The benefits of CRM for manager and staff of a real estate agency

Programs for real estate management are called almost a panacea for solving all the problems of a realtor. Its effectiveness depends on what goals you set for CRM and how you are going to achieve them through the functionality of the program. In this article, we will consider the benefits of property management software development for real estate companies, their customers, and staff.

What tasks does CRM solve for a realtor?

If the real estate agency works with a small volume of applications, then it usually does not have problems with storing and systematizing data. It is much more difficult for companies that process dozens or even hundreds of requests per day. Keeping 20, 50, or 100 applications in mind is simply impossible. It is even more difficult to quickly find offers at the request of the client.

But if the agency is able to quickly process data from landlords and sellers of housing, and also quickly responds to requests from tenants and buyers, then success is assured. That is why realtors turn to real estate management programs and systems.

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So, we have the first task for CRM: it should store the database of objects in one place and automatically select the appropriate options for the request. However, a smart real estate accounting program can do more. When developing a CRM for a realtor, developers try to take into account all the problems that each real estate agency faces.

Let’s look at them. You can surely recognize your company:

  1. The manager cannot control the activities of realtors. There is no exact data on how many clients each employee “leads”, at what stage the transactions are, how much revenue the realtor “made”, etc.
  2. It is impossible to analyze the conversion: how many requests were received, how many deals were made, how many new customers, from what sources, how many impressions led to deals, etc.
  3. The realtor leaves and takes with him part of the client base, on which the company spent a lot of money and time to attract.
  4. There are no uniform standards for working with clients, and each realtor acts as best as he can. But not everyone is good at it, as a result, customers leave.
  5. Employees store work data in a way that is convenient for them: in a notebook, on stickers, in spreadsheets – and when a client calls, it is difficult to immediately understand who it is and at what stage of its transaction.
  6. Realtors spend a lot of time on routine: paperwork, sending messages to clients, selecting objects on request, uploading ads to sites, etc. And they could show objects and make deals.

What is CRM for realtors and real estate agencies?

As you have already understood, this is not just a real estate database program, it is a complex and multifunctional tool that helps build and automate a variety of company business processes:

  • a single client base with a complete history of interaction;
  • a system for accounting for applications and transactions, where the entire chronology of work is indicated;
  • a program for accounting for real estate objects with automatic selection of objects at the request of the client;
  • program for unloading advertising on real estate sites;
  • visual reports on the number and amount of deals, new orders, calls and meetings, distribution of deals by sales funnel, etc.
  • program for the sale of real estate and accounting for the lease of real estate;
  • tool for automatic sending SMS to clients;
  • a real estate phone number processing program that is integrated with telephony and keeps records of conversations;
  • a system for monitoring the implementation of tasks and monitoring KPI employees;
  • a tool for automating work: CRM generates documents according to a template, sets tasks, and reminds you of calls and deadlines.

In a word, this is a universal computer program for managing residential real estate objects, which not only serves as a convenient database of objects for realtors but also helps to automate every stage of working with a client: from fixing the requirements of the buyer/tenant, continuing with the search and display of offers and ending with the execution of documents.

The benefits for ordinary realtors and managers

You may have thought that the real estate accounting program is beneficial only to the manager, but not to individual realtors. However, that is not true. As the analysis of the implementation of CRM in real estate shows, there are advantages for each employee of the company.

What does the leader get?

  1. Control over employees: all tasks are recorded in the system, and the order is overdue, the manager will know about it. Recordings of all calls can be listened to;
  2. Visual reports will show how many calls and showings each realtor had, how many applications he took, how many he brought to a deal, the number of sales, etc.;
  3. Fast training of employees: if the realtor quits or goes on vacation, another employee immediately gets access to the database of clients and transactions. CRM itself will set tasks at each stage of the sale and give hints;
  4. Reduce costs: you will identify employee errors, identify lazy people, identify inefficient customer sources, and change strategy to increase profits;
  5. Exchange of information between branches: a single electronic database allows you to quickly coordinate the activities of several offices.

What do employees get?

  1. Quick access to information: data on all clients, applications and transactions are collected in one place. Here are letters, records of calls, contracts, bills, etc.;
  2. Tips for speeding up work: CRM offers checklists at each stage of sales so that the employee always knows what needs to be done to complete the transaction;
  3. Time-saving: the program for realtors publishes ads on real estate websites, generates documents according to a template, sends SMS to clients, captures applications from the site, etc.;
  4. Growth in personal selling: saving time and automating work allows you to pay more attention to customers and showings, which means more deals to be completed;
  5. Freedom of movement: the program does not require installation on a computer, you can work outside the office from anywhere.

Final thoughts

CRM for real estate agencies is a useful tool to optimize business and digitize some operations. If you are thinking about the development of such a system the developers of the Inoxoft company will help you to do it. The company easily adapts to the needs of each company so you can add your own features to the product to meet the needs of customers