Does USPS Deliver On Saturday And Sunday? [With Added Info On Weekend Delivery]

If you spend most of your week deep-dived into work or can’t make time for home, it’s quite possible that you can’t get a hold of your mail deliveries until the weekend. But can you get mail deliveries on the weekend?

Yes, you can, with the help of the USPS delivery service.

United States Postal Service or USPS is the government-issued delivery service all across the United States, and it is viable for international transits also. Thinking of using USPS and still wondering, does USPS deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

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Does USPS Deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

To answer the question, it depends on what type of service did you pick for your delivery. USPS delivers on 6 days of the week except for holidays. So, yes, you can get your mail delivered on Saturdays.

Now, when it comes to Sunday, it is up to the service features that determine whether or not you can get your product delivered.

If you’ve picked the priority mail or the Amazon packages, you will have your deliveries on Saturday and Sunday as well.

Also, if you’re expecting letter deliveries on Saturday, then yes, USPS delivers letters on Saturdays as well, but it’s up to your mailman to deliver in this situation.

Types Of Delivery Services Offered By USPS

Now that you know USPS provides Saturday and Sunday deliveries, you need to take a closer look into what type of services are offered by the USPS to determine the best package and deals for you.

USPS provides the following type of mail delivery services:

  • Priority Mail Express
  • Priority Mail
  • First Class Mail
  • First-Class Package
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • Amazon Packages

Now, among these services, the most recommended for weekend deliveries are the Priority Mail Express and Amazon Packages. Let’s take a look at that.

Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express is the best option USPS has for weekend deliveries as it will deliver on any given day that you want, with Saturday and Sunday delivery available. It’s the most premium of offer the USPS offers.

When using priority mail express, you’ll have a 100$ insurance with real-time tracking, safe delivery, and overnight delivery policy. It’s stated that their overnight delivery will be delivered by 10.30 AM. This service is also available during holidays.

The rate starts at 22.95$, flat rate up to 70lbs. This, we believe, is the best deal you’ll find at this price range; and considering the punctuality plus the protection of the delivery system, it’s the best that is around for you.

Now, the delivery hour is almost always overnight, but 1-2 days is the formal declaration.

Amazon Packages

Amazon considers 7 days of the week as their working days, and for that reason, you can get your delivery of Amazon products from USPS even on weekends like Saturday or Sunday.

Amazon and USPS came to an understanding and started their corporate relationship on the year 2013.

Priority Mail

Even though it seems tame compared to its more exclusive version of Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail also delivers mail on Saturday but not on a Sunday except for holidays.

The rate starts from 6.45$ with a flat rate of up to 70lbs. This service also includes real-time tracking, so it’s also a good option for those who can manage their time on Saturday. The delivery hour is 1-3 business days for this service.

Factors Regarding Delivery

Some factors that you have to keep a lookout for when expecting delivery on the weekends are:

  • Shipping service that you picked
  • Traveling distance from the warehouse to your home
  • Your location on the state

These factors will decide how fast and when you will be able to receive your mail. You can also opt for package pickup if you’re in a hurry. For that, you should track your product first and make sure it’s in the warehouse before going there for pickup.

Delivery Hours Of USPS On Saturday And Sunday

As previously mentioned, the delivery hour of the mail services varies depending on your location. For example, you can receive a package in Queens at 10 AM, where you might receive your mail at 11.30 AM in Brooklyn.

So, the delivery hours depend on your state and location and the post office’s delivery hours.

Advantages Of Saturday And Sunday Delivery

The advantages of Saturday and Sunday deliveries are huge because if you’re someone who stays busy all the weekend, you can easily find the product that you’ve been waiting for. It’s easy and convenient for everyone who’s working all week long.

On the other hand, if you’re a retailer, then you are giving your customers more viable and flexible options than your competitors, and it not only makes you more efficient but also might be the key to your success in online marketing.

Also, the options to have weekend deliveries can become a very good selling point for your store. As the customer will get more flexibility, they’ll opt to go for you next time around too.

And because USPS offers the security of the highest order, your products will also be safe and sound.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to deliveries on the weekends, USPS is the most trusted and highly rated option out there. Their online tracking features, insurance qualities, and overall performance ensure that you can have your mail by the end of the weekend, no matter where you are.

So, if you want your deliveries on Saturday or Sunday, go for USPS; it is the best choice for you.

So does USPS deliver on Saturday and Sunday? Now, you have the answer. Go make an account, and start to get your mails delivered at the end of your week!

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