Is Your Clothing Style Boho? 15 Ways To Know

Is Your Clothing Style Boho

Bohemian style has been a popular clothing trend for hundreds of years. Although this hippie style is often accredited to the 60s and 70s, it actually originated with France’s counter-culture in the early 1800s. 

Boho clothing is a staple for artists and creatives. Even as fashion trends come and go, many of these signature pieces always find their way back in vogue. Staples of a boho closet include long flowy skirts, peasant dresses, detailed kimonos, oversized shawls, and lots of unique details and embroidery. 

These fifteen ways will help you determine whether or not your style screams boho. 

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1. You’re A Free Spirit 

Like the creatives making their own way after the French Revolution, or the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s, you march to the beat of your own drum. You’ll mix and match clothing to your heart’s content. You don’t follow the rules, including when you decide what you wear. 

2. Your Mood Board Includes Images Of These Chic And Stylish Boho Icons 

If you’re constantly pinning images of bohemian fashion icons like: 

  • Janis Joplin 
  • Talitha Getty 
  • Chaka Khan 
  • Stevie Knicks 

Or even more contemporary fashionistas like: 

  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen 
  • Zoe Kraviz 
  • Florence Welsh (from Florence and the Machine) 
  • Vanessa Hudgens 

Chances are you gravitate towards boho clothing. 

3. You Hate Wearing A Uniform 

If wearing a school uniform when you were young made you cringe, it may be because flowy prints and long tunics were calling your name. Boho queens avoid dressing like everyone else, instead favoring their individual style. 

4. You Have An Obsession With Unique Embroidery 

Do you get a thrill from finding uniquely embroidered pants or blouses? If you look through your closet and have more than one item with signature stitching, you accumulate boho clothing. 

5. The Bigger The Bag, The Better

Bobo style was popular in the early 2000s – combining bohemian trends with a hobo chic look. Sure, maybe it makes you look like a bag lady. But who cares when you can fit everything you need for a day filled with adventure?  

6. Tassels And Fringe Are Your Best Friends

Bohemian fashionistas go nuts for accents like tassels and fringe. A fringe bag or tasseled skirt can turn a casual outfit into boho clothing. It’s all in the details.  

7. Crochet All Day 

Maybe you hang macrame art on your walls or have a favorite crochet dress you throw on to hit the beach. Either way, going crazy for crochet is a sure sign you have boho style. 

8. You’ve Worn A Flower Headband 

Sure, everyone does this at Coachella – but boho clothing is ideal for curating desert chic styles. If you’ve unironically worn a floral headband to dress up an otherwise dull outfit, you definitely have bohemian fashion sense. 

9. You Swoon For Boss Babe Boots 

Fringe boots? Embroidered boots? Peasant boots? Ankle boots? Over-the-knee suede boots? Bohemian babes love them all. Pair them with a maxi peasant dress and an oversize shapeless bag, and seize the day. 

10. You Have At Least One Printed Maxi Dress 

Let’s face it; you probably have three or more. Long flowy dresses scream boho clothing. Plus, they are so comfortable and versatile. You can wear them on their own with chic sandals for a summer date night. Or try dressing up your maxi with a cute heel, gold jewelry, and a silk scarf for a boho wedding guest ensemble. 

11. Kimonos Are A Staple Wardrobe Item 

If you believe kimonos compliment any outfit, time to face the music, you have a bohemian fashion sense. But honestly, a detailed kimono can add the perfect amount of pizazz to a pair of fitted jeans.  

12. You Get Funky In Flares

Skinny jeans may have their moment, but sometimes you love to get funky in flares. Whether you go for full-length or cropped, plain or embroidered, a classic bell bottom makes a statement. 

13. You Could Spend Hours Lost In A Thrift Store 

Do you lose track of time looking for new pieces in local thrift stores? Are you friends with the owners and know what days they have the new loot? If so, you probably have a bit of boho in you. 

14. Vintage Or Faux Fur Is A Signature Look 

Boho clothing is all about adding eccentric details that make you look just a little extra and a whole lot fabulous. Do you drool over Penny Lane’s signature coat from almost famous? Have you paired a faux fur vest with jeans for a casual dinner with girlfriends? 

15. When In Doubt You Add A Big Hat 

Finally, if you often complete outfits by adding a floppy or wide-brimmed hat, you just know you’re boho. 

Being bohemian is all about finding ways to make any look your own. Even if you only check a couple of the boxes here, you’re well on your way to developing your own unique spin on this classic style. After all, boho clothing is all about using your clothing to express the creative and beautiful person you are.