Mainers! Here Is The Summer 2022 Weather Forecast

Here Is The Summer 2022 Weather Forecast

When it comes to record summer weather predictions, Maine may not spring to mind too often. Nevertheless, 1.4 million people wait in anticipation for June and July to supply some much-wanted sun across the state.

As a place known for fishing, at times harsh weather, and rain, Maine might not stand out as a holiday destination. However, the state welcomes well over 20 million visitors every year to enjoy the locally caught lobster and other attractions that Maine can offer.

According to the Plant Maps, the hottest temperature ever recorded was in Farmington way back in July 1911. Then a temperature of 104°F was recorded. So, there is always the possibility of a record summer arriving again.

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Now that summer is here, there are indications of what the rest of the season will hold. So, if you can’t wait to find out for yourself, or if you are considering a visit to somewhere in Maine, then read on for the Summer 2022 weather forecast. Plus, a little about the area in general.

Does Maine Typically Have Hot Summers?

It can’t be said that Maine has endured its fair share of hot or extreme summers. There have been heat waves over the years, and some impressive temperatures have been reached. But, when compared to Los Angeles, or Tampa, Maine doesn’t come close.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up a tan in Maine. Some areas of the state enjoy more sunshine than others, and even on overcast days, there is the chance of UV rays getting through and causing some sunburn.

However, if natural tanning just isn’t happening, or you prefer to protect your skin, there is always the option of spray tanning before you head for a vacation in Maine.

What Will Summer 2022 Look Like Across Maine?

The good news is that Maine looks like it will have a pleasant summer. Last year saw a disappointing July but this year’s looks far more promising.

Taking Portland as an example, the average high temperature looks to be somewhere around 78°F in July, but it could go much higher. Don’t expect temperatures to exceed 87°F but don’t be surprised if this figure is hit more than once.

The average low should be around 60°F and never fall lower than 52°F. While not earth-shattering, this year promises to have a warmer summer than some previously experienced.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Maine without the rain. You may have heard the question, can it rain without clouds? Mainers can of course answer this question as they have over 9 months a year of rain. The national average in the US is 38 inches of rain. Maine gets to enjoy 46 inches.

June can expect to see showers scattered across Portland, and the rest of Maine is likely to be similar. July though will more likely see some mild thunderstorms. This will see Portland turn from cool to warm weather after the storm dissipates.

Where Are The Best Places To Visit In Maine This Summer?

Maine boasts a wealth of places worth visiting, and many Mainers will take their vacations in their own state. Millions of tourists will visit Maine too to enjoy the local scenery, and fresh seafood, and to partake in the many available activities,

Some of the more popular destinations in Maine include:

  • Bangor
  • Portland
  • Brunswick
  • Georgetown
  • Bar Harbor
  • Rockland
  • York


This city has many attractions, not the least being Stephen King’s house if you are a horror novel fan. Cascade Park and Bangor City Forest offer something for those who love the outdoors but be wary of the sun. In the summer the UV Index for Bangor can reach high levels during the middle of the day. Use sun protection if you are about during the lunchtime period.


Plenty of history in Portland, and a visit isn’t complete without seeing the lighthouse.


It is said that Georgetown is the home of lobsters in Maine. Indeed, the fishing industry is huge in this state, and around 100,000 jobs are related to fishing. Go to Georgetown and have a lobster roll if you head to Maine.

Bar Harbor

Here there is Acadia National Park to explore, along with climbing, and sailing to enjoy. Bar Harbor is where you go to enjoy small-town life in Maine instead of the cities.

What Can You Do In Maine This Summer?

Depending on the weather, there is plenty to do in Maine. As you have seen above, there are loads of small towns and cities in the state, and Trip Advisor and other guides will help you get the best out of your trips.

Even though there isn’t the same weather in Maine that Florida enjoys, there are still different water sports you can learn during the summer.

Perhaps not surprisingly for a coastal town, many activities are based around the sea. Whale watching is possible at the right time of the year, and fortunately, summer falls right into this time zone.

Others go to Maine to enjoy climbing, hiking, cycling, and generally breathing in good fresh air in beautiful surroundings. You may not end up sunbathing like in some holiday resorts, but Maine has plenty to offer.

This summer is predicted to be warmer than the previous ones in recent times, so it might be the time to go.


With highs promised in the 80s, summer in Maine is looking quite promising in 2022. It is doubtful any US records will ever be broken by Maine’s summer temperatures, but for those who don’t like extreme heat, Maine could be a good destination for a holiday.

Places such as Florida enjoy year-round sun, and their summers can be extremely hot. However, they also suffer the downside of thunderstorms and even hurricanes. Maine instead offers a summer this year of steady warm to hot days with mere showers to contend with.

The winters are another story though. If you don’t like the snow, stay out of Maine after the summer finishes because once it stops raining, it starts to snow instead.