Main Ways For Updating Your Resume In A Career Change

Main Ways For Updating Your Resume In A Career Change

In your career, you may sometimes develop new interests and skills and therefore pursue a career change. Whether it is for a change in your attitude or your new interests, pursuing a new career can be a reality at some point. In such a situation, you will have to update your resume. But do you know the right way to update it? In this post, we are going to provide six easy-to-follow steps.

Use A Hybrid Format

If you are going to change your career, you should use a hybrid format for your career. Rather than experience, you prioritize skills in this format. This is to show that you are ready to take the challenges of changing your career. And that makes sense because you probably do not have much experience in your newly chosen career path.

The hybrid format is a combination of chronological and functional resume formats. In this format, you have to put the experience at the bottom of your resume. Thus you favor skills, downplaying experience.

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Regardless of the format you use, you can create a resume website. You can easily do it with WordPress. This article explains the process. There are plenty of advantages to creating a resume website.

Include An Objective

This section goes below the contact information. The objective basically summarizes your experience and skills. By including an objective, you help the reviewer save time. In this section, the skills should be relevant to the new field. Mention the skills briefly but specifically. You can go into more detail in another section.

What skills should you include? Well, to some extent, it depends on the job description. You just have to make sure that the skills are relevant to the job you are going to pursue. If you have never written a resume, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. But you can certainly do it. These days, there are writing companies that offer career change resume writing services. Many busy people use these services.

Add A Skills Section

This section should follow your career objective. In this important section, you have to describe your skills in detail. Just like the summary section, the skills mentioned in this section should be as per the job description.

Make sure you include both soft and hard skills. Hard skills are directly taught quantifiable skills. Besides mentioning the skills, you should state how you have obtained them.

Soft skills can be developed in many different settings, and these skills are related to motivation, life work ethic, and interpersonal communication capabilities. To play your role in a team, you need soft skills.

Being able to deal with stress is now considered an important soft skill. Employers look for employees who can normally function under stress. You have to find ways to maintain your sanity, even if you feel overwhelmed. Read more about habits that can help you avoid stress in the workplace.

Update Your Education Section

If you feel you need to revise this section, do it. Your major may be relevant to the field you originally worked in, but it may not be relevant to the new career you are pursuing. In this section, make sure you indicate which of your classes are relevant. Project development, teamwork, writing, research and critical thinking are some mentionable skills.

What transferable skills have you developed? Use bullet points to mention them. Education does not mean only the education you have received from a college or university. Other education can be relevant. If you have taken some classes without receiving any degree, mention that. If you have learned something from a mentor, do not hesitate to mention that learning experience.

Update Your Employment Information

Highlight transferable skills in this section. Use bullet points to highlight them. Do not pay too much attention to your job duties. Rather, focus on your expertise. Do your best to convince the employer that you actually possess the relevant skills.

For example, if you are currently a teacher but you are applying for the position of a data analyst, you have to write your resume in such a way that your new employer knows you are ready for the technology-focused new field. Your previous job did not have much to do with technology, but now you are going to work with technology, and you are ready for the new role.

When you are applying for a job, you have to be mentally prepared for an interview. Take that as an opportunity to present yourself. You may not think from the perspective of a recruiter, but during the interview, recruiters make mistakes. You can find more here about the mistakes recruiters make. This knowledge will certainly help you take preparation for your interview.


Updating your resume is all about presenting yourself in a better way. When you are going to change your career, you have to show in your resume that you are really interested in the new field you are pursuing. If you follow the tips we have provided, hopefully, you will be able to write a convincing resume.

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