for it, even humans do! The aroma and everything, make the peanut butter one of the ideal baits for mice traps. You have also seen that mice can create health problems when they stick around. So, get rid of them any way you can.

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