Small Business – Most Reliable Telephone Systems To Stay Connected

Small Business Most Reliable Telephone Systems To Stay Connected

Small businesses are usually tight on budget, requiring reliable and cost-effective telephone systems without affecting the quality. But numerous telephone systems leave people confused about which telephone solution is best for their small business. So this article aims to help clear your confusion.

Types Of Telephone Systems

Even though there are several telephone systems in the market today, only two of these are for small businesses.

1. Traditional telephone systems

Traditional telephone systems require equipment installed at your business’s location that is either purchased directly or leased from a telephone service provider. These traditional on-site systems use analog, digital or SIP lines. This traditional telephone system, also called private branch exchange (PBX), requires an initial investment for expensive physical equipment. However, once installed, you will only be paying the monthly bill. This is why it is considered a cheaper alternative in the long run, especially for larger companies.

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2.  VoIP telephone systems

The VoIP telephone system uses the internet, so the off-site phone service providers host the exchange of data. This means that no physical equipment is needed for its use and the maintenance of the system is also to a minimum since you will not have to pay for re-installation of equipment or the engineer charges as associated with PBX.

For a VoIP telephone system, you will have to purchase handsets and licenses according to your needs. The main benefit this VoIP telephone system offers for small businesses is that the initial investment is very low compared to the traditional telephone system. With VoIP telephone services, you can access the telephone system at minimal costs. Visit Utility Bidder today to find the best solutions for you.

So Which One Is Best For Your Small Business?

Since different businesses have different needs and requirements, there is no definite answer to the best telephone solution. If you are trying to find the right telephone system for your business, you should consider the following factors.

1. Number of employees

To find the cost-effectiveness of the telephone system in the long run then it is crucial that you look at the number of users you will have. If you have a small number of users, you should go for a VoIP telephone system. But if you have more than 30 employees who will be using your telephone system, then it is best to invest in an on-site telephone system.

2. Remote workers

If your company has several remote workers, then it will be expensive to install individual on-site systems for each of your remote workers. So it will be suitable to choose a VoIP telephone system.

3. Maintenance

The traditional on-site system uses physical equipment, which can develop faults and require repairs and maintenance, while the VoIP telephone system does not have any physical equipment and is functioned off-site. So if you are on a tight budget, you should opt for a VoIP system.

4. Flexibility

VoIP telephone system offers more flexibility as it is much easier to update and make changes to the system as compared to traditional telephone systems.


In the end, there is no best solution for telephone systems for small businesses. It’s all about what’s most suitable for your particular business. So now that you know the two main types of telephone systems best for small businesses, you should consider the above-mentioned factors to choose the system best for you.