Notre Dame vs. NC State: A Comprehensive Rivalry Analysis

Notre Dame vs. NC State

The rivalry between Notre Dame and NC State is one of the most intriguing matchups in college sports. Whether it’s on the football field or the basketball court, games between the Fighting Irish and the Wolfpack are always highly anticipated. Both teams have rich histories, passionate fan bases, and a tradition of excellence that makes their encounters thrilling and competitive. In this blog, we will delve into the Notre Dame vs. NC State rivalry, exploring historical matchups, key statistics, memorable moments, and future prospects.

Historical Matchups Between Notre Dame and NC State

Notre Dame and NC State have faced off numerous times across different sports, with each matchup adding to the storied rivalry.


  • First Meeting: The first football game between Notre Dame and NC State took place in 2003.
  • Record: As of the latest season, Notre Dame leads the series with a slight edge in victories.
  • Notable Games: Memorable games include the 2016 showdown where NC State triumphed in challenging weather conditions.


  • First Meeting: The basketball rivalry dates back to the 1980s, with both teams competing in the ACC and non-conference games.
  • Record: The series is fairly balanced, with both teams having their share of wins.
  • Notable Games: Key matchups include the 2015 game where Notre Dame secured a narrow victory in a thrilling overtime contest.

Key Statistics and Team Comparisons

Football Statistics

  • Offensive Strengths: Notre Dame is known for its powerful running game and efficient passing attack.
  • Defensive Highlights: NC State boasts a strong defensive line and effective secondary, often leading to low-scoring games.

Basketball Statistics

  • Scoring Leaders: Both teams have had standout players who lead in scoring, assists, and rebounds.
  • Defensive Strategies: Notre Dame focuses on perimeter defense, while NC State excels in interior defense and shot-blocking.

Memorable Moments in the Rivalry

  1. Football Classic 2016: The 2016 football game, played in a hurricane, was a testament to the resilience and determination of both teams. NC State emerged victorious in a defensive battle, winning 10-3.
  2. Basketball Overtime Thriller 2015: The 2015 basketball game went into overtime, with Notre Dame narrowly defeating NC State 88-87. The game featured numerous lead changes and a dramatic finish.
  3. Bowl Game Clash: Notre Dame and NC State have also met in bowl games, adding another layer of intensity to their rivalry. These postseason encounters are often high-stakes and closely contested.

Future Prospects for the Rivalry

The future of the Notre Dame vs. NC State rivalry looks promising, with both teams continuing to build strong programs and attract top talent.

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  1. Recruiting Battles: Both schools are competitive in recruiting, often vying for the same high school prospects. These recruiting battles add to the intensity of their on-field and on-court encounters.
  2. Coaching Strategies: The coaching staffs of both teams are known for their strategic acumen. Future matchups will likely feature innovative plays and tactical adjustments.
  3. Fan Engagement: The passionate fan bases of Notre Dame and NC State ensure that every game is a high-energy affair. Continued engagement through social media, fan events, and game-day traditions will keep the rivalry vibrant.
  4. Conference Dynamics: As conference alignments evolve, the frequency and stakes of Notre Dame vs. NC State matchups may increase, particularly in basketball where both teams compete in the ACC.

Impact on College Sports

The Notre Dame vs. NC State rivalry has a significant impact on college sports, influencing various aspects of the athletic landscape.

  1. Media Coverage: High-profile games between these two teams attract extensive media coverage, highlighting the importance and appeal of their matchups.
  2. Recruitment: Successful performances in rivalry games can boost a team’s recruitment efforts, attracting top-tier talent who want to be part of these historic contests.
  3. Economic Impact: Rivalry games generate substantial economic activity, benefiting local businesses, universities, and the broader community through increased attendance, merchandise sales, and media rights.
  4. Athletic Development: The competition between Notre Dame and NC State pushes both programs to continually improve, fostering athletic excellence and development.

How Fans Can Prepare for the Next Notre Dame vs. NC State Matchup

Fans play a crucial role in the Notre Dame vs. NC State rivalry, and there are several ways to prepare for the next big game:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep up with team news, player statistics, and game previews. Follow official team websites, social media channels, and sports news outlets.
  2. Get Tickets Early: Rivalry games often sell out quickly, so secure your tickets well in advance. Check official ticketing platforms and consider attending fan events or tailgates.
  3. Show Your Spirit: Wear team colors, display flags and banners, and participate in game-day traditions. Showing your support boosts team morale and enhances the game-day atmosphere.
  4. Engage on Social Media: Join online discussions, share your predictions, and interact with fellow fans. Use official hashtags and follow team accounts to stay connected.
  5. Plan Your Viewing Party: If you can’t attend the game in person, plan a viewing party with friends and family. Set up a comfortable viewing area, prepare snacks, and enjoy the game together.
  6. Learn the History: Familiarize yourself with the history of the rivalry. Knowing past highlights and memorable moments adds depth to your viewing experience and appreciation of the game.


The Notre Dame vs. NC State rivalry is a captivating aspect of college sports, offering intense competition, memorable moments, and a rich history. As both teams continue to excel and attract top talent, future matchups promise to be just as exciting and unpredictable. Understanding the key statistics, historical context, and broader impact of this rivalry enhances our appreciation of the athletic excellence and passionate fan engagement that define these encounters. Whether on the football field or the basketball court, Notre Dame vs. NC State remains a must-watch event for sports enthusiasts.


When did the Notre Dame vs. NC State football rivalry begin?
The first football game between Notre Dame and NC State took place in 2003.

What are the key statistics in the Notre Dame vs. NC State rivalry?
Key statistics include the number of wins, offensive and defensive strengths, and standout player performances in both football and basketball.

What are some memorable moments in the rivalry?
Memorable moments include the 2016 football game played in a hurricane and the 2015 basketball game that went into overtime.

What are the future prospects for the Notre Dame vs. NC State rivalry?
Future prospects include competitive recruiting battles, strategic coaching, continued fan engagement, and evolving conference dynamics.

How can fans prepare for the next Notre Dame vs. NC State matchup?
Fans can stay informed, secure tickets early, show team spirit, engage on social media, plan viewing parties, and learn about the rivalry’s history.