How To Reset Villager Trades In Minecraft: A Guide

How to Reset Villager Trades in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world game where you explore the world, complete conquests, and loads of other fun kinds of stuff.

Now, if you want to make progress in the game, you need utensils and gears. For that, you would go to villagers and trade something with them to attain a thing that you need. So, have you ever wondered how to reset villager trades in Minecraft

It is a simple procedure. Let’s say a villager needs wheat. You give wheat and attain emeralds. Now, the end product offered is always limited. However, if you can exhaust the requirement, then it will not want to trade, and hence, the next time you come to it, it should have the same requirement.

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Why Is It Necessary To Know About This?

Information is the key aspect if you want to excel in anything. That is why it is necessary that we understand how the thing works, what it is, and are aware of all the relevant info regarding the topic. 

Well, by resetting, we are not implying that you will reset the entire program. What we are trying to explain is that you should be able to change the requirements. Conventionally, once you make a trade, the villager’s level will go up. When that happens, you would have to provide them with newer and trickier supplies.

Now, the trickier the conditions or resources needed for an item, the more troublesome it is going to be to find it. Hence, to prevent that from happening, we reset the villagers.

Resetting Villager’s Trade-in Details 

Do you need to reset the villager’s trade? Well, here we shall cover that in detail. When you go to a villager to trade something, after a certain number of times, the villager will level up. Let’s say that a villager needs five wheat, and in return, it will give you emerald or any other thing.

By the way, the conditions for trade vary from one villager to the next one. Some might need pages and give books in return, others might require ores and give you shields, swords, and there are numerous other things that you can trade with them. 

Anyways, go to the villager when you have the maximum amount of wheat in your inventory. For this example, we shall consider that the villager needs 5-wheat. If you provide it with its necessity, then it will be unwilling to do any variant of trade anymore. 

Now, once you leave, the villager will level up and would generally need 5-wheat again. However, it will be providing you with the same quality and quantity of reward. 

Though the requirements might change at times, and at times the procedure might not work, we can assure you that it is a full-proof plan of getting an infinite number of rewards.

The Issue With The Recent Update

Currently, especially after the recent update, you might see that you can no longer go to the same villager for a specific trade. Do you still not understand what we are trying to talk about? 

Well, for instance, let us consider there is a villager from whom you get some stuff. For this example, we shall deem that villager gives you a stone. 

After you have exhausted the needs of that specific peddler, you might see that it will no longer be available for trade. You think that it is going to be after a few days. Nevertheless, if it did not reset after two to three days, then there is a chance that it will not reset itself at all.

Before, it would level up and ask for similar stuff like wheat or would need something new like carrots, etc. Nonetheless, after the recent patch, there are times that the villager would become unavailable for trade, which could become quite agitating because you would have to find a new villager for trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a villager maintain the same trade after zombification or being cured?

Yes, they will. If a villager gets infected and turns into a zombie, it will keep its original profession. Furthermore, it will not change its appearance. You see, the villager will keep the look, even the name after it has been zombified. 

However, despawning it will become a tad stressful. The same when will happen when a villager is cured.

2. How many types of professions are there?

Well, in Minecraft, villagers conventionally have 5 professions. They are librarians, framer, butcher, and blacksmith. Now, these five professions are further sub-categorized. For example, in the farmer brand, there are fishermen, fetches, and several others. 

3. Is there a way to alter the villagers’ trade?

If you are using the data pack, then there is no way of changing their profession. But, if you are good at coding, then you can change it using specific commands and change the villagers’ trade directly.

4. Which block will give a villager a task?

Well, there is an extensive list of blocks that will command a villager to do work. You see, there are different villagers with different professions. And, if you want them to work, then you would have to provide them with various ingredients, materials, and other stuff to make sure that they are working.

  1. Armorer: Blast Furnace
  2. Librarian: Lectern
  3. Cleric: Brewing Stand
  4. Farmer: Composter
  5. Fisherman: Barrel
  6. Fletcher: Fletching Table
  7. Leatherworker: Cauldron
  8. Weaponsmith: Grindstone
  9. Shepherd: Loom
  10. Toolsmith: Smithing Table
  11. Butcher: Smoker
  12. Cartographer: Cartography Table
  13. Masons: Stonecutter

5. What is the meaning of villagers shaking their heads?

Minecraft is a very complex and strategic game, so anything that is within the game’s dynamics will have a specific purpose. Hence, the shaking heads of a villager should have a meaning. 

There is a meaning for this kind of profession. You see, when they shake their head, it means that the villager is currently unemployed.

All you have to do is provide them with a required block, and they should start doing their job.


If you have come to this section, then you should have a clear idea of how vast and complex Minecraft is. Also, it should have provided you with a clear solution on how to reset villager trades in Minecraft and several other relevant topics. 

So, with the help of our article, you should finally be able to play the game much better than before!